21:00:42 <slaweq> #startmeeting networking
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21:00:48 <slaweq> hi
21:00:49 <njohnston> o/
21:01:17 <haleyb> hi
21:01:45 <bcafarel> o/
21:01:49 <bcafarel> long time no see :)
21:02:09 <slaweq> bcafarel: yeah
21:02:25 <slaweq> I don't expect high number of people today on the meeting
21:02:28 <slaweq> so lets start
21:02:36 <slaweq> #topic Announcements
21:02:49 <slaweq> According to the Victoria cycle calendar https://releases.openstack.org/victoria/schedule.html next week is Victoria-1 milestone
21:03:23 <slaweq> We don't have any deadlines for this milestone, but it's worth to mention where in the cycle we are :)
21:03:31 <slaweq> next one
21:03:33 <slaweq> Victoria PTG:
21:03:48 <slaweq> first of all - thx for participating in the sessions
21:04:03 <slaweq> it wasn't as good as in person meeting but still was fun, at least for me
21:04:20 <slaweq> I will try to send email with summary later this week
21:04:37 <slaweq> and I will also start doing action items assigned to my there
21:04:40 <bcafarel> and slaweq++ for driving the full week of neutron meetings and timetables etc
21:04:53 <njohnston> many thanks slaweq
21:04:59 <slaweq> thx :)
21:05:21 <slaweq> etherpad with notes from the neutron sessions is at https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/neutron-victoria-ptg
21:05:37 <slaweq> You can also give Your feedback about whole event in https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/June2020-PTG-Feedback
21:05:44 <slaweq> I will do it tomorrow morning my time
21:06:01 <slaweq> and that's all regarding PTG from me
21:06:16 <slaweq> next announcement
21:06:22 <slaweq> Drivers meeting and CI meeting this week will be cancelled
21:06:44 <slaweq> I'm going to cancel ci meeting on wednesday because I have another internal meeting in the same time
21:07:15 <slaweq> and regarding drivers meeting, we have day off in Red Hat so there will be no too many people on the meeting
21:07:38 <slaweq> lets rest a bit this week after PTG and get back to normal schedule next week :)
21:07:49 <slaweq> and last announcement for today
21:08:03 <slaweq> Virtual OpenDev is comming, see http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2020-April/014297.html for details
21:08:55 <njohnston> If anyone has feedback about the PTG, please add it here: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/June2020-PTG-Feedback
21:09:16 <slaweq> any other announcements for today?
21:09:26 <slaweq> njohnston: yes, I plan to do it tomorrow morning
21:10:38 <slaweq> ok, lets move on
21:10:49 <slaweq> #topic Blueprints
21:11:00 <slaweq> BPs for Victoria-1: https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/victoria-1
21:11:22 <slaweq> I will move them all to Victoria-2 next week as I don't think we will finish any of them this week
21:11:42 <slaweq> do You have any updates about some of them?
21:13:29 <slaweq> ok, I guess, this means "no" :)
21:13:43 <bcafarel> most probably "no" indeed :)
21:13:47 <slaweq> I have some update about https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/default-dns-zone-per-tenant
21:13:48 <njohnston> nothing here
21:13:57 <slaweq> I did progress with https://review.opendev.org/#/c/686343/ but I think we need new API extension to make this discoverable
21:13:57 <patchbot> patch 686343 - neutron - Allow to parse keywords in dns labels - 17 patch sets
21:14:08 <slaweq> please review this patch if You will have some time
21:14:42 <slaweq> I will propose patch with new API extension to the neutron-lib repo
21:14:50 <slaweq> and then this should be good to go together
21:15:15 <slaweq> I also started neutron-tempest-plugin https://review.opendev.org/#/c/733994/ but it's not ready yet
21:15:16 <patchbot> patch 733994 - neutron-tempest-plugin - WIP Add test for default DNS zone per tenant - 1 patch set
21:15:37 <slaweq> also, regarding https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/dns-records-in-neutron
21:15:56 <slaweq> there is spec proposed in https://review.opendev.org/#/c/726904/ - please review it
21:15:56 <patchbot> patch 726904 - neutron-specs - Adding a spec for neutron dns_assignment for RFE h... - 4 patch sets
21:16:25 <slaweq> ok, and that
21:16:37 <slaweq> *that's all regarding BPs from me for this week
21:17:09 <slaweq> I think we can move on now
21:17:30 <slaweq> #topic Community goals
21:18:21 <slaweq> njohnston: AFAIK there is only once accepted goal for Victoria and it's migration to zuul v3 which we actually (almost) finished, right?
21:18:41 <bcafarel> hmm one other "room" I did not attend this time :/
21:19:03 <njohnston> You are correct.  There is a second goal that is almost merged, and it's merger is a foregone conclusion, which is the migration from Ubuntu Bionic to Focal https://review.opendev.org/#/c/731213/
21:19:04 <patchbot> patch 731213 - governance - Select migrate-to-focal goal for Victoria cycle - 1 patch set
21:19:17 <njohnston> I think we just need one more vote and it's over the line
21:19:45 <slaweq> right, I wanted to ask You if we should start tracking this one in this section too, even if it's not yet officialy accepted
21:19:49 <njohnston> I think we should get going with this process immediately for the nodesets we use in CI - better to make the change as early, rip off the bandaid
21:20:06 <njohnston> Yes, we definitely should - the standards require us to jump to Focal this cycle
21:20:46 <slaweq> njohnston: is there any "global" plan to this move? last time when we moved from Xenial to Bionic it was all organised by gmann and QA team
21:21:00 <slaweq> or should we do it on our own this time?
21:21:47 <njohnston> There will be a global plan once the goal is merged, I'm just of the opinion that the sooner we do this, the earlier we get any blockages we will face out of the way
21:22:13 <njohnston> in other words: we don't need to wait
21:23:19 <njohnston> I am thinking particular for the functional and fullstack jobs, to dip our tow in the water
21:23:23 <njohnston> *toe
21:23:57 <slaweq> njohnston: ok to start with those jobs
21:24:13 <slaweq> but I think we need first to have nodeset with Focal
21:24:18 <slaweq> I don't think it's ready
21:24:23 <njohnston> we do
21:24:40 <slaweq> ahh, great
21:24:51 <clarkb> the infra side should all be done
21:24:58 <njohnston> I'll push a change and we'll start flushing out the issues
21:25:00 <slaweq> clarkb: ok, that's great
21:25:08 <slaweq> njohnston: ok, thx
21:25:15 <slaweq> lets sync on the meeting next week
21:25:25 <slaweq> and we will see how it will go
21:25:35 <njohnston> sounds good
21:25:39 <slaweq> thx njohnston
21:26:08 <slaweq> ok, lets move on
21:26:14 <slaweq> #topic Bugs
21:26:20 <slaweq> lucasgomes was bug deputy; Report http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2020-June/015323.html
21:27:28 <slaweq> I would like to ask You to take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1881685 - I'm not sure if that is really neutron issue, but someone more experienced with db could give some feedback on it too :)
21:27:28 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1881685 in neutron "Inconsistent coding while upgrading" [Undecided,New]
21:27:55 <slaweq> there is also neutron-vpnaas issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1882220 which is causing gate failures often
21:27:55 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1882220 in neutron "Neutron-vpnaas scenario tests are very unstable" [Critical,Confirmed]
21:28:23 <slaweq> for now tests which are causing problems are marked as unstable so we are good in the gate, but someone should take a look into that one
21:28:54 <slaweq> and that's all from my side for today
21:29:04 <slaweq> any other bugs You want to discuss today?
21:30:51 <bcafarel> just general note for stable branches, we still wait for new oslo.log in train (release in progress)
21:31:15 <slaweq> ok, thx for taking care of this bcafarel
21:31:15 <bnemec> Is that not done yet?
21:31:33 <bcafarel> and ussuri marking test as unstable in https://review.opendev.org/733785 (bad recheck roulette series)
21:31:34 <patchbot> patch 733785 - neutron (stable/ussuri) - Blacklist the OVN tempest IPv6 hotplug test - 2 patch sets
21:31:56 <bcafarel> bnemec: it was not approved last time I checked, but then I went for dinner so it may have changed since :)
21:32:17 <bcafarel> https://review.opendev.org/733927/
21:32:18 <patchbot> patch 733927 - requirements (stable/train) - update constraint for oslo.log to new release 3.44.3 - 1 patch set
21:32:31 <bnemec> Oh, waiting on the constraints bump.
21:32:37 <bcafarel> sorry I meant requirements not release yep
21:33:03 <bnemec> Okay, just checking because I thought the release request had merged.
21:34:53 <slaweq> ok, thx for update bcafarel, I just +W patch which blacklists this failing ipv6 test in ussuri
21:35:06 <slaweq> lets move on
21:35:15 <slaweq> this week bug deputy is jlibosva
21:35:21 <slaweq> I will remind it to him tomorrow
21:35:44 <slaweq> I also created schedule for next round, it's on https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/Meetings#Bug_deputy
21:36:04 <slaweq> please check it and let me know if You can't do it in the week which I scheduled it for You
21:36:13 <slaweq> we can try to switch it with someone then
21:36:24 <slaweq> bcafarel: next week is Your turn
21:36:46 <bcafarel> yup the "time for new rotation" is usually a reminder for me :)
21:36:53 <slaweq> bcafarel: :)
21:36:56 <slaweq> yeah
21:37:09 <bcafarel> and June 15 week is OK for me
21:37:19 <slaweq> great, thx for confirmation
21:37:36 <slaweq> ok, that's generally all from me for today
21:37:44 <slaweq> anything else You want to discuss today?
21:37:56 <slaweq> if not, I think we can finish earlier today
21:38:29 <bcafarel> nothing else from me so +1 on early finish
21:38:49 <njohnston> Thanks all!
21:39:04 <slaweq> ok, so thanks for attending the meeting
21:39:11 <slaweq> have a great week!
21:39:15 <slaweq> #endmeeting