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16:01:24 <emagana> Hello All!
16:01:31 <emagana> Do we have an audience today?
16:03:07 <emagana> My report for the record:
16:03:40 <emagana> I have updated the guide with DHCP HA details and I am planing to work on the Neutron Architecture details that have been missing for a while.
16:04:38 <emagana> If we do no have anyone around I will finish the meeting.
16:05:09 <emagana> I will be available in IRC and email if anyone needs to chat with me and/or any details about the Networking Guide.
16:05:37 <emagana> #action send a reminder to people about attending this IRC meeting.
16:05:43 <emagana> #endmeeting