17:32:52 <dougwig> #startmeeting networking_lib
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17:32:56 <dougwig> morning, anyone around?
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17:33:00 <dougwig> #topic Announcements
17:33:03 <dougwig> reminder - neutron midcycle next week
17:34:52 <dougwig> #topic Open Discussion
17:35:01 <dougwig> any topics today?
17:35:06 <dougwig> HenryG: update on base db review?
17:35:24 <HenryG> I ran into a policy issue
17:35:39 <HenryG> But I am trying a solution
17:35:52 <HenryG> So I should have a patch up soon
17:36:29 <dougw2> hmm, freenode/irccloud is unhappy today.
17:36:35 * pc_m sorry late
17:36:41 <HenryG> But it is making me think that we should start out with a private version first
17:37:23 <dougw2> ok, sounds good.
17:37:37 <dougw2> pc_m: did you get a chance to look at unit tests last week?
17:37:38 <HenryG> like neutron_lib/_db I mean
17:38:07 <pc_m> I ran my scanner script to collect neutron references in networking-cisco and neutron-vpnaas.
17:38:32 <pc_m> However, I got side tracked by 4 breakages in networking-cisco, and now there looks to be one in neutron-vpnaas.
17:38:37 <pc_m> :(
17:39:35 <pc_m> I'm clueless as to what is wrong with the neutron-vpnaas functional tests, but appears to be a neutron change within the past day.
17:40:03 <dougwig> ok.  i'm going to try to get a working version of the "model" objects in wip before the mid-cycle.
17:40:05 <dougwig> which is next week.
17:40:40 <dougwig> #chair HenryG pc_m
17:40:41 <openstack> Current chairs: HenryG dougwig pc_m
17:40:48 <dougw2> irccloud is having serious issues, sorry.
17:41:13 <dougwig> #chair dougw2
17:41:14 <openstack> Current chairs: HenryG dougw2 dougwig pc_m
17:41:31 <pc_m> cloning yourself... cool!
17:43:09 <HenryG> pc_m: is the vpnaas functional breakage the same as the neutron one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1546506
17:43:09 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1546506 in neutron "spawn_n fails in functional tests" [Critical,Fix released] - Assigned to Jakub Libosvar (libosvar)
17:43:28 <pc_m> looking
17:44:25 <pc_m> don't think so
17:44:28 <pc_m> http://logs.openstack.org/52/280952/2/check/gate-neutron-vpnaas-dsvm-functional/c9d9cf3/testr_results.html.gz
17:45:38 <HenryG> It's still suspicious that the timeout occurs in eventlet though
17:45:50 <pc_m> I have one commit that is a change to tox.ini, Jenkins worked yesterday, and with another patch pushed up, fails today. The failure is the same in other commits.
17:46:19 <HenryG> pc_m: Try pinning eventlet to 0.18.2 and see if that helps
17:46:24 <pc_m> Yeah, there is something about device not being found in the first test.
17:46:49 <pc_m> HenryG: I guess I could try that in the requirements file and repush the changes set.
17:47:05 <pc_m> The awful part is I cannot get tests to run locally.
17:47:49 <pc_m> I have two machines and each shows different failures (one with two unrelated tests failing, on the other one do_discover doesn't seem to find tests even).
17:48:33 <pc_m> So I can't reproduce, even though I have a range of Neutron commits with a good and then bad commit that I could run bisect on.
17:48:42 <pc_m> Bashing my head all morning on this.
17:49:05 <pc_m> ajmiller offered to try running the tests on his machine.
17:49:41 <ajmiller> Yes, I am looking at them.  Have limited time this morning though.
17:50:17 <pc_m> HenryG: dougwig: So, I've got to get VPN past this breakage, before I can play with the tests.
17:51:48 <HenryG> pc_m: ack
17:53:23 <HenryG> pc_m: a fresh ubuntu VM, run devstack once, unstack, then the functional tests should run fine. At least that is my experience with neutron core.
17:53:54 <pc_m> HenryG: Actually, I don't think I can pin eventlet as all the tests (including fucntional) use constraints. :(
17:54:09 <pc_m> HenryG: Yeah, I was hoping I didn't have to go that far.
18:00:06 <pc_m> HenryG: I guess I could try a recheck, once 281278 merges.
18:00:35 <HenryG> pc_m: it merged an hour ago
18:00:50 <pc_m> I'll try a recheck.
18:02:17 <HenryG> dougwig: anything else?
18:03:16 <dougw2> if this message ever makes it, no, let's end.
18:03:20 <dougw2> hope to see folks next week.
18:03:47 <pc_m> I can't attend.
18:03:55 <pc_m> the mid-cycle
18:04:28 <HenryG> pc_m: we'll try keeping an etherpad up to date
18:04:35 <pc_m> HenryG: Thanks
18:04:49 <HenryG> #endmeeting