17:40:53 <dougwig> #startmeeting networking_lib
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17:41:15 <dougwig> i clicked away the calendar reminder and everything
17:41:16 <dougwig> #topic the db patch
17:41:23 <dougwig> where are we, HenryG ?
17:41:41 <kevinbenton> Boise and San Jose
17:42:15 <HenryG> I am finishing up some test cases, but the patch should be usable. Have you tried it?
17:42:32 <kevinbenton> This is the pagination patch?
17:43:04 <HenryG> no, https://review.openstack.org/267214
17:43:52 <dougwig> can we fit that into 0.1.0, or will that be rushing things?
17:44:49 <HenryG> I moved some things into private modules, so the code can be published but only experimeters can try it out.
17:45:42 <HenryG> But please review the non-private modules to see if they are safe to go in 0.1.0.
17:45:50 <dougwig> ok, so that + pagination, then we can do 0.1.0 and be ready for a g-r patch next week.
17:45:54 <dougwig> will do
17:48:50 <dougwig> anything else for this morning?  i've been sucked into an lbaas driver thing, so i have no progress to report.
17:49:25 <HenryG> Just want to mention I am pushing patches for switching the neutron code to use lib constants and exceptions.
17:49:53 <HenryG> One big patch for core neutron so far.
17:50:02 <kevinbenton> Yay
17:50:03 <HenryG> Patches for *aaS coming soon.
17:50:52 <HenryG> Between now and the summit is probably the best time to get these conflict generators merged?
17:51:08 <dougwig> or just after, yes
17:52:20 <HenryG> That's all from me
17:57:39 <HenryG> I think we should have a neutron-lib code sprint this summer, somewhere nice.
18:03:41 <dougwig> HenryG: i like that idea.
18:03:49 <dougwig> #endmeeting