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17:30:54 <HenryG> o/
17:30:57 <dougwig> o/
17:31:01 <boden> o/
17:31:05 <dougwig> #topic Open discussion
17:31:14 <dougwig> let's touch base on status, since it's been awhile.
17:31:47 <HenryG> My db base stuff needs reworking based on the OVO stuff
17:32:14 <HenryG> Meaning I need to start with a smaller patch that is independent of OVO
17:32:31 <dougwig> my meta model stuff is in it's pre-summit state. i'm still stuck on an internal thing, for at least the rest of this week.
17:32:54 <dougwig> i don't think i have the latest in my WIP, i should update that.
17:33:25 <boden> I was out for a week after the summit, so I'm just getting caught up... not that I have any work items or anything yet
17:33:41 <dougwig> this is the first meeting since the summit.
17:33:55 <dougwig> if you want to jump in, we need to tackle the base agent stuff, maybe?
17:34:02 <boden> yup, but I haven't been active on review so much recently
17:34:30 <boden> dougwig - sure, I have a few other things on my plate as well, but if it's not time sensitive I can drive it
17:34:56 <dougwig> not time sensitive as long as it happens in the next couple months.
17:35:40 <boden> dougwig: I can handle that. TBH I'll need to dig deeper into what exactly this work is, as I'm not familiar with it yet
17:35:59 <boden> Is there a bug or something?
17:36:31 <dougwig> no.  take a look at the lbaas-agent in neutron-lbaas; it's pulling in goo from neutron to make that go.  what we move, or if we dup code, is the first question.
17:37:36 <boden> I'll start there... Once I get my head around the effort I'll sync back up with you guys to make sure my idea is sane
17:37:53 <dougwig> ok, let's touch base with your initial ideas next week?
17:38:19 <boden> Yep, I should have some time to take a look by then
17:39:42 <dougwig> any interest in a mini-sprint dedicated to the lib work, small attendance?  or are we happy to work remote until the main midcycle?
17:40:16 <HenryG> We need some meeting/discussion with the OVO folks (Ihar, Rossella, etc)
17:41:20 <HenryG> I am always open to a mini-sprint to get some focused work done
17:42:25 <dougwig> ok, let's invite them to next week's meeting.  this slot is in the edge of acceptable for europe
17:42:33 <boden> you are referring a face-to-face meet up here or just a sprint cycle planning wise? sorry not up to speed on a "mini-sprint"
17:42:41 <dougwig> face-to-face
17:43:00 <dougwig> HenryG: can you get us a spot in boston?
17:43:47 <dougwig> (or nearby)
17:43:51 <HenryG> That nice MS location in Cambridge has a sign-up form. Also maybe IBM research, but I would have to check.
17:44:06 <dougwig> you have a link?
17:45:02 <boden> fyi: travel may not be realistic for me in the next few months, but more than happy to join via webex/phone/etc.
17:46:23 <HenryG> dougwig: http://microsoftnewengland.com/eventmanager/
17:47:41 <dougwig> HenryG: any dates in june not work for you?
17:48:07 <HenryG> I have nothing until Aug 15
17:49:15 <dougwig> ok, we'll sync up offline.
17:49:21 <dougwig> anything else, or shall we get back to it?
17:49:56 <boden> moving the interface drivers over is out of the question right? I saw the patch set
17:50:13 <dougwig> context?  link?
17:50:19 <boden> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/307381/
17:51:29 <boden> Based on the comments there, I assume its out; I was just confirming we are not going to investigate further
17:51:50 <dougwig> i think many pieces of it can move.  might want to start smaller, though.
17:52:07 <dougwig> and consider the namespace.  agent.x is likely not the right tree for some of those as standalone modules
17:52:25 <HenryG> Yep, that patch was too ambitious
17:52:34 <boden> ok.. maybe I can look at that if I get bored after the base agent stuff if we're still interested
17:52:46 <boden> we can re-sync later
17:53:13 <boden> I have nothing else
17:53:25 <dougwig> ok, thanks all
17:53:27 <dougwig> #endmeeting