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17:31:25 <boden> o/
17:31:26 <HenryG> o/
17:31:58 <dougwig> #topic Status
17:32:07 <dougwig> my head has been under a rock this past week, so where are we at?
17:32:14 <HenryG> I don't have anything new for today, except it might be a good idea to make a minor release.
17:32:47 <boden> I have 2 things... Do we need to discuss the "minor release" first?
17:32:52 <dougwig> ok, do you want me to do that, or do you want to learn how?
17:32:57 <HenryG> Mostly because of the IPv6 constants changes.
17:33:04 <HenryG> I am always willing to learn.
17:33:05 <boden> more than happy to learn
17:34:06 <dougwig> releases are a matter of filing one of these: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/306575/ , and then ask ihar or armax to ack it.
17:34:21 <dougwig> just don't do them *too* often.
17:35:04 <dougwig> what are your items, boden?
17:35:32 <boden> last week we talked about investigating moving some of the base agent code into lib
17:35:41 <boden> I did a quick write-up here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/neutron_lib_base_agent
17:36:08 <boden> Since I'm new, I figured it would be good to get your comments... Unless you want me to lead with code (fine by me)
17:36:59 <dougwig> whoa, nice writeup.
17:37:26 <boden> so either you can try to find time to review that doc + comment, or I can just jump right into some code
17:37:35 <boden> whatever you prefer
17:38:19 <HenryG> I need time to read it, but don't let that stop you from submitting some code
17:38:36 <boden> ok sounds good... I jump into some code and keep an eye on the doc as well
17:39:00 <boden> the other item was that I left some comments on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/303867/
17:39:15 <dougwig> yes, i'll also read it after lunch.
17:39:25 <dougwig> but don't let that stop you from code.
17:39:33 <dougwig> what was your other item?
17:39:39 <boden> ^^
17:39:52 <dougwig> oh, right.  was coding until midnight, i'm foggy.  :)
17:39:52 <HenryG> Yeah, I need to rebase that patch on master now that the DB stuff is being re-thought.
17:40:29 <HenryG> thanks for your comments there boden
17:40:32 <boden> ok... if you run low on bandwidth, I'm more than happy to try that "rebase"
17:40:36 <boden> welcome
17:41:46 <dougwig> feel free to jump in on rebases.  ping the person on irc if they're online, but if not, just go for it.
17:42:03 <dougwig> that's my philosophy, anyway
17:42:15 <boden> ok, I didn't know if that was kosher
17:42:34 <boden> that's all the status I have
17:42:37 <HenryG> Let me give it a first pass today, since it is rebase on both lib and core neutron.
17:42:44 <boden> I do have a question tho, from our previous topic
17:43:03 <boden> back on the neutron-lib release topic... once that "release version" patch merges, automation automatically builds + publishes a new neutron-lib to pypi?
17:43:37 <dougwig> boden: correct.  it usually happens in minutes.
17:43:42 <boden> ok nice
17:43:54 <dougwig> just be careful of semver.  if we made minor tweaks, make it 0.1.1.  if we added features, it must be 0.2.0
17:44:52 <dougwig> alright, any final words, or let's get to coding and reviewing boden's doc.
17:45:06 <boden> nothing from me
17:45:13 <HenryG> me neither
17:47:53 <dougwig> #endmeeting