17:32:28 <dougwig> #startmeeting networking_lib
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17:32:53 <dougwig> njohnston: if you're around, what was your topic that got cut off last week?
17:33:45 <njohnston> dougwig: I believe it has been resolved.  The topic was the agent extension interface that we are moving out of the l2 agent so the l3 agent can take advantage of it
17:33:55 <dougwig> ok
17:34:11 <dougwig> our agenda is out of date, and i just literally got back from camping on the 4th, so...
17:34:14 <dougwig> #topic Open discussion
17:34:29 <dougwig> HenryG: how's the db stuff?
17:34:54 <HenryG> I have a patch out but Kevin doesn't like it
17:35:29 <HenryG> https://review.openstack.org/337731
17:35:44 <dougwig> what doesn't he like?
17:35:59 <njohnston> armax commented that since this is a primary interface for a project like FWaaS to interface into Neutron, it belongs in neutron-lib.  My concern was that would make the change too complex to accomplish without significant outside help, since I am not sure how to scope what agent code should move into neutron-lib, and it would tank the schedule for FWaaS.  So the resolution wa sto implement it in Neutron and
17:35:59 <njohnston> then as soon as the feature is stable to push it to neutron-lib.
17:36:05 <HenryG> I will put the utils in lib, wait for it to land, then resume the patch.
17:36:32 <dougwig> njohnston: that's a reasonable plan.
17:38:07 <dougwig> boden: weren't you peeking at the agent stuff as well?
17:39:13 <boden> dougwig: I have some various neutron-lib patches that start to bring neutron agent over, but they are waiting on HenryG’s patch
17:39:40 <dougwig> ok, it sounds like you might want to coordinate with njohnston and what he'll eventually need for fwaas.
17:39:54 <boden> will do
17:41:09 <dougwig> boden: did we find consensus on the hacking check stuff?
17:42:16 <boden> dougwig: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/333500/
17:42:20 <boden> there’s some discussion to be had
17:42:30 <HenryG> Ihar has a concern. I am not sure I understand all the details.
17:42:37 <boden> but I’m a bit behind the ball with the holiday + I have a sick kid at home right now
17:43:20 <dougwig> ok, we'll continue on gerrit for that one.
17:43:26 <dougwig> any other issues for today?
17:43:46 <boden> dougwig: I’m working on a script that can generate a public API
17:43:55 <boden> and could be used to compare API changes between lib releases
17:43:58 <boden> FYI
17:44:22 <dougwig> boden: oh, very nice. how's it going, and when do you think it'll be working?
17:44:54 <boden> dougwig: I hope to have a super-hacked-version by end of week just to get some initial feedback
17:45:02 <HenryG> cool
17:45:27 <dougwig> great, looking forward to it.
17:45:43 <dougwig> anything else?  post-holiday, we seem to be in a lull.  :)
17:46:08 <boden> nothing here worth wasting your time on
17:46:13 <boden> here = from me
17:46:27 <njohnston> I have nothing else.  I'll sync up with boden.
17:47:00 <dougwig> HenryG: ?
17:47:34 <HenryG> nope
17:48:48 <dougwig> ok.
17:48:53 <dougwig> thanks all
17:48:57 <dougwig> #endmeeting