17:30:15 <HenryG> #startmeeting networking_lib
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17:30:49 <boden> howdy
17:31:03 <HenryG> boden: hi
17:31:12 <HenryG> dougwig is out this week
17:31:17 <boden> ok
17:31:34 <HenryG> Let's go through your list
17:31:42 <HenryG> #topic Releases
17:32:10 <HenryG> I think we must be constantly "release ready"
17:32:34 <HenryG> Except when we know there is a breakage (like today)
17:33:18 <boden> HenryG: understood, I’ll have to take greater care to follow-up on merged code more quickly
17:34:29 <HenryG> Code that may not be ready for release without some additional checking/testing/scrubbing/etc. should probably be made private until it is ready.
17:35:04 <boden> HenryG: ack, for some reason I was thinking we’d do a pass of “clean up” before a release
17:35:35 <HenryG> That would be nice, but I don't think we can have that luxury.
17:36:09 <HenryG> Ready for next topic?
17:36:12 <boden> yes
17:36:21 <HenryG> #topic Infra plumbing
17:36:39 <HenryG> I think this is in place now.
17:36:51 <HenryG> There is a periodic job against neutron-lib master.
17:37:01 <boden> HenryG: how are you monitoring that periodic job?
17:37:38 <HenryG> First I check the neutron failures graphs.
17:37:42 <HenryG> #link http://grafana.openstack.org/dashboard/db/neutron-failure-rate
17:38:09 <HenryG> The third graph is the periodic jobs.
17:38:40 <boden> does that run pep8 too?
17:38:58 <HenryG> No
17:39:18 <boden> I thought we discussed doing that as well? Perhaps as a periodic job
17:39:43 <HenryG> The latest job logs are here:
17:39:47 <HenryG> #link http://logs.openstack.org/periodic/periodic-neutron-py34-with-neutron-lib-master/
17:40:15 <boden> got it
17:40:17 <HenryG> boden: You can propose to add pep8 as a periodic job
17:40:29 <boden> ok: I can look into how that’s done
17:41:01 <boden> nothing else on this topic from me ATM
17:41:24 <HenryG> boden: like https://review.openstack.org/338603
17:41:37 <boden> thanks
17:42:09 <HenryG> I think the 3rd topic is the same as the 1st?
17:42:13 <boden> agree
17:42:27 <boden> at least you answered as part of 1st :)
17:42:34 <HenryG> OK, let's get back to fixing and merging
17:42:55 <HenryG> #endmeeting