07:01:30 <yamamot__> #startmeeting networking_midonet
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07:01:54 <yamamot__> #topic Agenda
07:02:02 <yamamot__> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/NetworkingMidoNet
07:02:08 <yamamot__> #topic Announcements
07:02:15 <yamamot__> no announcements from me
07:02:26 <yamamot__> #topic Bugs
07:02:39 <yamamot__> no critical bugs i'm aware of
07:02:52 <yamamot__> although i haven't checked the status this week yet
07:03:05 <yamamot__> i'll continue the bug deputy role as usual
07:03:54 <yamamot__> #topic Open Discussion
07:04:28 <yamamot__> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/370585/
07:04:45 <yamamot__> i'm going to make ml2 the primary dev target.
07:05:19 <yamamot__> if anyone has concerns, please raise it, either online or offline.
07:05:43 * yamamot__ waiting for a few mins before closing the meeting
07:05:50 <amotoki> one person meeting ?
07:05:58 <yamamot__> amotoki: exactly :-)
07:06:02 <amotoki> :)
07:06:07 <yamamot__> but now two :-)
07:10:53 <liuyulong> hi
07:11:00 <yamamot__> hi
07:11:12 <liuyulong> I have a patch may have side effects to midonet, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/372298/
07:11:44 <liuyulong> If you midonet guys have time, please take a look, thank you very much.
07:11:45 <yamamot__> liuyulong: thank you.  i'll take a look.
07:11:54 <yamamot__> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/372298/
07:13:30 <amotoki> Although the master branch has been open for Ocata, we are still careful on refactoring patches
07:13:44 <amotoki> because it makes backport to newton difficult.
07:14:07 <amotoki> but i think yamamot__ can validate the change :)
07:14:22 <liuyulong> amotoki, yep, thank you. : )
07:14:47 <yamamot__> amotoki: i don't think he's asking to merge it immediately. :-)  and anyway it has armax's -2
07:15:01 <amotoki> yeah
07:16:11 <yamamot__> let me skip the next meeting (Dec 4) as i have some conflicting schedule
07:17:52 * yamamot__ waiting for another few mins before closing meeting.  ie. having coffee
07:18:01 <liuyulong> yamamot__, you are YAMAMOTO Takashi? right? I think I've already added you as a reviewer to that patch. : )
07:18:18 <yamamot__> liuyulong: yes i am
07:19:41 <yamamot__> i think i missed gerrit notification mail for that though. :-)
07:21:17 <yamamot__> #info next meeting (Dec 4) will be cancelled
07:24:31 <yamamot__> ok, i think we've done
07:24:34 <yamamot__> thank you for attending
07:24:36 <yamamot__> bye
07:24:40 <yamamot__> #endmeeting