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14:00:25 <rkukura> hi everyone
14:00:26 <mestery> Who's here for the last pre-Icehouse Summit ML2 meeting?
14:00:30 <mestery> hi rkukura!
14:00:48 <mestery> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/ML2 Agenda
14:01:04 <mestery> Short meeting today focused on the ML2 Icehouse Design Summit Sessions
14:01:52 <mestery> So, just a note: If you had an ML2 session accepted, please create an etherpad this week for the summit next week.
14:02:20 <mestery> I've created some for "ML2 Extensibility" and "Deprecated Plugin Migration" already.
14:02:28 <mestery> Sean Collins created one for "ML2 QoS" as well.
14:03:20 <mestery> I'd appreciate the ML2 team adding notes to the "Deprecated Plugin Migration" etherpad.
14:03:27 <mestery> That one will require community input to be succesful I think.
14:03:48 <mestery> So .... that's all I had for this meeting.
14:03:50 <mestery> Any comments?
14:05:26 <rkukura> haven't had a chance to go through the schedule yet and see how the ml2 sessions got paired up, but seems there are 4 or 5 sessions
14:05:52 <mestery> rkukura: I think so, yes.
14:06:29 <rkukura> other than me and mestery, do we know who else from these meetings will be in HK?
14:07:17 <mestery> rkukura: I think we're alone today. :)
14:07:33 <rkukura> did Sukhdev just join?
14:07:35 <Sukhdev> good morning
14:07:38 <Sukhdev> yes
14:07:49 <mestery> Morning Sukhdev!
14:07:53 <mestery> Will we see you in Hong Kong next week?
14:08:11 <Sukhdev> yes - will be there
14:08:13 <dkehn> I will be there
14:08:19 <Sukhdev> coming a day late :-)
14:08:29 <mestery> Great! Looking forward to meeting folks in person next week!
14:09:01 <rkukura> likewise
14:09:06 <mestery> OK, anyone have anything else?
14:09:20 <mestery> If not, please setup an etherpad for your session this week so it's ready to go for the Summit next week!
14:09:23 <Sukhdev> wanted to ask a favor -
14:09:28 <mestery> And feel free to add notes to the existing etherpads as well.
14:09:33 <dkehn> yes I'm trying to get the config setup for using ml2 in baremetal and have a few question
14:09:34 <mestery> Sukhdev: Sure.
14:09:46 <mestery> dkehn: Cool! How can we help?
14:09:56 <Sukhdev> I resubmitted my patch for havana/stable -
14:10:08 <Sukhdev> can you help get this merged?
14:10:22 <mestery> Sukhdev: Yes, will review this today.
14:10:23 <Sukhdev> have some DB migration issue will take care of this moning
14:10:34 <Sukhdev> yes  - it will ready today
14:10:40 <mestery> Sukhdev: great
14:10:44 <rkukura> Sukhdev: Saw that and was thinking the stable maintainers usually do the back-ports, but I could be mistaken
14:10:48 <Sukhdev> cool thanks
14:11:18 <Sukhdev> do I have to follow some different process for that?
14:11:18 <mestery> rkukura: I think getting some +1s from us helps their job.
14:11:20 <dkehn> other than the neutron.conf, core_plugin  is there other parms I need to address
14:11:36 <Sukhdev> OK cool
14:11:40 <Sukhdev> thanks
14:11:48 <mestery> dkehn: Does bare metal use OVS with agents? If so, that config should remain the same from your OVS configuration.
14:12:09 <dkehn> yes, or at least I would like to remain suing the ovs
14:12:42 <mestery> OK, then you should be good to go, as ML2 works with the OVS agent.
14:12:43 <dkehn> then were do we direct the ml2 usage
14:12:53 <dkehn> if the core_plugin is to remain the same?
14:12:55 <mestery> dkehn: In neutron.conf by setting hte core plugin
14:12:56 <rkukura> dkehn: Do you main install on bare metal, or doing a bare metal cloud?
14:13:04 <mestery> No, core_plugin becomes ML2
14:13:08 <mestery> But the agent config remains the same
14:13:26 <dkehn> ok, thats what I was assuming just wanted to verify
14:13:52 <rkukura> Don't forget to add L3 to the service plugin list.
14:14:00 <mestery> dkehn: Cool! Let us know how it goes when you give it a try.
14:14:07 <dkehn> ok, thx
14:14:10 <mestery> rkukura: Good point, I forgot about that.
14:14:12 <dkehn> see you all inb HK
14:14:34 <mestery> dkehn: Same here!
14:14:40 <mestery> OK, if there is nothing else, lets call this meeting early.
14:14:58 <rkukura> I think thats it!
14:15:10 <mestery> OK, thanks everyone!
14:15:18 <mestery> Looking forward to some productive ML2 discussions in Hong Kong next week!
14:15:23 <mestery> See you all there!
14:15:25 <mestery> #endmeeting