16:05:28 <rkukura> #startmeeting networking_ml2
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16:05:40 <rkukura> #topic Agenda
16:06:04 <rkukura> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/ML2#Meeting_June_14.2C_2017
16:06:10 <rkukura> Same agenda as recent meetings
16:06:15 <rkukura> Anything to add?
16:06:34 <rkukura> #topic Announcements
16:06:39 <rkukura> I have no announcements
16:06:42 <rkukura> Anyone else?
16:07:02 <trevormc> nothing too much, looks like one of my patches for qinq is about to land
16:07:14 <rkukura> I missed last week, and don’t see minutes, but Sukhdev said there was a meeting
16:07:23 <rkukura> I’ll also most likely miss next week
16:07:28 <reedip_> o/
16:07:43 <Sukhdev> Sorry for late entry
16:07:50 <trevormc> hi reedip_
16:08:09 <rkukura> hi Sukhdev, reedip_
16:08:22 <Sukhdev> I must have mistyped the meeting name. Will look for the minutes and pist
16:08:25 <rkukura> #topic RFEs/bugs
16:08:41 <rkukura> trevormc: sounds like you may have some updates for us
16:09:08 <trevormc> so the refactor patch is about to land
16:09:09 <trevormc> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/458531/
16:09:22 <trevormc> but I had a question on my other patch that I wasn't sure on how to answer
16:09:43 <trevormc> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/446047/34//COMMIT_MSG@23
16:11:01 <trevormc> if I could have someone's input on yamamoto's comment, that would be appreciated. I thought the driver would serve as a general purpose way for using QinQ networks with any backend, not just ovs.
16:12:11 <trevormc> i didnt have any other updates
16:12:35 <rkukura> I’m not sure I can help with yamamoto’s comment
16:12:58 <trevormc> that's ok.
16:13:16 <rkukura> seems like following up in gerrit makes most sense, or starting an email thread
16:13:29 <sadasu> my simple answer would be that each ml2 mech driver handled this case their own way
16:13:31 <trevormc> yeah agreed
16:13:43 <trevormc> sadasu: that's what I thought too
16:14:20 <sadasu> that meant that some config was specified to a specific mech driver to handle it within its own logic
16:14:20 <trevormc> Sukhdev_, on another note, I reached out to rosella, she commented on my bug for sriov vlan filter. She says it possible and the proposed way in the bug is the way to go.
16:14:40 <sadasu> but, now you are providing a generic ml2 way of handling this
16:14:41 <Sukhdev_> trevormc : cool
16:15:04 <sadasu> I had to support this functionality in my ucsm plugin
16:15:31 <trevormc> sadasu, oh that's interesting, how did it work?
16:15:47 <sadasu> and due to various reasons did not go the route of proposing a generic ml2 solution
16:16:18 <trevormc> ok maybe an ML discussion would be appropriate, about how to handle QinQ networks.
16:16:45 <sadasu> the "internal VLANs" , borrowing from yamamoto's terminology
16:17:27 <Sukhdev_> trevormc: I just read yamamoto's comment - he is basically saying that this should be handled in the back-end by the plugins/drivers - instead of exposing it into the API
16:17:30 <sadasu> was specified as a list to the mech driver and then the outer-Vlan or the VM - VLAN was managed via neutron / ml2
16:18:26 <Sukhdev_> sadasu trevormc : yamamoto is essentially saying that you solve it the way sadasu did
16:19:03 <trevormc> Hmm interesting, so what should we do moving forward? I guess I could WF -1 the refactor patch
16:19:12 <sadasu> Sukhdev_, trevormc: agreed and it is a valid question
16:19:42 <trevormc> it was about to merge but jenkins hasn't passed yet, (luckily ?
16:19:43 <Sukhdev_> trevormc : so, you can answer him in two ways :
16:20:00 <sadasu> trevormc: just explain that it is a generic way and each mech driver should not have to re-invent
16:20:11 <Sukhdev_> 1) you are solving it in a more generic manner so everybody can use it
16:20:27 <Sukhdev_> 2) or you will follow the same trick which sadasu did
16:20:37 <Sukhdev_> but, since, this is ready to merge, I will stay with it
16:20:52 <sadasu> I agree with Sukhdev_
16:20:53 <trevormc> i was going to say that but.. i may be a little bias
16:20:54 <trevormc> haha
16:21:19 <trevormc> ok, I'll let him know and make a comment in review about it
16:21:51 <trevormc> - nothing else from, me thanks for the support!
16:21:57 <Sukhdev_> trevormc : If you send me the link, I will be happy to add the comment for you :-)
16:22:04 <rkukura> thanks trevormc!
16:22:20 <trevormc> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/446047/
16:22:35 <rkukura> OK, any other RFEs/bugs to discuss today?
16:23:05 <rkukura> #topic Open Discussion
16:23:09 <rkukura> Anythign to discuss today?
16:23:35 <rkukura> If not, we can wrap up early
16:24:04 <rkukura> Thanks everyone!
16:24:11 <trevormc> o/
16:24:14 <sadasu> thanks!
16:24:16 <rkukura> #endmeeting