16:05:05 <rkukura> #startmeeting networking_ml2
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16:05:40 <rkukura> hi tbachman, trevormc, yamamoto_, sadasu
16:05:49 <rkukura> anyone else here for the Ml2 meeting?
16:05:58 <tbachman> rkukura: hi :)
16:06:09 <rkukura> #topic Agenda
16:06:34 <rkukura> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/ML2#Meeting_July_5.2C_2017
16:06:42 <rkukura> hi Sukhdev!
16:06:46 <rkukura> just getting started
16:07:06 <rkukura> nothing specific on today’s agenda - is there anything anyone wants to be sure to cover?
16:07:11 <Sukhdev> Hi
16:07:27 <tbachman> rkukura: I have a generic port-binding question, if no one has anything else
16:07:37 <Sukhdev> Sorry for being late
16:07:56 <rkukura> tbachman: lets cover that under Open Discussion
16:08:14 <rkukura> #topic Announcements
16:08:41 <rkukura> Only announcmement I have is that I will most likely miss next week’s IRC meeting
16:08:50 <rkukura> Any other announcements?
16:09:26 <Sukhdev> I shall cover next week
16:09:33 <rkukura> #topic RFEs/Bugs
16:09:38 <rkukura> Sukhdev: thanks
16:09:58 <rkukura> trevormc: Any update on your SR-IOV related work?
16:10:19 <trevormc> I did push up an interface to iplex
16:10:22 <trevormc> but it still needs some work
16:10:38 <trevormc> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/476547/
16:10:54 <trevormc> It also needs to run on third party ci ! :)
16:11:33 <trevormc> Just a minor update, working on it more this week.
16:12:07 <trevormc> I have another update on the QinQ refactor patch too. Just a little speed bump.
16:12:27 <rkukura> trevormc: thanks!
16:12:48 <rkukura> anything else on these?
16:13:06 <trevormc> nothing on SR-IOV but one for QinQ
16:13:38 <rkukura> trevormc: go ahead
16:13:43 <trevormc> The OVO integration for type_vlan merged see https://review.openstack.org/#/c/367810/ this required me to move the logic to helpers.py , not sure if this was the correct approach but you can see it here
16:13:53 <trevormc> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/458531/
16:14:15 <trevormc> might need to tag the author of the integration patch as a reviewer..
16:14:42 <trevormc> I updated the commit msg and made inline comments about it.
16:15:04 <trevormc> thats all the updates from me, thanks rkukura
16:16:16 <rkukura> thanks trevormc!
16:16:23 <rkukura> any other questions on these?
16:16:33 <rkukura> any other bugs/RFEs to discuss?
16:17:23 <rkukura> guess not…
16:17:28 <rkukura> #topic Open Discussion
16:17:44 * tbachman raises hand
16:17:49 <rkukura> tbachman: go ahead
16:18:00 <tbachman> I have more of a “best practices” question
16:18:02 <tbachman> for port binding
16:18:29 <tbachman> I’m looking into handling port binding for hetergenous port types
16:19:00 <tbachman> it seems like one of the idioms is to depend on agents running on the host that the port is being bound to
16:19:29 <tbachman> I was curious if there was ever any thought into introspection of nova in order to discern this information, rather than rely on a given agent
16:19:35 <rkukura> when there is an agent involved, port binding needs to ensure the agent is there and can provide the connectivity
16:19:46 <tbachman> and also wasn’t sure how multiple agents on the same host worked
16:20:18 <tbachman> (e.g. can a single host support multiple port bindings)
16:20:20 <sadasu> tbachman: not all ML2 mech drivers rely on agents
16:20:53 <tbachman> sadasu: good point. What mechanism is used then to determine whether or not they should bind?
16:21:03 <tbachman> (if this can be generalized)
16:21:07 <rkukura> I think supporting SR-IOV and normal OVS on the same host is possible
16:21:22 <sadasu> tbachman: yes, single host can bind multiple types of ports
16:22:12 <tbachman> I guess my question is: is it a bad idea to introspect nova to get information for port binding?
16:22:18 <tbachman> I can see an argument against it
16:22:25 <rkukura> Any mechanism driver needs some way to determine whether or not it can bind for a particular host, but its up to the driver to use whatever info makes most sense - the agents_db is just one option
16:22:28 <tbachman> for example, since nova is already calling into neutron to do port binding
16:22:35 <sadasu> as far as I know, only Cisco SR-IOV ports don't need an agent to complete binding
16:23:06 <tbachman> sadasu: thanks for that input — will have a look!
16:23:18 <rkukura> tbachman: what info from nova do you think might be useful for this?
16:23:20 <sadasu> tbachman: introspecting nova and not using an agent is fine
16:23:34 <tbachman> rkukura: I guess in this case, hypervisor type
16:23:38 <tbachman> e.g. ESX
16:23:41 <tbachman> KVM
16:23:42 <sadasu> as long as you have all the information you are looking for, from Nova
16:24:08 <tbachman> sadasu: I also need to figure out if I can get that info (so good point ;-) )
16:24:39 <Sukhdev> Hypervisor type is available
16:24:43 <tbachman> anyway, I don’t want to dominate the Open Discussion section with this — just wanted to find out if there are other examples. It sounds like there are.
16:25:10 <sadasu> Sukhdev: +1. yes hypervisor type is available from nova
16:25:22 <tbachman> and if folks thought it was a bad idea for neutron to call back into nova during nova’s call to neutron for port-binding
16:25:36 <rkukura> Port binding happens outside any transaction, so having an MD’s bind_port make REST calls on nova is reaonable, I think
16:25:44 <tbachman> rkukura: thx!
16:26:15 <rkukura> tbachman: anything else on this?
16:26:26 <tbachman> rkukura: not now. Thanks all for the input!
16:26:48 <rkukura> anything else to discuss today before we wrap up?
16:26:54 <sadasu> or could you use port binding extension to get this information from nova during the 1st bind_port call instead of another RSP API request/response?
16:27:45 <tbachman> sadasu: that would be great. I’m not sure it would be easy to get that into nova, however :(
16:28:56 <sadasu> tbachman: Agreed. Just giving you options.
16:29:04 <Sukhdev> I have seen deployment where they pass this information via config
16:29:37 <tbachman> Sukhdev: yeah — I prefer dynamic stuff (i.e. no restart of services needed for changes). Thanks for pointing that out, tho!
16:29:41 <tbachman> sadasu: yeah — thx!
16:30:37 * tbachman steps aside to allow other discussions
16:30:44 <tbachman> rkukura: thanks for the floor
16:30:46 <tbachman> :)
16:30:53 <rkukura> thanks tbachman!
16:31:04 <rkukura> any other topics for discussion, or are we done for today?
16:31:19 <Sukhdev> We are good
16:31:39 <rkukura> ok, last call…
16:31:39 <sadasu> PTG attendees? Sukhdev is a No, rkukura is a maybe
16:31:40 <trevormc> not from me. thanks
16:31:47 <trevormc> Maybe from me.
16:31:59 <rkukura> sadasu: still a maybe
16:32:32 <rkukura> sadasu: are you going?
16:32:32 <yamamoto_> i'm a maybe
16:32:40 <sadasu> I am maybe too!
16:33:10 <Sukhdev> :-)
16:33:10 <rkukura> ok, lets wrap up for today
16:33:14 <rkukura> thanks everyone!
16:33:20 <trevormc> o/
16:33:22 <rkukura> #endmeeting