18:01:38 <SumitNaiksatam> #startmeeting networking_policy
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18:01:40 <tbachman> SumitNaiksatam: thanks for tackling that!
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18:02:06 <SumitNaiksatam> #info agenda https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/gbp-network-services-framework
18:02:12 <SumitNaiksatam> we have a one point agenda today! :-)
18:02:29 <SumitNaiksatam> just kidding
18:02:35 <SumitNaiksatam> we can bring up other things
18:02:48 <SumitNaiksatam> #topic Bugs
18:02:51 <hemanthravi> ivar-lazzaro: thanks for starting the reviews
18:03:07 <SumitNaiksatam> anything critical that we need to discuss?
18:03:21 <SumitNaiksatam> the gate is hopefully restored now on all the branches
18:03:44 <SumitNaiksatam> okay good
18:04:09 <SumitNaiksatam> rkukura: i am guessing nothing new on packaging?
18:04:14 <rkukura> nope
18:04:25 <SumitNaiksatam> rkukura: okay, lets skip to the main topic then
18:04:37 <SumitNaiksatam> #topic NFP Implementation patches
18:04:47 <SumitNaiksatam> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/gbp-network-services-framework
18:05:35 <hemanthravi> SumitNaiksatam: the orchestration patches of nfp have been posted and we should have the gate test in a day or so
18:05:54 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: okay
18:06:05 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: do you want to introduce other authors in your team here?
18:06:14 <SumitNaiksatam> *patch authors
18:06:57 <hemanthravi> most of the authors of the patches are here today...ahmed, rpm, ashutosh, jagadish
18:07:10 <SumitNaiksatam> rpm :-)
18:07:19 <hemanthravi> rajendra prasad
18:07:35 * tbachman thinks he might be going as rp_ today
18:07:42 <tbachman> :)
18:07:46 <SumitNaiksatam> jokes apart, welcome ahmed, rp_ ashutosh & jagadish to the team
18:07:48 * tbachman is wrong…  again ;)
18:07:52 <SumitNaiksatam> tbachman: lol!
18:08:32 <SumitNaiksatam> its good to put patch author names to at least IRC nicks (if not faces) :-)
18:08:45 <SumitNaiksatam> okay lets proceed with discussion
18:08:50 <hemanthravi> they can provide any clarifications needed to start with and continue with addressing gerrit comments
18:08:56 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: okay
18:09:18 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: before that, can you please provide us an overview on the patch series?
18:09:49 <SumitNaiksatam> i would like to understand (in summary) how the patches are stacked, and what is being attempted in what sequence
18:09:59 <SumitNaiksatam> and how we can incrementally test this
18:10:18 <SumitNaiksatam> either hemanthravi or any of the authors can chime in
18:10:24 * igordcard says hi
18:10:29 <SumitNaiksatam> igordcard: hi there
18:10:38 <rkukura> SumitNaiksatam: I was also going to ask about the stacking - gerrit doesn’t seem to make that very obvious anymore
18:11:03 <SumitNaiksatam> rkukura: i agree
18:11:10 <ahmed__> 1) NFP multiprocess library 2) DB 3) Orchestrator 4) Base Mode configurator
18:11:10 <SumitNaiksatam> rkukura: although i think the order is preserved
18:11:27 <SumitNaiksatam> rkukura: in the way it shows in gerrit as related patches
18:11:31 <SumitNaiksatam> ahmed__: sorry, go ahead
18:12:03 <ahmed__> thats the stack
18:12:21 <ahmed__> for patches
18:12:22 <SumitNaiksatam> ahmed__: there seem to be more than 4 patches in the stack
18:12:39 <hemanthravi> the main patches are as 1. the process framework which implements a multiprocessing framework to process the RPCs from the GBP NFP node driver
18:12:46 <ahmed__> these are high level categories submitted in multiple patches
18:12:56 <rkukura> SumitNaiksatam: If the related patches is stacked in order, that answers my question
18:13:11 <SumitNaiksatam> rkukura: i believe that is indeed the case
18:13:16 <hemanthravi> 2. service orchestrator patch that implements the logical network function primitves
18:13:42 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: ahmed__ can i request you to please provide links to the specific patches that you are discussing?
18:14:13 <ahmed__> 1) https://review.openstack.org/#/c/282292/41
18:14:21 <hemanthravi> 3. device orchestarotr patch which implements device related functionality such as instanting VMs, hot-plug of interfaces etc
18:14:23 <ahmed__> 2) https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298206/20
18:14:47 <SumitNaiksatam> ahmed__: so (2) is the DB patch, okay
18:15:15 <SumitNaiksatam> (3) is a client patch #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298213/29
18:15:20 <ahmed__> 3.a) Service Orchestrator - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298224/27
18:15:26 <hemanthravi> 4. node driver which is the NCP NFP node driver that talks to NFP via RPC
18:15:45 <ahmed__> 3.b) Device orchestrator - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298297/52
18:16:19 <ahmed__> sorry, missed node driver in my list, its 4) Node driver - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298380/61
18:16:38 <ahmed__> 5) base mode configurator - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298385/60
18:17:04 <SumitNaiksatam> hmmm
18:17:12 <songole> SumitNaiksatam: we should probably have a section on wiki describing this
18:17:20 <SumitNaiksatam> songole: i agree
18:17:36 <SumitNaiksatam> because in my gerrit i am not seeing the order that ahmed__ is describing
18:17:42 <hemanthravi> 5) base mode configurator is a reference implementation of a serivce vm that consumes the REST APIs from the orchestrator
18:18:25 <SumitNaiksatam> it will be helpful to have a single wiki page which lists all the patches, and summarize the context of those patches (and how they relate to the previous and next patch)
18:18:37 <SumitNaiksatam> the later part should ideally be captured in the commit message
18:18:38 <hemanthravi> sumit can you go to this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298385/60
18:18:53 <hemanthravi> and the patches are in order 1 at the bottom
18:18:56 <SumitNaiksatam> but i dont see that happening, hence its pretty difficult to get the context
18:19:00 <hemanthravi> do you see that
18:19:03 <RajendraPrasad> Its there in the blueprint page also, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/group-based-policy/+spec/gbp-network-services-framework
18:20:27 <hemanthravi> sumit do you see the order if you go to  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298385/60
18:21:15 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: i see this order: #link https://imagebin.ca/v/2gvR0Yv8dWnE
18:21:40 <SumitNaiksatam> i am starting with the first patch: #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/282292
18:22:02 <SumitNaiksatam> the order your guys are describing here does not match that
18:22:20 <SumitNaiksatam> it will be helpful if the context you provide is in accordance with that order
18:22:22 <hemanthravi> that's correct order...i think the numbering is off since we didn' list all of them only the main ones
18:22:50 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: okay so lets folllow that
18:23:21 <hemanthravi> 1. NFP framework, 2. DB mode, 3. library utils, 4. service orchestrator
18:23:51 <ahmed__> 5. Base mode configurator
18:24:04 <hemanthravi> 5. mods to service orchestrator to support reference namespace based service such as haproxy in namespace
18:24:13 <hemanthravi> 6. Device orchestrator
18:24:43 <SumitNaiksatam> okay at what point in this can i do an end-to-end test?
18:25:04 <SumitNaiksatam> i would like to do an end-to-end test at the earliest point in this stack of patches
18:25:10 <SumitNaiksatam> and review that as a whole
18:25:25 <hemanthravi> end to end test at nfp - base configurattor ref impl
18:25:32 <SumitNaiksatam> patches on top of that, in my thinking, would be enhancements to that core
18:25:41 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: patch link?
18:26:03 <hemanthravi> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298385/60 for end to end test
18:26:26 <SumitNaiksatam> that being “NFP - Base Configurator Reference Implementation”?
18:26:33 <hemanthravi> yes
18:27:14 <SumitNaiksatam> you also have the patch #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298288/47 (“GBP NFP - Added Base mode support in Service Orchestrator”)
18:27:37 <SumitNaiksatam> is that not an end-to-end test with haproxy?
18:27:44 <SumitNaiksatam> (without service VM)
18:29:36 <hemanthravi> SumitNaiksatam: need patches beyond that upto https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298385/60
18:29:59 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: just for haproxy as well?
18:31:16 <hemanthravi> SumitNaiksatam: some of the patches are beyond that for eg NFP - Node Driver
18:31:56 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: i get that, but i thought the “base mode” was to test in the most elemental way, even without having to start a VM
18:31:59 <hemanthravi> although you don't need all of them, the reason for this order was that the support for namespace haproxy was added after the support for a serivce vm
18:32:36 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: but patches seem to be stacked in a way that the namespace haproxy patch is the 5th patch
18:33:08 <SumitNaiksatam> so it seems to have been inserted early in the chain (even though it was added later)
18:33:14 <hemanthravi> that's correct but some of the code required comes in a later patch
18:33:19 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: hmmm
18:33:20 <hemanthravi> that's correct
18:33:59 <SumitNaiksatam> if that was not the case, it would have been much easier to review the first 5 patches as a contained unit versus 10
18:34:17 <SumitNaiksatam> hence i was trying to get clarification
18:34:27 <hemanthravi> the first 5 patches and NFP - Node driver can be reviewed first
18:34:57 <hemanthravi> that will the code required to launch haproxy in namspace
18:35:11 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: okay, but you are saying we cant test them in an installation (which is the easiest way to validate and understand :-))
18:36:28 <hemanthravi> SumitNaiksatam: looks like some of the code from the patches upto nfp - base configurator is reqd
18:36:35 <SumitNaiksatam> anyway, like songole suggested if you can put this information on a wiki page, and in there mention what aspect is missing from this base mode patch (and comes later), that will probably give us enough information to review the first fiv
18:36:39 <SumitNaiksatam> *five
18:36:42 <hemanthravi> SumitNaiksatam: will do
18:37:00 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: thanks
18:37:29 <hemanthravi> SumitNaiksatam: can we review the first 5...those will be required
18:37:39 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: okay
18:37:45 <hemanthravi> 6, 7 are not not required for haproxy namespace
18:37:50 <SumitNaiksatam> what do the other team members think?
18:38:37 <SumitNaiksatam> rkukura ivar-lazzaro igordcard tbachman: do we have enough context to review the first 5 patches?
18:38:40 <hemanthravi> agree :)
18:38:51 * tbachman has a lot of reading to do :)
18:39:08 <SumitNaiksatam> tbachman: lol, sorry didnt mean to put you in a spot!
18:39:55 <rkukura> that helps - it will definitely require some effort
18:40:01 <SumitNaiksatam> rkukura: :-)
18:40:18 <ivar-lazzaro> SumitNaiksatam: kind of
18:40:25 <SumitNaiksatam> ivar-lazzaro: :-)
18:40:26 <ivar-lazzaro> I've left some comments in the patch
18:40:32 <SumitNaiksatam> okay, thanks
18:40:54 <ivar-lazzaro> what is really bugging me right now is the fact that some classes are copy-pasted in the test directory
18:40:58 <ivar-lazzaro> and I'm not sure why
18:41:07 <ivar-lazzaro> like here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/309056/13
18:41:29 <ivar-lazzaro> There's exactly the same set of classes as https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298385/60
18:41:53 <ivar-lazzaro> What is the first patch about? Testing the configurator?
18:42:17 <hemanthravi> ivar-lazzaro: this was to get around an issue where the unit tests were using methods in base class
18:42:34 <hemanthravi> as opposed to the method in nfp....couldn't figure out a way to resolve this
18:42:59 <ivar-lazzaro> which unit tests?
18:44:00 <ivar-lazzaro> Maybe I should look at the whole chain first, but I'm not really sure what https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298385/60 is about
18:44:21 <ivar-lazzaro> more context in the commit message would be great :) for all the patches possibly
18:44:38 <ivar-lazzaro> Sorry I meant: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/309056/13
18:44:42 <hemanthravi> ivar-lazzaro: the tests i was referring to was not these, don't remember the exact ones
18:44:50 <SumitNaiksatam> ivar-lazzaro: i have put comments to that effect in the earlier patches
18:45:06 <SumitNaiksatam> devref document is also required in the relevant patches
18:45:16 <SumitNaiksatam> and wil help to resolve some of these questions upfront
18:45:31 <jagadish> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/298385/60 is base configurator implementation
18:45:31 <SumitNaiksatam> to avoid having the reviewers to guess
18:45:35 <ivar-lazzaro> SumitNaiksatam: what's the tests/contrib package supposed to host?
18:45:52 <ivar-lazzaro> jagadish: yeah I meant https://review.openstack.org/#/c/309056/13, pasted the wrong link
18:46:14 <ivar-lazzaro> jagadish: that is basically... The base configurator implementation... But in a different package
18:46:23 <SumitNaiksatam> ivar-lazzaro: test/contrib is supposed to host “contributions” which are not actively supported by the GBP team but are contributed by the community
18:46:34 <jagadish> this has pecan controller which is same as reference service VM implementation at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/309056/13
18:46:45 <SumitNaiksatam> ivar-lazzaro: these are meant to be ancillary artifacts used for testing
18:46:58 <ivar-lazzaro> SumitNaiksatam: urgh
18:47:02 <jagadish> both are pecan controllers with a slight functionality difference. However, the class names can be corrected accordingly
18:47:03 <SumitNaiksatam> ivar-lazzaro: example being devstack artifacts for gate job
18:47:22 <ivar-lazzaro> SumitNaiksatam: ok, so this is not stuff that's supposed to run during UTs
18:47:39 <SumitNaiksatam> ivar-lazzaro: i wouldnt think so
18:47:51 <ivar-lazzaro> jagadish: there's no difference, the files are identical
18:48:05 <SumitNaiksatam> ivar-lazzaro: by this, i assume you are referring to “something” that goes in tests/contrib
18:48:23 <SumitNaiksatam> “this”
18:49:05 <ivar-lazzaro> SumitNaiksatam: yes. I guess you could put there a backend emulator to run with Devstack for POCs for example
18:49:12 <SumitNaiksatam> ivar-lazzaro: right
18:49:40 <jagadish> ivar, I don't think they are identical. I will look at them and send email
18:49:42 <ivar-lazzaro> SumitNaiksatam: but we do have already a configurator in the main tree, so I'm not really sure why we need to duplicate that cose in tests/contrib
18:49:59 <SumitNaiksatam> ivar-lazzaro: okay, i havent reached that far in the chain :-)
18:50:01 <hemanthravi> tests/contrib was meant to be a refernce for someone implementing a service cm
18:50:06 <hemanthravi> service vm
18:50:42 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: but i think ivar-lazzaro is indicating this being used in UTs
18:50:55 <ivar-lazzaro> SumitNaiksatam: I started backwards :D
18:50:58 <SumitNaiksatam> and if so, we shouldnt be doing that
18:51:19 <hemanthravi> SumitNaiksatam: don't think there are UTs for impl in tests/contrib
18:51:28 <SumitNaiksatam> ivar-lazzaro: that would beyond my ken :-)
18:51:34 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: okay
18:52:24 <hemanthravi> ivar-lazzaro: test/contrib configurator runs in a service-vm and is only a reference
18:52:55 <hemanthravi> configurator in the main tree is the impl to support haproxy in a namespace.
18:53:19 <hemanthravi> test/contrib should not be treaated as part of the main tree
18:54:02 <ivar-lazzaro> hemanthravi: sure, but I don't see why maintaining 2 copied of the same stuff instead of just using the controller in the main tree for testing
18:54:48 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: perhaps something ^^^ to sync up with ivar-lazzaro offline if you are not able to de-duplicate
18:55:16 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: ahmed__ regarding the first patch itself , i undertand that we are putting in a framework
18:55:41 <SumitNaiksatam> how specific is this to NFP, and/or can parts or all of this be leveraged from somewhere else (like oslo)?
18:55:58 <SumitNaiksatam> just want to understand taht we have done the due deligence on this
18:56:12 <hemanthravi> ivar-lazzaro: tests/contrib impl is different, mainly logs the calls
18:56:20 <SumitNaiksatam> oslo or for that matter any other official or un-official project
18:56:26 <igordcard> I missed the question at HH:38, but I haven't reviewed the NFP patches so I can't say anything about them at this point
18:57:27 <SumitNaiksatam> igordcard: would appreciate if you can find some time to review :-P
18:57:42 <ahmed__> framework is different than oslo, levarages where required, supports distributor-worker model in NFP
18:57:50 <SumitNaiksatam> ahmed__: okay
18:58:09 <ahmed__> certain specifics like communication between processes, sequencing of events
18:58:28 <SumitNaiksatam> ahmed__ hemanthravi want to make sure that there is no gratituous duplication
18:58:43 <ahmed__> event bindings to same worker, abstract polling APIs are implemented
18:59:21 <hemanthravi> SumitNaiksatam: uses oslo where possible, but the framework provides primtives for an event based multiprocessing impl
18:59:24 <SumitNaiksatam> ahmed__: hemanthravi wherever applicable we should contribute to other projects if the same aspect is already available or being developed there
19:00:01 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: okay, and that you are saying is specific to this context and design and currently not available or being worked on in other projects?
19:00:13 <hemanthravi> and there is no duplication and is a common design-pattern with python multiprocessing module
19:00:22 <ahmed__> this was not planned as generic framework, more like a library to abstract and support NFP modules
19:00:37 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi:  ahmed__ okay thanks for that clarification!
19:00:42 <SumitNaiksatam> seems like we are out of time
19:00:44 <hemanthravi> there is no framework that is abstracted from an impl
19:00:50 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: okay
19:00:51 <hemanthravi> in other projects
19:01:06 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: it will be good if you can coordinate putting the wiki page for this
19:01:13 <SumitNaiksatam> while we continue the reviews
19:01:14 <hemanthravi> SumitNaiksatam: will do
19:01:20 <SumitNaiksatam> need to yield to the next meeeting
19:01:39 <SumitNaiksatam> thanks hemanthravi ahmed__ RajendraPrasad ashutosh
19:01:46 <hemanthravi> we could sechdule a meeting if required before next irc
19:01:50 <SumitNaiksatam> ok bye till the next meeting
19:01:57 <SumitNaiksatam> missed jagadish
19:02:00 <SumitNaiksatam> hemanthravi: yes
19:02:01 <ahmed__> bye
19:02:02 <ashutosh> bye SumitNaiksatam
19:02:03 <SumitNaiksatam> thanks!
19:02:03 <songole> bye
19:02:07 <hemanthravi> bye
19:02:11 <jagadish> bye
19:02:12 <SumitNaiksatam> #endmeeting