16:01:16 <ihrachys> #startmeeting neutron_ci
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16:01:21 <ihrachys> o/
16:01:22 <mlavalle> o/
16:01:24 <slaweq> hi
16:01:32 <ihrachys> #topic Actions from prev meeting
16:01:42 <ihrachys> "haleyb to follow up with infra on missing grafite data for zuulv3 jobs"
16:01:52 * haleyb hides
16:01:53 <ihrachys> haleyb, any news on the missing data?
16:01:58 <jlibosva> o/
16:02:08 <ihrachys> haleyb, meaning no? :)
16:02:19 * mlavalle waiting for call from hospital where wife is undergoing minor surgery procedure. Might drop from the meeting to go pick her up. Will advice the team
16:02:30 <haleyb> i have been busy with other priorities, will ping them now
16:02:47 <ihrachys> mlavalle, ack, thanks for the heads up, I hope everything is ok
16:02:49 <haleyb> mlavalle: don't worry about work
16:02:58 <jlibosva> mlavalle: I hope everything will be alright
16:03:02 <mlavalle> minor thing, she is ok
16:03:46 <ihrachys> haleyb, ok. let's tackle that in next days. if you are busy with other stuff, we can find someone else to follow up
16:03:52 <ihrachys> empty grafana is PITA
16:04:32 <ihrachys> #action jlibosva to post a patch for decorator that skips test case results if they faile
16:04:37 <ihrachys> #undo
16:04:37 <openstack> Removing item from minutes: #action jlibosva to post a patch for decorator that skips test case results if they faile
16:04:39 <ihrachys> oops
16:04:44 <ihrachys> #action haleyb to follow up with infra on missing grafite data for zuulv3 jobs
16:04:49 <clarkb> I think we have been pushing statsd events for a while now
16:05:00 <clarkb> just a matter of updating the paths to the gauges/counters?
16:05:03 <ihrachys> clarkb, 'a while' is weeks?
16:05:28 <clarkb> ihrachys: zuulv3 hasn't been deployed for weeks :P since last week at least iirc
16:06:11 <ihrachys> ok
16:06:12 <haleyb> clarkb: i'll have to follow-up in in the infra channel as our grafana page has no stats, maybe we just have to change where we grab them?
16:06:19 <clarkb> haleyb: ya that
16:06:26 <haleyb> i didn't see new names in graphite
16:06:36 <ihrachys> I think we had that discussion, there was a doc page somewhere describing new paths
16:07:41 <haleyb> i just don't see it in the faq or migration
16:08:41 <ihrachys> sorry, can't find the link now :-x
16:08:53 <clarkb> after a quick look the data is there, swing by the infra channel after your meeting and we'll get you sorted out
16:09:04 <haleyb> clarkb: great, thanks
16:09:29 <ihrachys> great. next item was "jlibosva to post a patch for decorator that skips test case results if they failed"
16:09:43 <jlibosva> I did today but it failed CI cause of my bad mistakes
16:09:55 <jlibosva> next PS was sent a few minutes ago: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/514660/
16:11:07 <jlibosva> and that's all from me :)
16:11:10 <ihrachys> great, seems reasonable, I will have a look
16:11:17 <jlibosva> thanks
16:11:21 <ihrachys> next was "slaweq to take over https://review.openstack.org/#/c/504186/ from armax"
16:11:32 <slaweq> I pushed patch today: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/514586/
16:11:33 <ihrachys> I see the patch was abandoned, replaced by https://review.openstack.org/#/c/514586/
16:11:54 <slaweq> I didn't abandon any patch but maybe someone else did it
16:12:19 <slaweq> fullstack test for trunk passed with this my patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/514586/
16:12:24 <jlibosva> one question to it. do we want that config opt to be exposed to users or is it just for testing purposes?
16:12:37 <jlibosva> afaik the original patch from armax stated that's just for testing
16:13:17 <ihrachys> should be test only
16:13:27 <ihrachys> probably need to pick some explicit name for the option
16:13:53 <ihrachys> like '__prefix_for_testing'
16:14:02 <slaweq> his patch was doing something else, he don't initialized trunk handler if trunk wasn't enabled
16:14:23 <slaweq> my config option is available for all but IMHO it should be used only for tests
16:14:49 <slaweq> I can of course update help message and name for this option to be more "test" only
16:15:04 <jlibosva> yeah, maybe that would be safer
16:15:08 <jlibosva> thanks :)
16:15:17 <slaweq> so, please review my patch and I will address Your comments :)
16:15:18 <ihrachys> let us review what you have and then you respin
16:15:26 <slaweq> ihrachys: thx
16:15:59 <ihrachys> next item was "ihrachys to talk to oslo folks about RWD garbage data in the socket on call interrupted"
16:16:27 <ihrachys> I popped at their channel a bunch of times, didn't seem like there is interest in it. I was told Thierry is the expert on rootwrap. :)
16:16:50 <ihrachys> I also started looking at the library code but was distracted by a flu
16:17:00 <mlavalle> we can corner him in Sydney, if you want :-)
16:17:20 <ihrachys> mlavalle, well I guess I should just ask him. though afair he was not behind the daemon mode.
16:17:32 <mlavalle> cool
16:17:53 <ihrachys> so tl;dr I will continue looking at it
16:17:53 <jlibosva> toshii is also looking at it
16:18:06 <jlibosva> he sent a patch to prove that rwd is not a friend with eventlet
16:18:11 <jlibosva> as there might be yet another issue
16:18:15 <ihrachys> toshii?
16:18:22 <jlibosva> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/514547/
16:18:33 <ihrachys> didn't know that's his nic :)
16:18:56 <jlibosva> rwd fails with fullstack in agents too, not just testrunner - http://logstash.openstack.org/#dashboard/file/logstash.json?query=message%3A%5C%22Second%20simultaneous%5C%22
16:19:20 <jlibosva> the 15 minutes doesn't show the result but bigger window does ^^
16:20:04 <ihrachys> interesting. is it the same issue?
16:20:26 <jlibosva> ihrachys: yeah, he's in a lot different timezone than you are so probably you don't overlap :)
16:20:36 <jlibosva> no, I think that's a different issue
16:20:52 <jlibosva> one is that data are left in socket if timeout raises before data are read
16:21:15 <jlibosva> this is about accessing fd concurrently, if I understand the trace
16:21:30 <ihrachys> fully flushing the data before calling a command should fix the first, for what I understand
16:21:37 <ihrachys> right, I also think it's different
16:21:48 <jlibosva> the error is: RuntimeError: Second simultaneous read on fileno 9 detected.  Unless you really know what you're doing, make sure that only one greenthread can read any particular socket.  Consider using a pools.Pool.
16:21:48 <ihrachys> maybe need another bug
16:22:14 <ihrachys> the second failure usually happens when some part of i/o libraries is not patched
16:22:22 <jlibosva> but I thought each process (agent) spawns its own rwd process
16:22:41 <jlibosva> hmm, we had this issue in the past with customized agents
16:22:56 <jlibosva> that dhcp agent was not monkey_patched but that was fixed iirc
16:23:25 <ihrachys> I see it happens in dhcp agent only
16:24:22 <ihrachys> we'll need a separate bug for that. I will ask toshii to spin it off the existing one.
16:25:09 <jlibosva> ack
16:25:12 <ihrachys> it could be e.g. that oslo.rootwrap is imported before monkey patching happens in the customized fullstack dhcp agent
16:25:38 <ihrachys> thanks for letting know there is also that issue
16:25:51 <ihrachys> finally, we had "mlavalle to explore how to move legacy jobs to new style"
16:25:59 <ihrachys> mlavalle, any discoveries?
16:26:09 <mlavalle> i made some progress there reading the guide
16:26:16 <mlavalle> the process has two steps
16:26:38 <mlavalle> 1) Move a legacy job to our repo, under .zuul.yaml
16:27:06 <mlavalle> 2) Once moved and executing from our repo, tweak it to exploit zuulv3 goodies
16:27:25 <mlavalle> I am in the process of moving legacy-neutron-dsvm-api
16:27:56 <mlavalle> clarkb: I have a question. is .zuul.yaml expected to be at the top our repo?
16:28:02 <ihrachys> mlavalle, is it identical copy when first step is done?
16:28:11 <mlavalle> yes it is
16:28:16 <clarkb> mlavalle: yes I think zuul only looks at the repo root
16:28:34 <ihrachys> will zuul use our override right after it lands, or we'll need to clean it up first in global space?
16:29:12 <ihrachys> I mean, are we able to gate on the move right away, or we'll need to merge/clean up to see result?
16:29:29 <clarkb> you should be able to gate on the move right away
16:29:33 <ihrachys> goood
16:29:44 <clarkb> but you'll have potentially duplicate jobs running until cleaned up
16:29:48 <clarkb> (so you'll want to get that done quickly too)
16:29:51 <mlavalle> and then there is a number of steps explianed in the doc on how to remove it from zuul
16:30:14 <mlavalle> I will take care of this as well
16:30:16 <ihrachys> clarkb, you mean two jobs with same name? or do you suggest that names will differ?
16:30:30 <mlavalle> no, the moved job has a different name
16:30:33 <clarkb> the names have to differ
16:30:37 <mlavalle> it is not legacy anymore
16:30:40 <clarkb> but they will likely be functionally equivalent
16:30:47 <clarkb> then you delete the old one and have a single set of job(s)
16:30:53 <ihrachys> mlavalle, I thought 'legacy' means 'no fancy ansible'
16:31:11 <mlavalle> legacy means it is not in our repo
16:31:17 <ihrachys> gotcha
16:31:31 <mlavalle> as soon as it is in our repo it is up to us what the job does
16:31:47 <mlavalle> as far as exploiting facy ansible
16:31:57 <ihrachys> I see. so we can stick to calling a script as we do, that's fine with infra?
16:32:34 <clarkb> yes
16:33:20 <mlavalle> clarkb: I will add your name to the patches in neutron and infra so you can baby sit me
16:33:53 <ihrachys> nice progress, thanks mlavalle and clarkb
16:34:50 <ihrachys> #topic Scenarios
16:35:12 <ihrachys> during the previous meeting, we briefly talked about this bug: https://launchpad.net/bugs/1717302
16:35:13 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1717302 in neutron "Tempest floatingip scenario tests failing on DVR Multinode setup with HA" [High,Confirmed]
16:35:15 * mlavalle just got call from hospital. She did great. Pick her up in 1 houir, so will be able to finish this meeting :-)
16:35:47 <ihrachys> haleyb, I believe Swami was going to have a look?
16:36:13 <haleyb> ihrachys: yes, but i don't see an update
16:36:57 <haleyb> i am thinking he is on pto or otherwise busy
16:37:17 <ihrachys> right, I am just pulling attention of l3 Olympus :)
16:37:23 <mlavalle> LOL
16:37:46 <mlavalle> will make sure we review this on Thursday
16:37:52 <haleyb> delegate is my middle name
16:38:28 * mlavalle wonders if haleyb iz Zeus
16:39:03 <haleyb> not I
16:39:46 <ihrachys> there are other scenario failures, but seems like we already have hands full, so I will skip enumerating all of them..
16:40:31 <ihrachys> we already talked about grafana, and fullstack... so I will skip to...
16:40:33 <ihrachys> #topic Open discussion
16:40:42 <ihrachys> anything to discuss beyond all above?
16:40:59 <jlibosva> I don't have anything
16:41:06 <mlavalle> I'm good
16:41:26 <haleyb> nothing here
16:41:38 <ihrachys> ok
16:42:07 <ihrachys> one thing is that I need to follow up with Chandan on tempest plugin repo. it becomes a concern now, we diverge and not making progress.
16:42:20 <ihrachys> #action ihrachys to follow up with Chandan on progress to split off tempest plugin
16:42:23 <mlavalle> yeah, good catch
16:42:38 <ihrachys> if we don't have anything else, I will wrap it up
16:42:40 <armax> ihrachys: going back to your comment above we can’t use __ in config options
16:42:44 <armax> as prefix
16:42:50 <armax> oslo doesn’t like it
16:42:52 <ihrachys> meh
16:43:13 <armax> don’t shoot the messenger!
16:43:16 <ihrachys> ok, we can say 'test_prefix_dont_use_yes_I_know_what_I_do_here' :)
16:43:16 <armax> :)
16:43:29 <mlavalle> ahhh, armax was lurking
16:43:30 <armax> that’s very reasonable
16:43:33 <slaweq> yes, that's good name
16:43:34 <armax> :)
16:43:35 <slaweq> :)
16:43:50 <armax> actually I just looked at the patch while I was boringly attending another meeting :)
16:43:59 <armax> I dunno, I am having seconds thoughts :)
16:44:21 <armax> have we considered running fullstack serially for the time being?
16:44:35 <jlibosva> armax: no, that would take eternity to finish :)
16:45:02 <ihrachys> yeah, it's 52 mins now
16:45:04 <armax> did you quantify what ethernity means?
16:45:07 <ihrachys> with 8 (?) threads
16:45:37 <jlibosva> the setup takes a long and it's run per test method
16:45:48 <jlibosva> I don't have exact numbers tho
16:45:54 <armax> there are jobs that take about 2 hours
16:46:05 <armax> so it’s not like if fullstack finishes fast we can do anything else
16:46:20 <ihrachys> you assume no one runs it locally
16:46:40 <armax> who runs the entire fullstack suite locally? that’s insane :)
16:46:50 <slaweq> armax: I agree :)
16:46:53 <ihrachys> I am pretty sure it will take like 5h serially.
16:47:06 <armax> OK then
16:47:51 <ihrachys> slaweq, agree with what exactly? that we can serialize or that the patch is a hack? :)
16:48:07 <armax> ihrachys: should be easy to check, though
16:48:18 <slaweq> that it probably no one runs all fullstack tests locally :)
16:48:31 <jlibosva> I do
16:48:32 <slaweq> I can try to check it with one thread
16:48:39 <jlibosva> when I work on fullstack stuff
16:48:58 <ihrachys> slaweq, ok please check it so that we have the data
16:48:58 <armax> jlibosva: you’re not staring at the screen though, are you? :)
16:49:05 <slaweq> ihrachys: ok, I will
16:49:16 <jlibosva> armax: I am, that's why I do only a few things a day :-p
16:49:32 <armax> jlibosva: looks like we need to teach you one thing or two then :)
16:49:44 <ihrachys> preaching the importance of short feedback loop to developers, I love it
16:49:55 <jlibosva> :)
16:49:59 <armax> ihrachys: run only the test you touch!
16:50:06 <armax> that’s how race conditions creep in!
16:50:56 <armax> but even running the whole thing doesn’t stop that, so that’s such an emitter of CO emissions
16:50:57 <ihrachys> ok, seems like we fall into joke contest
16:51:10 <ihrachys> slaweq will check and we'll decide what to do with the data
16:51:15 <slaweq> ok
16:51:21 * jlibosva likes jokes
16:51:35 <ihrachys> armax, CO2 is good. just move from California to a more reasonable place (New Hampshire anyone?)
16:51:43 <armax> either way, it looks to me that the cleanest solution to a test problem is to limit the change to the test code
16:52:17 <jlibosva> armax: just say you want to use the monkey patch approach you and I talked about at the PTG :)
16:52:22 <armax> but I am not too strongly opinionated
16:52:35 <armax> jlibosva: I actually did on the patch :)
16:52:42 <jlibosva> :D
16:53:03 <jlibosva> I mean, I wouldn't be against :)
16:53:08 <armax> jlibosva: both are hackish
16:53:12 <ihrachys> huh. so we are back to zero. ok, let's comment on the patch. at this point, I agree with anything that makes those green. :)
16:53:14 <jlibosva> right
16:53:20 <armax> one hack is hidden in the fullstack subtree
16:53:27 <armax> and that’s feels cleaner
16:53:30 <armax> ihrachys: no
16:53:32 <armax> we’re not
16:53:48 <armax> we learned in the process
16:54:01 <slaweq> ihrachys: so we should use https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pytest-vw to make it green :D
16:54:41 <ihrachys> jlibosva, we should use -vw ^ instead of your decorator :)
16:54:53 <armax> eh, I would have gone as far as stop running the job altogether
16:55:02 <armax> but pytest-vw looks good too
16:55:20 <jlibosva> won't we need to change all the stuff to pytest ?
16:55:39 <ihrachys> jlibosva, do you want all green or not???
16:55:53 <jlibosva> I do, less emissions, love it
16:56:23 <armax> I think we should make ‘what green means’ configurable
16:56:48 <armax> but I digress
16:56:55 <ihrachys> I see the contest is rolling forward
16:56:59 <ihrachys> but I will call it a day
16:57:01 <ihrachys> thanks everyone :)
16:57:04 <jlibosva> thanks :)
16:57:07 <mlavalle> o/
16:57:11 <slaweq> thanks
16:57:15 <ihrachys> clarkb, thanks a lot for popping up in the meeting, really helpful
16:57:17 <ihrachys> #endmeeting