22:00:21 <mlavalle> #startmeeting neutron_drivers
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22:01:50 <mlavalle> Hi there!
22:11:35 <ihrachys> o/
22:11:43 <ihrachys> sorry I lost track of time
22:13:22 <mlavalle> I was really pinging you to let you know that I don't see amotoki or yamamoto aroud
22:13:31 <mlavalle> I knew you were around
22:13:31 <ihrachys> yeah I see we are two
22:13:48 <ihrachys> do we cancel then
22:13:48 <ihrachys> ?
22:14:12 <mlavalle> yest give them another 5 minutes
22:14:25 <mlavalle> If I don't ping you again, no meeting
22:14:40 <ihrachys> ok
22:14:40 <mlavalle> sounds good?
22:14:43 <mlavalle> cool
22:14:49 <mlavalle> go mind your business
22:22:54 <mlavalle> #endmeeting