14:00:20 <sc68cal> #startmeeting neutron_ipv6
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14:02:30 <basu> ipv6
14:02:38 <sc68cal> #info J-2 is next week
14:02:40 <sc68cal> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Juno_Release_Schedule
14:03:28 <sc68cal> #topic blueprints
14:04:08 <sc68cal> I spoke with Kyle yesterday about the dnsmasq slaac blueprint - it will be marked as superceded by the radvd blueprint
14:04:43 <aveiga> that leaves only the radvd RA announcement BP for J2?
14:04:52 <aveiga> I didn't see any others
14:05:08 * sc68cal digs up link
14:05:24 <xuhanp> sc68cal, does that mean we will need to delay the dnsmasq stateless/stateful BP for K?
14:05:38 <xuhanp> I haven't received a lot of comments yet
14:05:53 <aveiga> xuhanp: it has a dep on the radvd BP, right?
14:06:10 <xuhanp> aveiga, as we discussed last time, it should not
14:06:18 <xuhanp> the RA can be from external of radvd
14:06:22 <sc68cal> xuhanp: Let me check, but it should be scheduled for j-3
14:06:25 <xuhanp> of -> or
14:06:28 <aveiga> xuhanp: ah, yes
14:06:44 <xuhanp> sc68cal, thanks
14:07:10 <dane_leblanc> I'm still waiting for core on the multi-prefix, so don't know if that will get deferred.
14:07:12 <sc68cal> https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/juno-2
14:07:14 <sc68cal> https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/juno-3
14:08:50 <sc68cal> dane_leblanc: I think it's probably going to be deferred to K
14:09:07 <dane_leblanc> :(
14:09:23 <xuhanp> sc68cal, seems like the dnsmasq one is not on the list, either. should we talk to Kyle about this?
14:09:37 <aveiga> dane_leblanc: I think they're overlaoded on reviews for J and are focusing down on essentials
14:09:48 <aveiga> dane_leblanc: I was told to not even submit the flaoting IPv6 BP
14:09:51 <sc68cal> xuhanp: I'll ping Kyle about your spec today
14:10:01 <xuhanp> sc68cal, thanks a lot
14:10:12 <sc68cal> this is the one, correct? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/102411/
14:11:50 <xuhanp> sc68cal, that's correct
14:12:34 <sc68cal> xuhanp: cool, I'll reach out to Kyle. I think we should be able to get it into J, since there was some churn over radvd vs dnsmasq earlier this cycle
14:12:51 <xuhanp> sounds great
14:12:59 <sc68cal> having code ready to merge will help the case - how goes progress on that front?
14:13:16 <aveiga> xuhanp sc68cal I think the stateful bit is necessary to claim real IPv6 support for J, as well
14:13:29 <aveiga> it's pretty integral to getting feature parity with IPv4
14:13:40 <xuhanp> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/106299/
14:13:51 <xuhanp> here is the patch for stateful dhcp.
14:14:00 <xuhanp> still working on the stateless case.
14:14:02 <sc68cal> aveiga: I agree
14:14:18 <xuhanp> sc68cal, hope you got my email about the question to dnsmasq
14:14:19 <aveiga> xuhanp: very nice, I'll dig into this later today
14:14:56 <sc68cal> xuhanp: I did, and forwarded to aveiga ;)
14:15:32 <sc68cal> I'll try and take a look sometime this week
14:15:39 <xuhanp> thanks
14:15:44 <aveiga> xuhanp: still catching up on my email, I was sort of AFK all last week
14:16:01 <xuhanp> aveiga, no problem
14:18:42 <sc68cal> baoli: ping - are you available for the meeting?
14:18:55 <baoli> Hi
14:19:06 <baoli> sorry, was tied up with something
14:19:34 <sc68cal> how goes unit testing for the radvd patch?
14:20:34 <baoli> Henry just put his unit test in the patch.
14:20:47 <baoli> So please check it out if it's sufficient
14:21:30 <sc68cal> ok - i'll keep an eye on the review - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/102648/
14:22:04 <sc68cal> #topic bugs
14:22:18 <sc68cal> https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bugs?field.tag=ipv6
14:23:00 <baoli> xuhanp, does my comments make sense?
14:23:23 <xuhanp> baoli, I replied your comments actually
14:23:33 <xuhanp> can you take a look?
14:24:52 <baoli> xuhanp, I replied but somehow didn't click the review button.
14:25:16 <xuhanp> :D I will check soon
14:26:49 <baoli> xuhanp, thanks. Basically, the concern is that the user may enter an address from a SLAAC subnet, thinking it'll be assigned to the vm's port. But that's not going to happen.
14:27:49 <xuhanp> baoli, I see your concern now.
14:27:59 <xuhanp> maybe some error message should be prompted instead
14:28:15 <baoli> xuhanp, that's right
14:30:46 <xuhanp> baoli, will consider that in my next patch
14:31:12 <baoli> xuhanp, cool. thanks for taking the comments.
14:31:30 <xuhanp> baoli, welcome
14:33:10 <sc68cal> #topic open discussion
14:34:32 <dane_leblanc> I have some questions about Tempest tests
14:35:12 <dane_leblanc> For the API tempest tests, are there more tests in the works to test more combos of attributes?
14:35:33 <aveiga> dane_leblanc: not yet, because most of them aren't implemented
14:35:50 <dane_leblanc> Also, has anyone started on IPv6 scenario tests?
14:37:01 <sc68cal> Yes - we have scenario tests in progress by SridharG
14:38:03 <sc68cal> When the radvd patch lands we'll be able to do more via tempest
14:38:25 <dane_leblanc> sc68cal, okay, we've got a team that might be able to help out
14:38:45 <sc68cal> dane_leblanc: ok - please reach out to SridharG to coordinate
14:38:46 <dane_leblanc> So I'm trying to see what needs doin'
14:39:19 <dane_leblanc> sc68cal, will do
14:43:54 <sc68cal> If there isn't any other business, I'll give everyone back 15 minutes
14:44:56 <xuhanp> thanks sc68cal for hosting the meeting!
14:45:30 * aveiga crosses fingers for working v6 in J2
14:47:42 <sc68cal> good luck everyone, we'll talk next week!
14:47:48 <sc68cal> #endmeeting