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15:01:24 <sc68cal> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Neutron-IPv6-Subteam
15:02:44 <SridharG1> hello everyone..
15:03:01 <aveiga> hello
15:03:05 <HenryG> o/
15:03:08 <dboik> hi
15:03:21 <haleyb> hi
15:03:23 <dane_leblanc> o/
15:03:24 <carl_baldwin> hi
15:04:20 <baoli> Hi
15:05:09 <sc68cal> Since we're in the RC phase, things have been pretty quiet
15:05:35 <sc68cal> I saw dane_leblanc had a patch for fixing an issue at the gate that was v6 related
15:06:16 <dane_leblanc> sc68cal: Yes, a prior v6 commit exposed some concurrency issues.
15:06:25 <HenryG> It's not got much to do with v6 other than some new v6 code and tests exposed latent DB issues
15:07:10 <sc68cal> gotcha
15:08:58 <sc68cal> Hopefully we can get some movement on the dependencies for the dual stack testing at the gate patch, I see one got merged
15:09:35 <sc68cal> I'll probably ping some folks on the tempest and devstack side to see if we can get those merged
15:10:46 <sc68cal> That's all I had to share, who's got things to discuss?
15:11:14 <aveiga> I have a wrench I could throw into the works
15:11:16 <aveiga> https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-anderson-v6ops-siit-dc-00
15:11:28 <aveiga> this is a spec for siit in datacenters
15:11:38 <aveiga> there's a software implementation underway to do this in the kernel
15:11:54 <aveiga> would be interesting to have a v6-only subnet with floats implemented by siit at the hypervisor
15:12:15 <aveiga> sorry, that should read IPv4 floats*
15:13:06 <sc68cal> interesting - I did have a slide in Paris about v4 at the edge of openstack, and v6 for everything internal
15:13:22 <sc68cal> now I have more ammunition and smart people who've thought of it already :)
15:13:32 <aveiga> http:://jool.mx implements it in the kernel
15:13:39 <aveiga> http://www.litech.org/tayga/ in userspace
15:15:30 <sc68cal> very cool - i'll have to do some reading :)
15:16:13 <sc68cal> hmmm, NAT64
15:16:40 <haleyb> someone from IBM was asking about this the other day
15:17:57 <baoli> this would be needed if someone deployed a v6 only network in a datacenter
15:18:17 <aveiga> exactly
15:20:05 <baoli> I created a bp for it a while back, seems like that some work needs to be done for it: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/nat64
15:20:35 <baoli> it doesn't have any meat in it yet
15:22:49 <sc68cal> Concern I have is that Neutron seems to be trending towards smaller footprint
15:23:11 <aveiga> this might belong in advanced services
15:23:21 <sc68cal> yes, that was my thinking
15:23:33 <aveiga> as weird as it sounds, this is something I'd define as "IPv4 as a Service"
15:24:07 <baoli> interesting name
15:29:20 <sc68cal> If nobody has an objection, let's go ahead and wrap up the meeting for this week
15:30:51 <sc68cal> alright everyone - take care. Until next week!
15:30:53 <sc68cal> #endmeeting