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15:02:22 <HenryG> o/
15:03:27 <HenryG> I see devstack is on the verge of defaulting to dualstack. Great work everyone!
15:05:13 <sc68cal> yes! I'm very excited
15:06:44 <carl_baldwin> :)
15:07:08 <sc68cal> There's also been a version of Cirros that is in preview, that has ipv6 tools
15:07:22 <sc68cal> https://review.openstack.org/166778
15:08:24 <HenryG> Correct. Cirros 0.3.4 will have v6 parity for everything except DHCPv6.
15:08:47 <HenryG> Cirros 0.4.0 will have DHCPv6 client.
15:09:08 <john-davidge> o/ Apologies for lateness, BT has decided they don't like providing me with stable internet today.
15:09:31 <sc68cal> HenryG: how far away are we from 0.4?
15:10:07 <HenryG> sc68cal: I don't have a specific timeline, but Jens seems to be quite far along with it.
15:10:38 <sc68cal> cool, worst case we'll just check if fedora has one that we can use for dhcpv6 in the meantime
15:10:44 <HenryG> I will keep in touch with Jens and smoser (cirros release person) and report back here.
15:11:20 <HenryG> Yes, Jens regularly makes his hacked versions available.
15:12:27 <HenryG> The Ubuntu cloud images can be used if you have enough VM resources.
15:15:09 <sc68cal> Once we merge the devstack patch I plan on tackling some tempest bugs
15:18:36 <sc68cal> FYI there is a new review posted that proposes a change to the process for liberty - https://review.openstack.org/177342
15:19:08 <sc68cal> we'll need to keep an eye on it for PD
15:19:55 <john-davidge> ok, thanks. Will keep an eye on that
15:22:00 <sc68cal> that's really all I've got for this week. If anyone has anything to discuss please do, or we can wrap up and give everyone back 30 minutes
15:22:47 <john-davidge> Would just like to mention a couple of demo/guide videos I've put together to help those reviewing the PD patch
15:23:04 <john-davidge> Workflow demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI830s881HQ
15:23:16 <sc68cal> john-davidge: very cool!
15:23:16 <john-davidge> In-depth dibbler config guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfsFyS01Fn0
15:24:01 <john-davidge> sc68cal: Thanks! It's a complex feature to setup and test so i figured it would be helpful for peopel to see it in action
15:24:41 <john-davidge> both have full subtitles if im speaking too fast/british
15:25:15 <sc68cal> haha. :)
15:25:51 <sc68cal> There was part of yesterday's meeting I sort of hijacked to talk about docs. I think there is movement to have features include changes to devref, to document them
15:26:20 <john-davidge> sc68cal: working on a pd section for the networking guide as we speak :)
15:26:20 <sc68cal> so probably you can just add something to devref that links to those YTs
15:26:29 <sc68cal> john-davidge: ah excellent
15:27:56 <john-davidge> That's it from me. Was about to link to the code review bu review.openstack.org seems to be down :/
15:32:59 <sc68cal> any other business?
15:33:14 <carl_baldwin> review.openstack.org seems to be back up.
15:34:32 <john-davidge> Great, reviews appreciated :) https://review.openstack.org/#/c/158697/
15:38:20 <sc68cal> ok everyone, unless there is anything else, see everyone next week
15:39:57 <sc68cal> #endmeeting