15:01:03 <carl_baldwin> #startmeeting neutron_l3
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15:01:14 <carl_baldwin> #topic Announcements
15:01:26 <carl_baldwin> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Neutron-L3-Subteam
15:01:49 <ajo> Hi , hello carl_baldwin , YorikSar , amuller , safchain
15:01:59 <amuller> hiya
15:02:05 <safchain> Hi
15:02:32 <carl_baldwin> In general, I encourage you to add your action items.  Please feel free.  Look up meetbot for commands that you can use during the meeting.
15:03:08 <carl_baldwin> Is there anything that we need to discuss related to the Icehouse release?
15:04:14 <carl_baldwin> The only thing that I'm still working on is documentation of the sudo fix that we've identified.
15:04:38 <carl_baldwin> I've been in contact with Edgar about that.
15:04:44 <ajo> carl_baldwin, do you mean, the sudo performance fix?
15:04:51 <carl_baldwin> ajo: yes
15:05:10 <carl_baldwin> Some of our testing has shown good promise for it.
15:05:24 <ajo> #link http://www.sudo.ws/repos/sudo/rev/e9dc28c7db60
15:05:50 <carl_baldwin> ajo: Thanks for the link.
15:05:53 <ajo> It's supposed to slow down as you have more network interfaces unless you disable the new option in this patch.
15:06:11 <carl_baldwin> Correct.
15:06:16 <ajo> ok, that's good, I haven't been able to test it yet
15:06:37 <ajo> neither the iproute one
15:06:40 <carl_baldwin> It is looking good from my perspective.
15:06:51 <carl_baldwin> I haven't been able to get much testing on the iproute one.
15:07:03 <carl_baldwin> #topic l3-high-availability
15:07:16 <carl_baldwin> safchain: Any update?
15:08:30 <safchain> carl_baldwin, nothing this week
15:09:03 <Swami> hi
15:09:05 <carl_baldwin> Okay.  I'm getting closer to having some time to test but I haven't yet.
15:09:16 <carl_baldwin> Swami: hi.  Your timing is good.
15:09:23 <carl_baldwin> #topic neutron-ovs-dvr
15:09:24 <Swami> thanks
15:09:32 <carl_baldwin> Swami: Any updates for the team?
15:09:40 <Swami> Yes
15:09:50 <Swami> DVR Progress update was provided to the subteam.
15:09:56 <Swami> The Plugin extension is almost done
15:10:10 <Swami> Agent work is done for most part of the East-West
15:10:28 <Swami> We still have some issues with the ovs rules to resolve, we fixing it right now.
15:10:47 <Swami> Design docs are out there and we are addressing all the comments from it.
15:10:53 <carl_baldwin> Good progress.
15:11:01 <Swami> That's all from me.
15:11:32 <carl_baldwin> Swami: Thanks.  I know we're all dying to see code.  :)
15:11:50 <ajo> =)
15:12:14 <carl_baldwin> #topic bgp-dynamic-routing
15:12:19 <Swami> carl: Yes I understand the problem, and we will upload it soon.
15:12:36 <carl_baldwin> Swami: You know us developers.  :)
15:13:00 <amuller> safchain: Swami: I saw the patch that optionally removes the "normally learned" flows from br-tun
15:13:18 <Swami> safchain: Thanks for the patch
15:14:08 <carl_baldwin> nextone92: hi
15:14:14 <safchain> Swami,  thank for suggesting this improvement
15:14:15 <nextone92> Hi
15:14:27 <nextone92> The proposed changes to dynamic routing blueprint remove BGP functionality from tenant routers
15:14:44 <nextone92> And then add a data structure “GatewaySpec” to external network
15:15:05 <nextone92> this new, optionally specified, data structure will contain dynamic routing configuration
15:15:24 <nextone92> it may only be configured by the openstack administrator
15:15:27 <carl_baldwin> I like the association with a network.
15:15:44 <nextone92> If that sounds good to everyone, I will update the document shortly :)
15:15:45 <carl_baldwin> For one, it should remove all of my scale concerns.
15:16:31 <nextone92> I think it's clean and will only impact those who want additional routing services at the edge of neutron network
15:16:35 <Swami> nextone92: what does this GatewaySpec datastructure hold.
15:17:14 <nextone92> Here's what I'm thinking: routing type: static/dynamic-bgp (more in the future)
15:17:29 <nextone92> and then information to accomplish the type of routing
15:17:45 <nextone92> for bgp it will be such information as remote peers, AS, and shared secrets
15:18:24 <carl_baldwin> BTW, I took a crack at outlining the use cases as I promised to last week.  It needs more detail but it is a start.
15:18:32 <carl_baldwin> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Neutron/DynamicRoutingUseCases
15:18:55 <nextone92> Oooh great!
15:19:00 <carl_baldwin> The first use case is lifted directly from nextone92 's document.
15:19:05 <carl_baldwin> I added the second.
15:19:27 <ajo> nice carl_baldwin
15:19:29 <carl_baldwin> The third is the result of my trying to wrap my head around the BGP/MPLS blueprint and use case.
15:19:59 <carl_baldwin> Hopefully, this will aid in our discussions about the topic.
15:20:13 <Swami> carl: I will go through the doc and provide my comments
15:20:38 <amuller> carl_baldwin: Thanks for that
15:21:31 <carl_baldwin> amuller: Feel free to ask questions that come up on IRC on on the ML.  I will be adding more detail as questions come up.
15:21:39 <Swami> One question I had is, will this be configurable by a tenant or will it be intelligent enough to add "static/versus dynamic" based on the service type that we choose. Or is it all controlled by the Admin at this point.
15:22:13 <nextone92> It would only be configurable by the administrator
15:22:19 <carl_baldwin> In my personal view of the world, this will all be controlled by the admin.  What do others think?
15:23:06 <carl_baldwin> With any dynamic routing relationship, I think it requires some administrative knowledge of the relationship of the openstack cloud with the infrastructure around it.
15:24:20 <Swami> Today for example VPN service is configured by a Tenant and not by administrator and if the VPN Service requires Dynamic routing capability then it should be done already by an admin. Is that what you are suggesting.
15:24:29 <carl_baldwin> It might make sense on a provider network or something where the tenant is given some control or knowledge of the outside.
15:25:09 <carl_baldwin> Swami: the difference with BGP/MPLS is that it doesn't rely on strong endpoint authentication or encryption for privacy.
15:25:37 <carl_baldwin> Instead, it relies on trust between customer and provider and, now, the cloud provider who is a third provider.
15:25:57 <nextone92> Also, Swami, Carl - if the dynamic routing is attached to the external network, would it be difficult to setup dynamic routing just for the tenant and not the rest of the network?
15:26:23 <nextone92> Maybe if a tenant owns the external network wholly?
15:26:46 <carl_baldwin> nextone92: I wrote a few words on that.  I think if the external network is shared between tenants, it will be very difficult.
15:26:59 <nextone92> agreed, carl_baldwin
15:27:07 <carl_baldwin> nextone92: Yes, agreed.
15:27:15 <Swami> Yes, that is what I am not clear. Is it per tenant basis or global flag that enables the dynamic routing. Or is it based on a router context.
15:27:46 <carl_baldwin> Swami: the association is shifting from the router context to the external network context.
15:28:07 <Swami> carl: thanks for the clarification.
15:28:37 <nextone92> carl_baldwin, Swami - to clarify, it would be good to associate one or more external networks with the same gatewayspec
15:28:57 <nextone92> so a quagga instance could potentially serve more than one external network
15:29:47 <carl_baldwin> Swami: yw, you're questions are very well-timed.  These are the details we need to get out in the open.
15:30:32 <Swami> carl: Yes we need to do it.
15:31:12 <carl_baldwin> I think we're on track for a good discussion at the summit.  nextone92 will you be updating your document?
15:31:35 <nextone92> Yes, I will take an action item to update the document
15:32:16 <Swami> I will join briefly after a break.
15:32:27 <carl_baldwin> Great.  Feel free to use the action command to take action items.
15:33:28 <carl_baldwin> #action carl_baldwin will announce use case wiki on ML and field questions.
15:34:17 <carl_baldwin> #action nextone92 will update bhp-dynamic-routing document
15:34:39 <carl_baldwin> #topic DNS lookup of instances
15:35:09 <carl_baldwin> I wrote up a draft.  It is pending approval to make public.  So, soon.
15:35:23 <carl_baldwin> #topic Agent Performance with Wrapper Overhead
15:35:27 <ajo> carl
15:35:28 <ajo> sorry,
15:35:40 <ajo> ahh, nothing, you'll make it public soon
15:35:46 <ajo> I was going to ask about the DNS lookup of instances
15:35:55 <ajo> you mean, from outside tenant networks, right?
15:36:09 <carl_baldwin> Feel free to ping me on IRC.
15:36:15 <ajo> sure
15:36:36 <ajo> YorikSar,
15:36:46 <carl_baldwin> ajo: I've tagged you as the lead on this performance stuff though I know YorikSar has been very active.
15:36:46 <Swami_> hi
15:37:00 <YorikSar> o/
15:37:12 <ajo> Yes, yorikstar is doing an awesome work
15:37:17 <YorikSar> I've started working on Neutron changes to integrate rootwrap daemon
15:37:18 <carl_baldwin> Mostly just because ajo brought it up on the ML originally.
15:37:31 <YorikSar> https://review.openstack.org/82787 - I've already added carl_baldwin and ajo to that CR
15:37:43 <carl_baldwin> YorikSar: I am part-way through a review of each of your two patches.
15:37:44 <ajo> #link https://review.openstack.org/82787
15:37:58 <carl_baldwin> I have draft comments but it may take me a couple more days.
15:38:24 <YorikSar> It became rather intrusive but I hope it won't be opposed too strongly.
15:38:27 <carl_baldwin> I encourage others to review.  Especially those who have been active in the ML thread.
15:38:48 <ajo> YorikSar, did you see the security issues Thierry found in https://review.openstack.org/#/c/81798/  ?
15:39:17 <ajo> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/81798/7/oslo/rootwrap/daemon.py
15:39:21 <YorikSar> I doubt I will be able to work on this more this week (well, maybe only weekend) so it'll most likely be on hold till Tuesday.
15:39:33 <YorikSar> I appreciate any comments or thoughts you can provide.
15:39:44 <YorikSar> ajo: Let me check...
15:39:56 <ajo> it seems that basemanager doesn't process the "serializer" parameter
15:40:09 <ajo> and it will rely on pickle always
15:40:12 <YorikSar> Oh... I'll respond there.
15:40:18 <ajo> at least from the doc perspective, I didn't check the actual code of BaseManager
15:40:27 <YorikSar> BaseManager does support this, but it's undocumented.
15:40:35 <ttx> YorikSar: heh
15:40:36 <ajo> ahhhh, that explains a lot
15:40:51 <carl_baldwin> #action carl_baldwin will communicate details about sudo patch to Edgar to be included in the release documentation.
15:41:02 <carl_baldwin> ^ Just throwing that in there.  :)
15:41:05 <YorikSar> That's unfortunate but it shouldn't change in future releases.
15:41:29 <ajo> YorikSar, is that true for py26 too?
15:41:56 <YorikSar> I can try to push change to CPython to include this parameter into docs.
15:42:12 <YorikSar> ajo: Em.. I'm not sure. Let me check py26
15:42:27 <carl_baldwin> YorikSar: That'd be great to get some commitment on the feature.
15:42:37 <ajo> I can see, the code is there for py27
15:42:49 <carl_baldwin> ajo: Good call on checking py26.
15:42:52 <YorikSar> ajo: Yes, it's there in py26
15:43:15 <YorikSar> And py32
15:43:21 <YorikSar> And py33
15:43:24 <ajo> ahh, good YorikSar
15:43:36 <ajo> and, is it documented for py3.3 ?
15:43:49 <YorikSar> Gentoo is cool - you can have as many Python interpreters as you want installed in the system :)
15:43:54 <ajo> hehe :)
15:44:21 <YorikSar> Nope, it's not documented...
15:44:29 <ajo> I wonder why
15:44:31 <YorikSar> For 3.4 I mean.
15:44:44 <YorikSar> I guess noone ever used this.
15:45:21 <ajo> I hope we don't find bugs because of this, or that they change the implementation in the future unexpectedly
15:45:52 <ajo> may be we should git-blame and ask the original authors of that feature.
15:45:56 <YorikSar> We're switching off pickle just for security reasons and this might be never anticipated by authors of this :)
15:46:19 <YorikSar> ajo: Since it's in 2.6, it might be svn-blame :)
15:46:27 <ajo> :)
15:46:42 <YorikSar> I'll ask on python-dev
15:46:54 <ajo> YorikSar, I'll do it if you want
15:47:01 <ajo> I was writting an #action line
15:47:03 <ajo> to provide some help :)
15:47:18 <YorikSar> Oh, no. It's not for python-dev, but for python@, I guess.
15:48:28 <YorikSar> ajo: I'll do it myself. I want to get to the bottom of it :)
15:48:36 <carl_baldwin> #action carl_baldwin will finish review of root wrap daemon patches.
15:48:37 <ajo> #action ajo ask in python-dev / python@ mail list about the undocumented 'serializer' parameter of multiprocessing.BaseManager object
15:48:48 <ajo> ahh :D
15:48:49 <ajo> ':D
15:49:02 <ajo> #action YorikSar ask in python-dev / python@ mail list about the undocumented 'serializer' parameter of multiprocessing.BaseManager object
15:49:34 <ajo> #action ajo finish review on neutron-side root wrap daemon patches
15:49:59 <carl_baldwin> Good progress.  Anything else?
15:50:39 <YorikSar> Nope
15:51:17 <carl_baldwin> #topic General Discussion
15:51:37 <YorikSar> On, maybe I have a question about rootwrap.
15:51:47 <YorikSar> Do you think it worth creating a blueprint?
15:52:14 <carl_baldwin> I think so.
15:52:25 <YorikSar> I guess, on for oslo and one for Neutron (and one for each of Nova and Cinder later)
15:52:25 <ajo> YorikSar, yes, probably, you just need a link to your etherpad.
15:52:35 <YorikSar> Ok, will do
15:52:54 <ajo> I was listening to some concerns, minutes ago, about the qrouter- namespace memory usage (due to neutron-ns-metadata-proxy)
15:52:58 <carl_baldwin> Yeah, it shouldn't be too much work at this point.  Just formalizing the blueprint's existence and linking.
15:53:29 <ajo> what was the initial reason to use this + domain socket  ?
15:54:08 <carl_baldwin> ajo: I'm not sure I understand the question yet.
15:54:11 <ajo> thinking about it again... there isn't a decent way to route that via iptables to the neutron-metadata-server directly
15:54:24 <ajo> We use the neutron-ns-metadata-proxy in every qrouter namespace
15:54:31 <haleyb> ajo: because that proxy doesn't have access to the management network
15:54:33 <ajo> (or qdhcp, when isolated_metadata is enableD)
15:54:44 <YorikSar> I think those proxies will be replaced with one process with one thread per ns later.
15:55:04 <ajo> haleyb, right,
15:55:11 <ajo> YorikSar, is it possible to setns  per thread?
15:55:14 <haleyb> i could not find a way to reduce it's memory footprint, it's all just based on what it imports
15:55:22 <YorikSar> ajo: Yes. setns works per-thread.
15:55:48 <ajo> hmm, that's interesting
15:56:04 <YorikSar> ajo: I didn't verify it with fork calls, so if we ever want to add this to rootwrap it'll require some investigation.
15:56:05 <ajo> so we could just start a thread + setns for every tenant network we're serving
15:56:07 <carl_baldwin> I imagine those threads must be OS level threads.
15:56:19 <YorikSar> carl_baldwin: Sure.
15:56:30 <ajo> carl_baldwin, sure,
15:56:57 <ajo> although python GIL doesn't provide much benefit of os threads... in this case, memory benefit... could do the work
15:56:58 <YorikSar> I guess we can even spawn thread, do setns(), create socket, pass it to main thread and let helper thread die.
15:57:02 <carl_baldwin> just clarifying.  :)
15:57:23 <ajo> but then there's the problem of scaling
15:57:25 <YorikSar> ajo: Ah.. Those prejudices again...
15:58:22 <ajo> if we don't get real threading speedup, and just memory speedup
15:58:32 <ajo> we could end up being a bottleneck here
15:58:44 <ajo> memory speedup -> memory usage reduction
15:59:05 <ajo> can be ok if we fork once per "N" threads
15:59:06 <YorikSar> I don't think there will be any measurable difference between thread per socket and greenthread per socket.
15:59:33 <YorikSar> Since threads sleep on I/O anyway and GIL won't be held by them.
15:59:43 <carl_baldwin> YorikSar: Can it still listen and accept connections on the address inside the ns if the worker thread dies?
16:00:08 <YorikSar> carl_baldwin: I don't know. It should. Need more research here :)
16:00:15 <ajo> I suppose it can't but just guessing
16:00:35 <YorikSar> carl_baldwin: I guess I will be able to get to this task during J cycle
16:01:02 <ajo> may be we should start the performance subteam ;)
16:01:06 <carl_baldwin> We can discuss more on IRC, ML, or later meetings.  For now, we're out of time.
16:01:14 <YorikSar> sure
16:01:36 <ajo> sure, thanks carl_baldwin , YorikSar , *
16:01:42 <carl_baldwin> Great meeting.  Thanks everyone.
16:01:53 <carl_baldwin> #endmeeting