15:00:44 <mlavalle> #startmeeting neutron_l3
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15:01:02 <mlavalle> #chair tidwellr_
15:01:03 <openstack> Current chairs: mlavalle tidwellr_
15:01:11 <mlavalle> #chair carl_baldwin
15:01:12 <openstack> Current chairs: carl_baldwin mlavalle tidwellr_
15:01:55 <mlavalle> Agenda for today is here: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Neutron-L3-Subteam#Agenda
15:02:03 <tidwellr_> hi
15:02:18 <vikram> hi
15:02:21 <mlavalle> #topic Announcements
15:02:47 <mlavalle> Looking forward to see you all next week in Austin!
15:02:47 <carl_baldwin> o/
15:03:20 <mlavalle> We will not have this meeting next week
15:03:44 <mlavalle> We will resume at the same tine on May 5th
15:04:11 <mlavalle> Other annoucements from the team?
15:04:48 <mlavalle> If not, let's dive in...
15:04:55 <mlavalle> #topic Bugs
15:05:26 <mlavalle> We gained 1 bug this week, but it seems its solution is shared with another bug...
15:05:48 <mlavalle> first up is https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1543094
15:05:49 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1543094 in neutron "[Pluggable IPAM] DB exceeded retry limit (RetryRequest) on create_router call" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Ryan Tidwell (ryan-tidwell)
15:06:28 <mlavalle> Since there are 3 related patchsets to this bug, I added a note last night pointing to the 2 fixes under review in Gerrit
15:06:50 <mlavalle> tidwellr_: any comments?
15:06:53 <tidwellr_> thanks for doing that
15:07:14 <tidwellr_> there are still 1 or 2 unit tests that I'm working through
15:08:02 <tidwellr_> the unit test changes are in the first patch, the next 2 in the chain should be ready to go as soon as this get ironed out
15:09:17 <mlavalle> any other comments?
15:09:28 <tidwellr_> no, nothing else
15:09:43 <carl_baldwin> Great work tidwellr_
15:09:57 <mlavalle> ok, next up is https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1572474
15:09:58 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1572474 in neutron "[Pluggable IPAM] Deadlock on simultaneous update subnet and ip allocation from subnet" [High,Confirmed] - Assigned to Pavel Bondar (pasha117)
15:10:28 <mlavalle> This one was added yesterday by pavel_bondar. It seems that the fix to the bug we reviewed previously will fix this one
15:10:37 <mlavalle> pavel_bondar: is that correct?
15:10:41 <tidwellr_> interesting
15:10:58 <pavel_bondar> yeah, tidwellr_fix will fix it entirely
15:11:06 <pavel_bondar> because of removing availability ranges
15:11:22 <carl_baldwin> yay!
15:11:27 <tidwellr_> I'm now on the hook for 2 of these bugs, now I'm really scrambling :)
15:11:41 <pavel_bondar> but additionally to that I plan to upload for review backportable version of the fix for it
15:12:13 <tidwellr_> pavel_bondar: that would be good, what I'm doing is not backportable :)
15:12:22 <mlavalle> thanks for that pavel_bondar !
15:13:13 <mlavalle> any other comments?
15:13:20 <pavel_bondar> no
15:13:41 <mlavalle> Next up is https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1564335
15:13:43 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1564335 in neutron " [Pluggable IPAM] delete subnet in ml2 plugin does not comply with pluggable ipam (deletes ip allocations directly from db)" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Pavel Bondar (pasha117)
15:13:58 <mlavalle> pavel_bondar is a busy man today :-)
15:14:26 <pavel_bondar> :)
15:14:34 <pavel_bondar> there is a partial fix for that https://review.openstack.org/#/c/300984/
15:14:39 <pavel_bondar> has one +2
15:14:52 <mlavalle> pavel_bondar: does it need to be rebased?
15:15:22 <pavel_bondar> mlavalle: may be
15:15:33 <pavel_bondar> but as I see it is not in merge conflict state
15:15:55 <pavel_bondar> so may be ok
15:16:13 <pavel_bondar> and another part of fix to cover SLAAC allocations is still in my todo
15:16:17 <carl_baldwin> If it isn't in merge conflict, don't rebase.
15:17:16 <mlavalle> any more comments?
15:17:48 <pavel_bondar> here is one nit, so probably I'll rebase and address nit
15:18:07 <pavel_bondar> for 300984
15:18:22 <pavel_bondar> that it for this one
15:18:26 <carl_baldwin> pavel_bondar: ping me when you do.
15:18:37 <pavel_bondar> carl_baldwin: sure
15:19:41 <mlavalle> ok, let's move on
15:20:11 <mlavalle> The last one in the list this week is https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1566383
15:20:13 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1566383 in neutron "The creation fip does not endure restarting of l3-agent" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Brian Haley (brian-haley)
15:20:42 <mlavalle> This one is assigned to haleyb, but he might be off this week
15:20:57 <mlavalle> per his comments in the bug
15:21:37 <mlavalle> any other comments from the team?
15:22:17 <mlavalle> any other bugs from the team?
15:22:40 <mlavalle> ok, we are done with bugs this week
15:22:49 <mlavalle> #topic Routed Networks
15:23:09 <carl_baldwin> Hi
15:23:22 <carl_baldwin> For me, things are progressing again.
15:24:02 <carl_baldwin> My patches now create a service plugin.
15:24:38 <carl_baldwin> Yesterday, I made a little more progress on the subnet - segment association and I plan to move on to finishing up the IPAM changes.
15:25:12 <carl_baldwin> ... along with deferred IP allocation and implementing the port without IP address BP.
15:25:36 <carl_baldwin> But, I now have to get to summit prep stuff that I've been putting off.
15:25:53 <carl_baldwin> Anything from you, mlavalle ?  Or, anyone else?
15:26:15 <mlavalle> I am working on the SR-IOV mechanism driver
15:26:45 <mlavalle> The idea is for it to have the same interface as the other in-tree agent based mechanism drivers
15:27:22 <tidwellr_> mlavalle: I'll hunt you down next week, I'm curious about that
15:27:41 <mlavalle> With that, we will be able to call all of them in a uniform manner in the host segments mapping
15:28:11 <mlavalle> and on the Nova side, we have a conversation pending with jaypipes
15:28:27 <mlavalle> I made sure he is aware of the latest revision to the spec
15:28:39 <mlavalle> tidwellr_: sure :-)
15:28:41 <jaypipes> mlavalle, dansmith, carl_baldwin: can we do that conversation today at 1pm EST?
15:29:04 <mlavalle> jaypipes: I am fine at that time
15:29:30 <dansmith> jaypipes: I dunno, is your tennis outfit clean?
15:29:40 <jaypipes> dansmith: yup.
15:29:44 <dansmith> then yes
15:29:50 <jaypipes> mlavalle: mlavalle at gmail?
15:29:51 <carl_baldwin> that should work
15:31:03 <mlavalle> that's it from me for routed networks
15:31:13 <jaypipes> carl_baldwin, dansmith, mlavalle: invite sent.
15:31:51 <mlavalle> jaypipes, dansmith: thanks!
15:32:36 <mlavalle> ok moving on...
15:32:52 <mlavalle> #topic BGP Dynamic Routing
15:33:00 <tidwellr_> hi
15:33:02 <vikram> hi
15:33:13 <vikram> New repo is finally UP ;)
15:33:19 <vikram> https://github.com/openstack/neutron-dynamic-routing
15:33:34 <tidwellr_> nice, I didn't realize that
15:33:36 <mlavalle> ++
15:33:59 <Na_Zhu> vikram: i think it is a surprise
15:34:20 <tidwellr_> I was going to say I had nothing to add today, but I'm going to take a look and see what it takes to begin moving code
15:34:25 <vikram> Na_Zhu: ;)
15:34:42 <Na_Zhu> vikram: i see the new repo does not include neutronclient code
15:34:55 <vikram> tidwellr_: We need a solid plan for moving the things fater
15:34:58 <vikram> *faster
15:35:14 <vikram> Na_Zhu: It needs lot of work
15:35:28 <vikram> Na_Zhu: It just created with previous commits
15:35:45 <Na_Zhu> vikram: i can help you, i am doing that part
15:35:46 <vikram> Na_Zhu: It will fail miserably
15:35:53 <tidwellr_> yes, I hope to catch up with mickeys next week and talk about some things
15:36:06 <vikram> tidwellr_: +1
15:36:09 <mlavalle> tidwellr_: that would be good
15:36:19 <vikram> tidwellr_: Let's have a plan and distribute the work
15:36:21 <mickeys> Yes, I will be in Austin and we should catch up!
15:36:28 <vikram> tidwellr_: We need to do a lot
15:36:49 <tidwellr_> mickeys: I'd love to, preferred email?
15:36:49 <vikram> thanks for your support Na_Zhu
15:37:04 <Na_Zhu> tidwellr: mickeys has proposal about adding bgp evpn, but first of all, we have to make the moving work done
15:37:07 <mickeys> emspiege@us.ibm.com
15:37:09 <vikram> i will miss you guy's ;(
15:37:17 <vikram> won't be there in Austin
15:37:44 <vikram> tidwellr_: Will it be possible to include me in the discussion
15:38:05 <vikram> tidwellr_: hangout/skype
15:38:07 <tidwellr_> I'll see what we can do, we might be able to run a hangout
15:38:23 <vikram> tidwellr_: thanks
15:38:45 <tidwellr_> vikram: +2 powers on the repo are all set correctly?
15:39:12 <vikram> tidwellr_: I have asked infra team to add
15:39:17 <tidwellr_> ok
15:39:19 <vikram> tidwellr_: Will be done soon
15:39:38 <tidwellr_> alright, well that's all I had
15:40:08 <mlavalle> anything else vikram?
15:40:08 <vikram> I am also done
15:40:18 <vikram> one thing
15:40:18 <mlavalle> ok, moving on...
15:40:25 <mlavalle> not yet :-)
15:40:29 <vikram> ;(
15:40:39 <vikram> do we need a separate irc for the new project
15:40:44 <vikram> or we will continue here?
15:41:45 <Na_Zhu> vikram: tidwellr: can we discuss the plan after the meeting ?
15:42:17 <mlavalle> Maybe that depends on you specific plan going forwward
15:42:49 <vikram> ok.. let's then continue for sometime and then we can decide
15:42:52 <tidwellr_> let's keep it on the agenda for now and see how things progress
15:43:11 <mlavalle> anything else?
15:43:26 <vikram> I am done now ;)
15:43:32 <mlavalle> :-)
15:43:46 <mlavalle> #topic Open Discussion
15:44:07 <mlavalle> any topics from the team?
15:44:50 <Na_Zhu> vikram: about the works of bgp move out, can we discuss with tidwellr now?
15:44:53 <pavel_bondar> I am close with getting clean jenkins pass for switch to pluggable ipam migration
15:44:59 <pavel_bondar> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/181023/
15:45:59 <mlavalle> pavel_bondar: thanks
15:46:57 <pavel_bondar> Now it incorporates 3 additional fixes to make clean pass possible with pluggable ipam by default, so reviews are welcome
15:47:25 <tidwellr_> pavel_bondar has been a busy!
15:47:32 <mlavalle> yeah
15:47:36 <pavel_bondar> yeah:)
15:48:22 <pavel_bondar> finally, it time to finish all the pluggable ipam stuff
15:49:25 <mlavalle> ok, I think we are done for this week
15:49:39 <mlavalle> we'll met again on May 5th
15:49:47 <mlavalle> safe travels to Austin
15:49:55 <mlavalle> #endmeeting