15:00:18 <mlavalle> #startmeeting neutron_l3
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15:01:06 <haleyb> hi
15:01:07 <mlavalle> Hi
15:01:30 <mlavalle> #topic Announcements
15:02:06 <mlavalle> This is the week of Pike-1 milestone
15:02:25 <mlavalle> #link https://releases.openstack.org/pike/schedule.html
15:02:47 <john-davidge> mlavalle: ping
15:02:56 <mlavalle> john-davidge: pong
15:03:03 <john-davidge> mlavalle: oops sorry, hadnt scrolled to the bottom of the window :)
15:03:15 <mlavalle> LOL, that's what I figured
15:03:23 <john-davidge> mlavalle: :D
15:03:46 <mlavalle> We are less than a month from the Boston Summit:
15:03:55 <john-davidge> mlavalle: I may be less attentive than usual today, in another internal meeting here right now
15:03:58 <mlavalle> May 8th to 11th
15:04:08 <john-davidge> mlavalle: I will not be attending
15:04:09 <mlavalle> john-davidge: not a problem
15:04:21 <mlavalle> john-davidge: will miss you :-(
15:04:48 <mlavalle> we will split your beers between haleyb and me ;-)
15:05:02 <haleyb> mmm, beer :)
15:05:04 <john-davidge> mlavalle: Haha, as long as you don't send me the cheque
15:05:24 <mlavalle> Any other announcements?
15:07:30 <mlavalle> #topic Bugs
15:07:31 <mlavalle> First up today is https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1627424
15:07:32 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1627424 in neutron "FlushError on IPAllocation" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Miguel Lavalle (minsel)
15:08:08 <mlavalle> thanks to haleyb for the review to https://review.openstack.org/#/c/452501/
15:08:42 <mlavalle> kevinbenton also reviewed it and asked a question. it is easy to answer, so I expect this to move ahead
15:09:17 <mlavalle> I will take care of it later today
15:10:04 <mlavalle> Next up is https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1610483
15:10:06 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1610483 in neutron "Pluggable IPAM rollback mechanism is not robust" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Aliaksandr Dziarkach (aliaksandr-dziarkach)
15:10:27 <mlavalle> We got a response from johnbelamaric to the email I sent him last week
15:10:35 <mlavalle> shared it with haleyb
15:11:48 <mlavalle> haleyb: I say let's have a conversation with kevinbenton in Boston as to what a real solution would look like
15:12:05 <haleyb> mlavalle: sounds good
15:12:18 <mlavalle> if we can come up with a good solution, I am willing to implement it
15:12:44 <mlavalle> but before attempting anything, I would like to have a clear vision of where we want to get
15:14:03 <mlavalle> Next one is https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1509004
15:14:04 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1509004 in neutron ""test_dualnet_dhcp6_stateless_from_os" failures seen in the gate" [High,Confirmed] - Assigned to James Anziano (janzian)
15:14:33 <mlavalle> So I spent time this morning looking at this one
15:14:46 <mlavalle> Found 0 hits in Kibana over the past 7 days
15:15:09 <mlavalle> which is consistent with what I found two weeks ago
15:15:19 <mlavalle> I even left a note in the bug
15:15:53 <mlavalle> so I am going to keep an eye on it over the next few days and if I don't see it again, I'll close it
15:16:05 <mlavalle> any comments?
15:17:02 <mlavalle> Any other bugs from the team?
15:17:55 <mlavalle> ok, moving on
15:18:05 <mlavalle> #topic Routed Networks
15:19:09 <mlavalle> https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1667329 got approved during the last drivers meeting
15:19:10 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1667329 in neutron "[RFE] Floating IP Subnets on Routed Provider Networks" [Wishlist,Triaged] - Assigned to John Davidge (john-davidge)
15:19:27 <mlavalle> and john-davidge is working on a spec
15:20:01 <mlavalle> anything else to comment here?
15:20:27 <mlavalle> ok, moving on
15:20:32 <mlavalle> #topic DNS
15:21:01 <mlavalle> Also the drivers team approved https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1650678
15:21:02 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1650678 in neutron "[RFE] Allow specifying dns_domain when creating a port" [Wishlist,Triaged] - Assigned to Miguel Lavalle (minsel)
15:21:12 <mlavalle> I have started implementing it
15:21:30 <mlavalle> I will write a series of 3 or patches to make it easier to review
15:21:43 <mlavalle> I have started the first one and will push it soon
15:22:29 <mlavalle> #topic Open Agenda
15:22:42 <mlavalle> Any other topics we shoud discuss today?
15:22:57 <haleyb> gate job update merged
15:23:38 <haleyb> gate-tempest-dsvm-neutron-dvr-ha-multinode-full-ubuntu-xenial-nv is now the default tempest multinode job
15:23:57 <mlavalle> Thanks haleyb for letting us know
15:24:39 <haleyb> I haven't looked at the grafana page to see how it's doing, but it was passing when i looked
15:24:49 <mlavalle> ++
15:25:08 <haleyb> sometimes i see a block migration test failure, but that's not related from what i can tell
15:26:02 <haleyb> that's all i had
15:26:19 <mlavalle> Thanks you for the update
15:27:27 <mlavalle> ok team, thanks for attending
15:27:34 <mlavalle> Talk to you next week!
15:27:37 <mlavalle> #endmeeting