15:00:31 <mlavalle> #startmeeting neutron_l3
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15:01:56 <davidsha> Hi
15:02:07 <mlavalle> hi davidsha
15:02:17 <Swami> hi
15:02:25 <mlavalle> hi Swami
15:02:51 <mlavalle> I think haleyb|out is on vacation
15:03:21 <mlavalle> #topic Announcements
15:03:37 <mlavalle> I haven't heard of a RC-2
15:03:50 <mlavalle> have others heard anything?
15:04:06 <Swami> mlavalle: one of the DVR bug was tagged as RC2.
15:04:12 <mlavalle> ah ok
15:04:17 <Swami> mlavalle: so I assumed that there would be RC2.
15:04:36 <mlavalle> yeah, if we have anything tagged RC2, we will have one
15:05:38 <mlavalle> The other announcement is the PTG
15:06:13 <mlavalle> September 11th - 15th in Denver. If you have topics you want discussed there, add them to the etherpad:
15:06:22 <mlavalle> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/neutron-queens-ptg
15:06:36 <mlavalle> davidsha: did you get travel approval?
15:07:17 <davidsha> mlavalle: No, I didn't unfortunately, I'll try to appeal but it's unlikely :(
15:07:34 <mlavalle> I was looking forward to see you there :-(
15:07:53 <mlavalle> moving on...
15:07:59 <mlavalle> #topic Bugs
15:08:18 <mlavalle> Swami: please go ahead with DVR / HA
15:08:21 <Swami> mlavalle: Thanks
15:08:38 <Swami> mlavalle: With DVR there were a couple of new bugs that popped up.
15:09:00 <Swami> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1712412
15:09:01 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1712412 in neutron "DVR external port setup fails with KeyError: 'host'" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Swaminathan Vasudevan (swaminathan-vasudevan)
15:09:35 <Swami> This KeyError log was seen in the multinode setup in gate. It was polluting the log file.
15:10:13 <mlavalle> yeah
15:10:14 <Swami> I was looking into it and then  realized that the function that was actually checking for the bound host in the l3-agent in dvr_local_router is not required.
15:10:52 <Swami> Since the function in dvr_local_router handles only bound fip related functions.
15:11:17 <mlavalle> ahhh, so that is why we don't get the host there, right?>
15:11:23 <Swami> So I have pushed in a patch to remove the function. I also tried a test patch to see the gate failures, everything works as expected.
15:12:38 <Swami> mlavalle: That is still unknown.
15:12:59 <Swami> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/497009/
15:13:40 <Swami> I had included some logs in the test patch to see if there are any ports that are not having a valid host, but I did not see anything on the server side.
15:13:51 <mlavalle> Is this the bug taggedc rc2?
15:14:07 <Swami> Yes this is the one that is tagged as RC2.
15:14:33 <mlavalle> ok, I'll review the patchset today
15:14:53 <Swami> There is another bug that was filed based on the multinode gate job.
15:14:55 <Swami> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1711463
15:14:56 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1711463 in neutron "TestNetworkBasicOps.test_network_basic_ops failed with "Timed out waiting for to become reachable"" [High,Confirmed]
15:15:16 <Swami> This one I cannot reproduce in the gate or locally.
15:15:35 <Swami> But I will keep to monitor and see what might be causing the SSH timeout.
15:15:56 <Swami> I don't think this is critical at this point.
15:16:17 <mlavalle> I'll take a quick look
15:16:31 <Swami> mlavalle: ok
15:16:33 <mlavalle> and leave notes if I find somethin relevant
15:16:39 <Swami> mlavalle: ok
15:17:13 <Swami> mlavalle: while I was debugging the other keyerror issue I found another bug that the centralized_floating_ip cidrs are not returned correct.
15:17:19 <Swami> So I filed a bug for it.
15:17:37 <Swami> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1712728
15:17:38 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1712728 in neutron "DVR: get_router_cidrs in dvr_edge_router not returning the centralized_floating_ip cidr" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Swaminathan Vasudevan (swaminathan-vasudevan)
15:17:47 <Swami> I also have a patch for it.
15:17:49 <Swami> Patch link
15:18:15 <Swami> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/497098/
15:18:26 <mlavalle> do we need this in the rc2?
15:18:30 <Swami> mlavalle: can you also tag this bug as RC2.
15:18:42 <mlavalle> LOL
15:18:44 <Swami> I don't have the previlege to tag it.
15:19:32 <mlavalle> Done
15:19:44 <Swami> Those are the only three bugs in DVR for now.
15:20:03 <Swami> But while looking at the Server logs, I still see some 'Failed to bind the port' error.
15:20:08 <mlavalle> is this bug high importance?
15:20:53 <Swami> mlavalle: yes it is required, since it is not cleaning up the DNAT rule in the snat namespace for the last FIP>
15:21:13 <mlavalle> I thought so, I just set it to high
15:21:29 <Swami> I see some 'Failed to bind the port' error in server log. We recently fixed this bug.
15:21:57 <Swami> mlavalle: But I am seeing it again. May be it is trigged in someother path. I will take a look at it and file a bug on it.
15:22:15 <Swami> It is just a log noise, nothing serious.
15:22:16 <mlavalle> Thanks for watching that :-)
15:22:50 <Swami> Also had this patch for review.
15:22:53 <Swami> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/494376/
15:23:09 <Swami> mlavalle: thanks for your comments on this patch. I have addressed your comments.
15:23:23 <mlavalle> I saw that, thanks
15:23:42 <Swami> mlavalle: I had one question on this patch. Since the 'delete_port_on_error' is already handling the exception, I don't think we need add another test case for it.
15:24:12 <mlavalle> mhhhh
15:24:34 <mlavalle> are we catching the exception in the test case you submitted?
15:24:51 <Swami> mlavalle: no I can't trigger that exception.
15:25:03 <mlavalle> ahhh
15:25:09 <Swami> mlavalle: In other words I am not sure how to trigger that DB exception.
15:25:20 <mlavalle> I see what you say
15:25:26 <mlavalle> Let me look at it today
15:25:33 <mlavalle> I'll review today
15:25:38 <Swami> mlavalle: ok thanks
15:26:08 <Swami> That's all I had for today with respect to DVR. I will keep on eye on the logs to see if there are any other issues.
15:26:43 <mlavalle> Thanks Swami for the update and your hard work
15:27:09 <mlavalle> On the other side I only have https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1710203
15:27:10 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1710203 in neutron " Add port dns_domain processing logic" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Miguel Lavalle (minsel)
15:27:53 <mlavalle> I have a patch up for review for this:
15:27:58 <mlavalle> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/495466/
15:28:10 <mlavalle> Take a look if you have a chance
15:28:14 <mlavalle> It's a doc
15:28:25 <Swami> mlavalle: ok I will take a look at it.
15:28:34 <mlavalle> Any other bugs we should discuss today?
15:29:19 <Swami> mlavalle: nothing else from my side.
15:29:35 <mlavalle> ok, moving on
15:29:44 <mlavalle> #topic Routed Networks
15:30:35 <mlavalle> Two things here
15:30:51 <mlavalle> The spec for floating IPs for routed netrowks is up for review:
15:31:05 <mlavalle> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/486450/
15:31:34 <mlavalle> and the presentation with Swami for Sydney on the routed networks update was approved :-)
15:31:44 <Swami> mlavalle: Hey!!!
15:32:06 <mlavalle> I already applied for mu Aussie visa
15:32:20 <Swami> mlavalle: I have to start my visa process.
15:32:35 <mlavalle> Swami: do you have a US passport?
15:32:42 <Swami> mlavalle: Do we need a invitation letter or just can apply for a tourist visa.
15:32:52 <Swami> mlavalle: No I don't have a US passport.
15:33:14 <mlavalle> No, I don't think you need a letter
15:33:34 <Swami> mlavalle: yes that's what I understand. I need to start the online application going.
15:33:41 <mlavalle> just google Australian Visa and they have a website where you apply
15:34:16 <mlavalle> in the case of US passport holder you just fill out a form, pay about $15 US and you get the visa right away
15:34:29 <mlavalle> really easy
15:34:35 <Swami> mlavalle: that's easy.
15:35:20 <mlavalle> #topic Open Agenda
15:35:35 <mlavalle> Any other topics we should cover today?
15:35:55 <Swami> mlavalle: I don't have any
15:36:27 <mlavalle> ok, enjoy the rest of the week....
15:36:33 <mlavalle> #endmeeting