14:01:58 <enikanorov_> #startmeeting neutron lbaas
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14:02:12 <xuhanp> hello
14:02:20 <enikanorov_> today we're going to finalize what  has been discussed recently over ML
14:02:39 <obondarev> great
14:02:44 <sbalukoff> Yay!
14:02:48 <enikanorov_> i've just updated the wiki page on the discussion
14:02:50 <enikanorov_> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Neutron/LBaaS/LoadbalancerInstance/Discussion
14:02:58 <enikanorov_> thanks sbalukoff for cool pictures
14:11:40 <enikanorov_> so far we agreed to go with model number 3
14:11:41 <enikanorov_> so I'll start with basic terminology to set things clear
14:11:42 <enikanorov_> main configuration objects in model #3 that are changed in comparison to existing model are VIP, Pool, Listener
14:11:44 <enikanorov_> I'm not talking right now about instance/loadbalancer, we'll discuss that later
14:11:44 <enikanorov_> so one of the concerns that was discussed the most is that we are mixing implementation detail with public API
14:11:54 <enikanorov_> and impl details are, in particular, a deployment scheme of logical config to a backend
14:11:54 <enikanorov_> so, VIP in new model #3 is the new root object
14:11:54 <enikanorov_> so any kind of bindings, and association which users does or doesn't controll are attached to VIP
14:11:54 <enikanorov_> Listener represent a listening socket on the same address but possibly with different port/protocol
14:11:55 <enikanorov_> Pool mostly remains the same, however it looses its 'root' role
14:11:55 <enikanorov_> To describe the essense of the change, let me provide you a workflow example
14:15:30 <enikanorov_> so tenant wants to create 2 pools and 2 listeners, 1listener will point to 1 pool (default) ,and another lsitener will point to 1st pol as a default and to another pool via l7 rules
14:15:30 <enikanorov_> the sequence canl be the following:
14:15:30 <enikanorov_> 1) create pool1
14:15:30 <enikanorov_> 2) craete pool2
14:15:30 <enikanorov_> pools creation doesn't effect in scheduling and backend consumption
14:15:30 <enikanorov_> 3) create VIP
14:15:30 <enikanorov_> 4) create listener 1 for VIP
14:15:30 <enikanorov_> 5) create listener 2 for VIP
14:15:30 <enikanorov_> 6) set pool1 as default pool for listener1
14:15:30 <enikanorov_> 7) set pool1 as default pool for listener2
14:15:30 <enikanorov_> 8) set pool2 as L7 pool for listener2
14:15:30 <enikanorov_> some of those steps can be combined in one
14:15:30 <sbalukoff> No problem!
14:15:49 <obondarev> sbalukoff: loadbalancer and cluster are HA related in your proposal, right?
14:15:51 <sbalukoff> Yes.
14:15:56 <obondarev> sbalukoff: I think HA may be added to the model at any moment and that can be done in a backward compatible way
14:15:58 <vjay> enikanorov: It might be trivial, but could we have quick recap, of why new object model.
14:15:58 <vjay> It started with having pools in the same device for L7 config.
14:16:00 <vjay> Moved to EndPoint IPs / Virtual IPs have to be hosted in same device and the drive was proposed to make IP the focal point for placement.
14:16:00 <sbalukoff> obondarev: By delegating HA to the driver?
14:16:01 <obondarev> sbalukoff: no
14:16:04 <obondarev> sbalukoff: not necessarily
14:16:04 <sbalukoff> obondarev: Could you please explain how? Would adding HA require a model change?
14:16:15 <obondarev> sbalukoff: it might require, but that would be backward compatible additions to the model
14:16:16 <obondarev> sbalukoff: so, #3 picture seems enough to me at the moment
14:16:16 <obondarev> sbalukoff: as we can add HA later
14:16:16 <edhall> what prevents us from adding it to the model now?
14:16:16 <obondarev> sbalukoff: as we can add HA laterI know you have concerns that #3 model doesn't handle HA
14:16:17 <iwamoto_> how do you maintain backward-compat with #3?
14:16:17 <obondarev> iwamoto_: it can be done
14:16:18 <enikanorov_> when you attach the pool to a listener, it starts to belong to a backend, and cant be shared by another backend (that's the API  limitation we'd like to preserve)
14:16:18 <enikanorov_> so one of the discussion points was around the ability of sharing pools between VIPs (which may represent different backends)
14:16:18 <enikanorov_> vjay: right
14:16:18 <enikanorov_> let's not interleave threads; we can discuss HA later
14:16:18 <enikanorov_> so, are there questions on object model?
14:16:18 <enikanorov_> about vip-pool-listener relationships?
14:16:26 <enikanorov_> network is stormy today
14:16:36 <markmcclain> yeah.. wondering if we want to defer
14:16:43 <markmcclain> I'm only getting half of the conversation
14:16:47 <enikanorov_> iwamoto_: mostly the visible API change is around 'provider' attribute
14:16:55 <markmcclain> and the eavesdrop logs seem incomplete
14:16:59 <enikanorov_> markmcclain: you're getting in and out
14:17:36 <enikanorov_> honestly i'd be glad to defer, because i'm not feeling well.
14:18:04 <sbalukoff> I'm OK with deferring, eh. People haven't had much time to think of implications of new model anyway.
14:18:09 <sballe> enikanorov, sorry to hear that you are not doing well
14:18:16 <iwamoto_> enikanorov: backward-compat API doesn't have listener. how can listener be handled?
14:18:30 <markmcclain> enikanorov: sorry you're sick
14:18:31 <iwamoto_> +1 for deferring
14:18:50 <enikanorov_> thanks, no prob folks :)
14:18:57 <enikanorov_> ok, let me find the slot
14:19:10 <sbalukoff> Feel better, dude!
14:19:29 <markmcclain> we can just meeting next week at the scheduled time
14:19:34 <markmcclain> s/meeting/meet/
14:19:44 <sbalukoff> I'm OK with that.
14:19:59 <enikanorov_> hm, ok then. it will give more time for everyone to dig through our large poems in ML
14:20:04 <vjay> take care enikanorov
14:20:07 <sballe> me too. I need exra time to catch-up.
14:20:28 <enikanorov_> ok. thanks every one for joining. lets end the meeting
14:20:34 <s3wong> Thanks
14:20:35 <sballe> bye
14:20:35 <iwamoto_> enikanorov: hope you get well soon
14:20:46 <enikanorov_> thanks!
14:20:46 <avishayb_> bye
14:20:46 <vjay> bye
14:20:47 <enikanorov_> #endmeeting