16:01:04 <dougwig> #startmeeting neutron lbaas
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16:01:12 <TrevorV> o/
16:01:14 <dougwig> #topic roll call
16:01:15 <dougwig> o/
16:01:16 <blogan> hi
16:01:26 <pc_m> lurking
16:01:37 <jamiem> also lurking :)
16:01:37 <evgenyf> hi
16:03:01 <dougwig> #topic Announcements
16:03:07 <dougwig> mid-cycle is next week!
16:03:12 <dougwig> any other announcements today?
16:03:45 <dougwig> agenda: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/LBaaS#Agenda
16:03:54 <dougwig> #topic Mid-cycle meetup details
16:04:12 <dougwig> last week we went over owners and blocking issues.  Anyone have any updates or new blocking issues going into the sprint?
16:05:18 <rm_work> gah
16:05:23 <dougwig> i'll take that as either "no, or we're all asleep".  :)
16:05:25 <rm_work> I thought it was the other week
16:05:35 <kobis> hi
16:05:36 <blogan> welcome to reality
16:05:45 <SantoshNetScaler> Hi
16:05:54 <evgenyf> dougwig: how can someone participate the meetup remotely?
16:06:05 <blogan> oh so vivek and vijay from ebay/paypal will not be making the meetup
16:06:33 <dougwig> evgenyf: yes, the rackers usually setup a hangout.
16:06:43 <dougwig> for anyone that needs it:
16:06:45 <dougwig> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/lbaas-kilo-meetup
16:07:08 <dougwig> evgenyf: if you're on IRC monday morning-ish (texas time), they'll announce details of where to login.
16:07:30 <dougwig> any other mid-cycle stuff to talk about today?
16:07:36 <evgenyf> dougwig: thanks
16:07:36 <rm_work> oh, grats evgenyf :)
16:07:44 <rm_work> just saw WHY you're remote
16:08:04 <evgenyf> rm_work: thanks
16:08:12 <dougwig> oh nice, congrats evgenyf
16:08:18 <blogan> indeed!
16:08:27 <dougwig> for those not scrubbing the etherpad constantly: "    evgenyf  (have a new born daughter , will participate remotely)"
16:08:51 <jamiem> Cool, congratulations!
16:08:54 <evgenyf> Thank you guys :)
16:08:59 <kobis> congrats, evgenyf!
16:09:23 <dougwig> #topic Statuses (Provisioning and Operating)
16:09:37 <dougwig> blogan sent this issue to the ML with a couple replies. let's make a final decision on this one.
16:10:02 <evgenyf> kobis: thank you
16:10:42 <blogan> not enough people responded to the email :(
16:10:56 <blogan> dougwig what are your thoughts
16:11:50 <dougwig> i was fine with any, and thought 2(*) was slightly better from a forward-looking perspective.  we could always put the statuses on the objects for simplicity, and assemble the tree at status call time, which preserves the contract.
16:12:10 <kobis> i'm for 2b
16:13:04 <blogan> dougwig: well i was thinking another resource off the loadbalancer bc it becomes cleaner by separation
16:13:05 <kobis> most lb's allow entity sharing and we wouldn't want to deprecate this capability. 2A is somewhere in between
16:13:32 <blogan> 2A woudln't prevent sharing, its just placement of the status tree really
16:13:41 <dougwig> right, i'm saying the db can keep the statuses in one place ,and the resource can assemble the tree.  the api and db don't have to match 1:1
16:13:50 <blogan> oh yeah of course
16:13:54 <dougwig> what else do you think we need to make a decision blogan?  we've posted this several times and always only get a few replies. i think it's time to move on.
16:14:12 <blogan> not going to rearrange the statuses in the db yet, only when sharing is implemented
16:14:30 <blogan> i think this is the decision, 2B
16:14:44 <blogan> any objections? forever hold your peace
16:14:49 <rm_work> 2B or not 2B, that is the question
16:14:54 * rm_work is done now
16:15:34 <dougwig> unless someone objects quickly, the motion will pass
16:15:45 <dougwig> rm_work: oh my.
16:16:09 <dougwig> ok, let's move this conversation to gerrit then, with a review?
16:16:30 <blogan> should it be a separate review then?
16:16:32 <blogan> bc i would like that!
16:16:41 <dougwig> or in your api improvement one, either way.
16:16:50 <rm_work> whether 'tis nobler in the mind to reflect statuses directly, or to display them separately, and by doing so, share objects?
16:16:55 * rm_work lied about being done
16:17:04 <blogan> api improvement is getting large
16:17:09 <dougwig> and here i held my tongue on my joke to evgenyf about parent's being vips and babies being members.
16:17:17 <blogan> at 1700 lines (half of it tests of course)
16:17:27 <dougwig> ok, your call if you're writing it.
16:17:56 <dougwig> #topic v1/v2 constraint
16:17:58 <blogan> well if im writing it ill jus tadd it to the same review so that only one neutron review will need to be merged instead of 2
16:18:04 * rm_work can't resist a good Shakespeare pun
16:18:08 <dougwig> i don't remember us coming to a conclusion on this one.
16:18:16 <blogan> it needs to be done
16:18:23 <blogan> or were there objections to that
16:18:36 <blogan> as in v1 and v2 are mutually exclusive
16:18:45 <blogan> cannot be run at the same time
16:18:48 <dougwig> ok
16:18:56 <dougwig> no, we did have consensus on v1/v2, it was just me.
16:19:00 <dougwig> #topic Open discussion
16:19:08 <dougwig> anyone have other topics?
16:19:13 <dougwig> i seem to be getting net split like lag.
16:19:15 <dougwig> #chair blogan
16:19:16 <openstack> Current chairs: blogan dougwig
16:19:52 <blogan> any dietary requirements for food at the meetup?
16:20:07 <dougwig> food trucks.
16:20:09 <rm_work> I need a meat option
16:20:29 <rm_work> preferably bacon
16:20:42 <dougwig> bacon is not meat. it's a food group.
16:20:58 <blogan> so just a pile of bacon, done
16:21:07 <rm_work> yissssss
16:21:17 <blogan> tofu bacon
16:21:21 <kobis> what time do we start on monday?
16:21:21 <rm_work> T_T
16:21:27 <kobis> tofu is not food
16:21:47 <kobis> tofu is None
16:21:47 <blogan> last time I believe we started at 9 am every day, but if yall want to push it to 10 am since its an entire week, id be fine with that
16:21:49 <rm_work> I think we usually start at 9am?
16:21:53 <rm_work> ooo
16:21:57 <rm_work> 10am would be spectacular
16:22:49 <dougwig> i'm fine with 9am.  10 is too close to lunch to get anything done.
16:23:09 <TrevorV> blasphemy dougwig
16:23:12 <kobis> im fine with either, i'm with jet lag anyway
16:23:16 <TrevorV> Cleanse him with FIRE
16:23:21 * dougwig hides.
16:23:28 <rm_work> 9am is fine I guess
16:23:46 <dougwig> kilo-2 ends thursday, so i want to get some serious coding done, is all.
16:23:53 <rm_work> ack
16:23:55 <blogan> good point
16:24:02 <TrevorV> let me translate for rm_work.  "I'm severely upset by it being 9am.  However, since its actually reasonable, I'll say I can deal"
16:24:09 <rm_work> ^^
16:24:13 <blogan> and friday we come in at 1pm and party?
16:24:21 <TrevorV> +1 blogan
16:24:29 <dougwig> team left4dead or something.
16:24:34 <rm_work> heh
16:24:36 <dougwig> piped through an lbaas vip
16:25:15 <TrevorV> We can do any number of things... and a LAN party would make me and rm_work happy as hell
16:25:21 <rm_work> heh
16:25:32 <blogan> ill be happy if thursday ends in happiness
16:25:46 <rm_work> yeah we'll see if we deserve to reward ourselves on Friday
16:27:53 <dougwig> any other issues?
16:28:00 <blogan> none
16:28:35 <rm_work> I take issue that no one appreciated my poetry pun earlier <_< but that's cool
16:28:41 <dougwig> alright, bye folks, and see some of you next week!
16:28:48 <TrevorV> yessir!  See you then!
16:28:49 <blogan> i just ignored it
16:28:50 <rm_work> later, see ya'll at RAX!
16:28:53 <dougwig> #endmeeting