21:51:40 <dougwig> #startmeeting neutron lbaas
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21:51:42 <rm_work> are we voting? :P\
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21:51:53 <dougwig> #startvote is octavia-as-ref close enough to go for RC1?  Yes No
21:51:54 <openstack> Begin voting on: is octavia-as-ref close enough to go for RC1? Valid vote options are Yes, No.
21:51:55 <openstack> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
21:52:14 <xgerman> #vote Yes
21:52:14 <rm_work> so does this have anything to do with the testing times?
21:52:16 <pc-pothole> #vote Yes
21:52:20 <sbalukoff> #vote Yes
21:52:21 <rm_work> or JUST the quality of the service
21:52:23 <dougwig> rm_work: yep, it's all part of it.
21:52:41 <pc-pothole> eh, im a bit unsure about the testing times
21:52:41 <dougwig> we have to sort out test times, get a partial into the neutron queues, swap the default in the conf, etc.
21:52:41 <mestery> #vote No
21:52:45 <rm_work> I don't know if we can solve the test time issues by Wednesday without just taking a chainsaw to them and not testing
21:53:03 <rm_work> the split was ... the big hope
21:53:07 <rm_work> but it isn't even enough apparently
21:53:11 <dougwig> lbaas v2 does have about 5x as many tests as v1, btw.
21:53:12 <johnsom> #vote No
21:53:46 <dougwig> rm_work: haven't seen you vote yet.  :)
21:53:53 <johnsom> Yes, we have a ton of good tests.
21:53:54 <mestery> dougwig: you either
21:53:56 <rm_work> that's because i haven't voted yet
21:53:56 <pc-pothole> changing to #vote No because of tests
21:54:01 <johnsom> That is what is slowing us down so much
21:54:07 <rm_work> yeah so
21:54:12 <rm_work> if we move to test parity with v1
21:54:19 <rm_work> IE, delete 85% of our tests
21:54:21 <rm_work> we could go :P
21:54:22 <sbalukoff> Then we pass
21:54:26 <pc-pothole> :)
21:54:26 <dougwig> #endvote
21:54:26 <openstack> Voted on "is octavia-as-ref close enough to go for RC1?" Results are
21:54:27 <openstack> Yes (3): xgerman, sbalukoff, pc-pothole
21:54:29 <openstack> No (2): mestery, johnsom
21:54:31 <dougwig> #endmeeting