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16:00:52 <rubasov> o/
16:01:35 <njohnston> o/
16:01:43 <slaweq> hi
16:01:48 <haleyb> hi
16:01:59 <mlavalle> how are you all?
16:02:03 <jrbalderrama> hi
16:02:04 <mlavalle> Nice weekend?
16:02:06 <njohnston> very well!
16:02:13 <njohnston> yes indeed
16:02:17 <slaweq> yes :)
16:02:20 <rubasov> it was really nice, thank you
16:02:32 <mlavalle> Hi jrbalderrama thanks for attending
16:02:53 <mlavalle> #topic Progress reports
16:03:13 <jrbalderrama> mlavalle: msimonin from Inria is also attending
16:03:30 <mlavalle> msimonin: welcome. Thanks for attending
16:03:38 <mlavalle> So I will go first
16:03:48 * slaweq needs to leave in about 20 minutes
16:03:50 <mlavalle> with my progress report
16:04:15 <msimonin> mlavalle: hi !
16:05:12 <mlavalle> This past weekend I played again with the enos environment
16:05:34 <mlavalle> I followed the instructions that msimonin sent by email
16:06:31 <mlavalle> and I got a failure again
16:06:53 <mlavalle> let me create a paste with the traceback....
16:06:56 <mlavalle> hang on
16:07:18 <mlavalle> in the meantime, slaweq, if you have a progress report on your side, please go ahead
16:07:47 <slaweq> mlavalle: tbh I don't have any update on this rally integration patch
16:07:58 <slaweq> I totally didn't have time to work on it recently
16:08:00 <slaweq> sorry
16:08:16 <mlavalle> that's ok
16:08:20 <mlavalle> we will try again
16:08:26 <mlavalle> how about you rubasov ?
16:08:44 <rubasov> mlavalle: not much really
16:08:56 <rubasov> I was asking about for reviews fot this change: https://review.openstack.org/624036
16:09:00 <mlavalle> do we owe you reviews?
16:09:09 <rubasov> no
16:09:20 <rubasov> I'm looking for rally cores
16:09:28 <mlavalle> ahhhh
16:09:34 <rubasov> I went asking in their channel and a few emails even
16:09:48 <mlavalle> I'll try to to push them for you
16:09:54 <rubasov> but I have got response so far :-(
16:09:58 <slaweq> rubasov: ping andreykurilin on openstack-raly channel
16:10:17 <rubasov> mlavalle: that would be great, thank you
16:10:20 <slaweq> AFAIK he is in our time zone or close to it
16:10:23 <rubasov> slaweq: will do, thank you
16:11:01 <rubasov> and that's all from me
16:11:17 <mlavalle> rubasov: Thanks
16:11:37 <mlavalle> msimonin: this is the failure I get http://paste.openstack.org/show/746051/
16:12:04 <mlavalle> I run enos deploy in a python2.7 virtual env
16:12:21 <mlavalle> that's what I think you reommended in your email right?
16:13:40 <mlavalle> other than the python2.7 venv, I just execute the steps indicated here: https://enos.readthedocs.io/en/stable/installation.html
16:14:06 <mlavalle> and my reservation.yaml is the same as before
16:14:45 <mlavalle> http://paste.openstack.org/show/744817/
16:15:12 <msimonin> mlavalle: I'm checking
16:15:27 <mlavalle> thanks msimonin !
16:16:28 <msimonin> Are you running from enos sources
16:16:29 <msimonin> ?
16:16:45 <mlavalle> no
16:16:57 <msimonin> which version of EnOs is it ?
16:16:59 <mlavalle> I created the python2.7 venv
16:17:24 <mlavalle> and then did pip install enos
16:17:28 <mlavalle> inside the venv
16:17:42 <msimonin> Hum actually there's something confusing here
16:17:50 <mlavalle> so whichever version is coming from pip
16:18:07 <msimonin> EnOS is python3.5+ only
16:18:38 <msimonin> I guess installing inside a python2 venv pulled an old version
16:18:41 <mlavalle> msimonin: so my venv should be python3.5 at least
16:18:45 <msimonin> yes
16:19:02 <mlavalle> ok, I misunderstood your email response
16:19:22 <jrbalderrama> mlavalle: btw which version of enos are you running ? because your config is set for 'queens' (line 41)
16:19:36 <msimonin> that's probably my explanation that were not clear
16:20:10 <slaweq> ok, I need to go now, see You later :)
16:20:20 <msimonin> what will happen is that when enos run it will install another venv (a python2 this time) to run kolla
16:20:25 <mlavalle> jrbalderrama, msimonin: what should I have in line 41
16:20:50 <msimonin> for enos 5.x.y you should have stable/rocky
16:21:01 <mlavalle> msimonin: yeah, I noticed the kolla venv
16:21:22 <msimonin> mlavalle:  ok cool :)
16:21:27 <mlavalle> msimonin: ok, I'll change my reservation file to rocky
16:22:08 <mlavalle> msimonin, jrbalderrama: any otjher recommendations based on what I've shown you so far?
16:22:41 <msimonin> I guess the main problem is python3 for enos and this
16:22:53 <msimonin> one thing though
16:23:13 <msimonin> why using a custom box (miguel/ubuntu-16.04)  ?
16:24:02 <mlavalle> msimonin: that's a box that I use for my devstacks. it has larger disk and memory that the ubuntu image that vagrant downloads by default
16:24:15 <mlavalle> should I avoid that?
16:24:48 <msimonin> I would suggest to use `generic/debian9`
16:24:54 <msimonin> this is the default
16:25:04 <mlavalle> msimonin: ok, I'll juse that one
16:25:10 <msimonin> in other word the only one we tested
16:25:27 <msimonin> mlavalle: good luck  :)
16:25:31 <mlavalle> msimonin: LOL, it makes perfect sense to go with what you have tested
16:26:12 <msimonin> By the way, we're iterating a bit on the code to allow larger deployments
16:26:16 <mlavalle> msimonin=, jrbalderrama: I'll run the install again as soon as this meeting is over and will report results over email later today
16:26:26 <msimonin> ack
16:26:36 <msimonin> I'll have to leave
16:26:56 <mlavalle> msimonin, jrbalderrama: thanks for attending and all the guidance. Much appreciatted :-)
16:27:02 <mlavalle> I know it's late for you
16:27:17 <mlavalle> Moving on....
16:27:34 <mlavalle> #topic On demand agenda
16:27:46 <mlavalle> Anything else we should discuss today?
16:28:30 <mlavalle> ok, have great week!
16:28:37 <mlavalle> Thanks for attending!
16:28:41 <mlavalle> #endmeeting