14:10:23 <ajo> #startmeeting neutron-qos
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14:10:38 <ajo> #topic lonely meeting
14:11:32 <ajo> Something seems to have happened with the ics and the biweekly week for QoS meeting has shifted. So the attendance seems to be ihrachys and me so far :)
14:11:34 <ajo> anyone else?
14:12:12 <ajo> ok
14:12:26 * ajo looks for the last meeting agenda in etherpad
14:12:53 <ajo> ihrachys , could you update about the last drivers meeting comments on QoS RFEs?
14:13:00 <ajo> #topic RFEs
14:13:28 <ihrachys> ajo: do you have links?
14:13:39 <Sam-I-Am> mornings
14:13:44 <ajo> hi Sam-I-Am  :)
14:14:02 <openstackgerrit> Ihar Hrachyshka proposed openstack/neutron: tests: don't assume neutronclient does not write to stderr  https://review.openstack.org/266885
14:14:09 <sbelous> salv-orlando: ping
14:14:17 <ajo> hmmk bandwidth
14:14:35 <ajo> ihrachys, did you realized we started the meeting in #openstack-neutron ?
14:14:48 <ajo> I didn't know we could do that
14:14:56 <ajo> sorry guys
14:14:59 <ihrachys> ouch
14:15:08 <ajo> we -> I
14:15:09 <ihrachys> let's proceed quickly
14:15:39 <ihrachys> ok, for 802.1p https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1505631 I think the decision is we need to understand the use cases better
14:15:50 <openstack> ihrachys: Error: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1505631 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1505631). The error has been logged
14:16:32 <ihrachys> also https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1521194 was raised yesterday (aggregated bandwidth by vikram)
14:16:33 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1521194 in neutron "Qos Aggregated Bandwidth Rate Limiting" [Wishlist,Triaged]
14:17:03 <ihrachys> I think for that one the decision is we should update the docs if needed, and forget the idea unless we have clear understanding how we implement it in non-naive way
14:17:17 <ihrachys> probably that's it for RFEs?
14:17:42 <ajo> correct, on that one we need to discuss implementation, and the RFE modifies the current agreed/documented behavior, which may be it's counter intuitive and needs to be better documented.
14:17:50 <ajo> ihrachys: yes, thanks
14:17:54 <ajo> #topic status
14:17:57 <ajo> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/qos-mitaka
14:18:44 <ajo> about RPC callback upgrade mechanism, I have this: https://review.openstack.org/265347 , where I need to fix some comments, and
14:18:54 <ajo> add another patch on top to complete the functionality
14:18:58 <ajo> reviews are appreciated
14:19:09 <ihrachys> yes, I owe you one
14:19:41 <ajo> np, I'm advancing on it, anytime will be good. I'm sure I'd already have reviews if it was posted earlier.
14:20:03 <openstackgerrit> garyk proposed openstack/neutron: HACKING: updtae HACKING.rst file to include latest changes  https://review.openstack.org/266935
14:20:13 <ajo> njohnston, ihrachys , what's the status on the UUID api for DSCP ?
14:20:30 <ihrachys> ajo: I am working on the spec, need to respin one more time
14:20:36 <ihrachys> will upload today.
14:20:43 <openstackgerrit> Andreas Scheuring proposed openstack/neutron: lb: ml2-agt: Separate AgentLoop from LinuxBridge specific impl  https://review.openstack.org/246318
14:20:43 <ajo> ihrachys , link?
14:20:57 <ihrachys> https://review.openstack.org/263819
14:21:37 <ajo> great
14:21:38 <ihrachys> also davidsha will work on the code
14:21:45 <ajo> about rbac,
14:21:47 <ihrachys> which is nice since I can review then :)
14:21:58 <ajo> Yep :)
14:22:14 <davidsha> ihrachys, ajo: I'm here, sorry just noticed!
14:22:21 <ajo> QoS/RBAC: spec with good feedback is here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/254224/
14:22:37 <ajo> it needs drivers attention now
14:22:41 <ihrachys> ajo: for rbac, I would say the more interesting part is the implementation
14:22:50 <ajo> yep, code is here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/250081/
14:22:59 <ihrachys> ajo: I guess armax should be reached to merge it. I don't believe there is any reason not to.
14:23:25 <ajo> spec seems good, and I already did a couple of reviews on the code, but I don't remember now, I will need to re-review
14:23:28 <ihrachys> for what I know, hdaniel is currently working on refactoring the patch, so may wait until that with reviews
14:23:34 <ajo> ack
14:23:38 <ajo> hdaniel++
14:23:51 <ajo> njohnston, any update for DSCP markings?
14:24:07 <ajo> (sorry, this is a phantom neutron-qos meeting on the wrong channel, trying to cut it quickly ;-) )
14:24:20 <davidsha> Nothing on dscp atm
14:24:22 <njohnston> I am working on the functional tests; Vic Howard uploaded API tests a couple of days ago, and then we tackle fullstack/tempest
14:24:27 <davidsha> Sorry!
14:24:44 <ajo> njohnston, great  :)
14:25:21 <njohnston> other than that I think we're mostly waiting on the prerequisites.  davidsha, have you rebased the dscp patch against the 2 prereqs?
14:25:47 <davidsha> no, not yet.
14:26:18 <njohnston> ok, whoever needs to respin next might want to do that :-)  Hopefully it will be me with functional tests.
14:26:40 <ajo> awesome, thanks for the update :)
14:26:44 <ihrachys> there is no patch to rebase on my side
14:26:46 <ihrachys> :)
14:26:55 <davidsha> I'm working on that!
14:27:24 <ajo> ack
14:27:27 <ajo> about the gate,
14:27:32 <ajo> ihrachys , could you update on : https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+branch:master+topic:neutron-tempest-gate-hook,n,z  ?
14:28:04 <ihrachys> yeah, gate...
14:28:15 <ihrachys> we wait on job name discussion
14:28:21 <ajo> ok,
14:28:21 <ihrachys> which is silly but yeah
14:28:28 <ajo> so we may propose names
14:28:34 <ihrachys> discussion here https://review.openstack.org/247697
14:28:38 <ajo> like allplugins
14:28:40 <ihrachys> waiting for dougwig response
14:28:42 <ajo> or something like that
14:29:10 <ihrachys> I am impressed how long it takes
14:29:27 <ihrachys> I mean not the response but the overall effort to gate on it
14:30:05 <ajo> Politics, resources, risk, and of course, names  :)
14:30:37 <ajo> Thanks for working on it ihrachys
14:30:47 <ihrachys> my pleasure
14:31:20 <ajo> Ok, let's keep it short, unless somebody believes we're missing something important
14:31:49 <ajo> I'll move the conversation to the list so others can participate, and make a reminder that next week there's no planned meeting, but the one after the next.
14:32:09 <ajo> ihrachys , davidsha , njohnston , ack? :)
14:32:24 <davidsha> ack
14:32:25 <njohnston> Sounds good to me. :-)
14:32:51 <ihrachys> ack
14:33:57 <ihrachys> ajo: wanna #endmeeting?
14:34:02 <ajo> #endmeeting