15:01:31 <korzen> #startmeeting neutron_upgrades
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15:01:37 <korzen> Hi all
15:01:44 <dasanind_> HI
15:01:56 <ankur-gupta-f> morning all
15:01:57 <korzen> are there anyone from upgrades team?
15:01:58 <john-davidge> hi
15:02:06 <korzen> oh, I see there are some :)
15:02:30 <asingh> hey
15:02:31 <korzen> so today I will chair, since Ihar reported sick
15:02:49 <johndperkins> o/
15:02:58 <korzen> let's start with agenda
15:03:08 <korzen> #topic Announcements
15:03:27 <korzen> so I hope that everyone returned home safely after midcycle
15:04:03 <ankur-gupta-f> korzen: any big updates from the midcycle? We saw the presentation. Anything else
15:04:08 <korzen> in this section I would like to share the midcycle update
15:04:16 <korzen> yeas
15:04:32 <korzen> so Ihar has presented the slides
15:04:41 <korzen> #link https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/18sqjQhNU_SnzNPy4WGJ4pH9-kaPvzJUVnYOo0Vc9AwU/edit?usp=sharing midcycle slide deck for upgrades
15:05:07 <korzen> the intent of this was to introduce the upgrades topic to other core reviewers
15:05:14 <manjeets__> o/
15:05:30 <korzen> and generally ask/response to a question - why even care about upgrades
15:05:51 <korzen> does it make any sense
15:06:13 <korzen> the ultimate goal is to have the zero downtime in data and control plane
15:06:59 <korzen> in order to do so, we need to introduce the OVOs and allow to run concurrently different version of Neutron API server
15:07:22 <korzen> current effort is to have the OVOs in place
15:07:39 <korzen> for newton phase, the network, port and subnet have to be ready and merged
15:07:58 <korzen> it is also the requirement for push notification to be done also in Newton
15:08:22 <korzen> no integration code for above objects are required to be merged
15:08:47 <korzen> it would be safer to leave the integration code to be merged at the beginning of Ocata
15:09:15 <manjeets__> korzen: what would be their use without integration ?
15:09:27 <korzen> manjeets__, for push notification
15:09:41 <manjeets__> afaik we can't have microversioning until it integrates
15:09:44 <korzen> push notification is dependent on sending the objects with RPC callbacj
15:09:55 <manjeets__> ok
15:10:18 <korzen> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-neutron-midcycle-workitems the Objects section
15:10:57 <korzen> in the link, there is what we have discussed and action items at the lines 89-96
15:11:34 <korzen> we would also be mergind the relocate mode stuff, which was stacked in patch queue by 4
15:11:50 <korzen> no to create too much git conflicts while merging
15:12:05 <korzen> relocate model*
15:12:47 <manjeets__> korzen: so they won't merge until they are conflicting so many other patches ?
15:13:33 <korzen> so the plan is to merge it very carefully like if their will not break anything critical from release point of view
15:14:17 <ankur-gupta-f> korzen: don't we only have a week or two till the n-3 cutoff? Will network & ports be done by then?
15:14:41 <manjeets__> port is close i guess
15:14:59 <korzen> ankur-gupta-f, we hope to have them merged
15:15:12 <korzen> please review
15:15:35 <korzen> also other core reviewers are doing so
15:15:37 <ankur-gupta-f> ports: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/351368/         networks: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/269658/
15:16:12 <korzen> the model relocation, OVO implementation and their integration is what we have in the scope right now
15:16:40 <korzen> the next step is to write down the spec how we should proceed with no API downtime
15:16:56 <korzen> it should be written down before BArcelona summit
15:17:18 <korzen> to agree on final design and try to implement it during Ocata
15:17:44 <korzen> fortunately there was johnthetubaguy present in the room
15:17:45 <korzen> , he shared his experience with Nova upgrade story
15:18:00 <manjeets__> korzen: a general question , is there any testing plan to check running different versions of neutron server concurrently
15:18:26 <korzen> manjeets__, that is a good question
15:18:44 <korzen> we do not have that one
15:18:53 <korzen> but nova aslo does not have it
15:18:56 <manjeets__> korzen: you can update etherpad then
15:19:21 <manjeets__> may be i can give it a try later once it OVO is close to complete
15:20:04 <korzen> it is like QA work in my opinion, to have the API server started in 2 nodes
15:20:13 <korzen> etc, more of the cross project effort
15:21:48 <korzen> so sometime in the Ocata timeframe, we should take a bullet and forbid the contract migration
15:22:12 <korzen> and see how it will be working for us
15:23:14 <korzen> some PoC of that should be prepared before we can go to the community and say: contract migration are now forbidden
15:23:43 <manjeets__> korzen: if you know (does other projects like nova also forbid contract migration) ?
15:24:06 <korzen> yes, manjeets__ nova has only additive changes to the schema
15:24:32 <korzen> but they do not have mixed version of software talking to the DB right now
15:24:57 <manjeets__> ok that's less prone to breakage
15:25:01 <korzen> you have some small window of API downtime, where the nova-conductor and nov-api has to be restarted
15:25:56 <korzen> other problem with neutron are plugins
15:26:01 <korzen> and extensions
15:26:29 <korzen> I will take a look how right now the neutron plugins are using the DB and API layer
15:27:06 <korzen> the problem here is the arbitrary values additions to neutron resources
15:27:19 <korzen> and access to the DB model instead of OVO
15:27:38 <manjeets__> yea I had seen that issue
15:27:42 <korzen> API filtering is also kind of free to use with arbitrary strings
15:28:28 <korzen> we should prepare backward compatible dropping off the random filters at API level
15:28:50 <korzen> not to break the plugins that are relying to do so
15:29:53 <korzen> so the plugin API need to be revisited
15:30:18 <korzen> it is also question for operators, what type of plugins they are using
15:30:42 <korzen> refering the official openstack user survey, most of them are using OVS
15:31:51 <korzen> for doing the no api downtime, we would also require having the API microversioning mechanism
15:32:15 <korzen> but that is also not so clear how to be handled for neutron
15:32:46 <manjeets__> korzen: cinder handles it pretty well but their resources are very less as compared to neutron
15:33:17 <korzen> so and the last thing is that NeutronDbObject should be sometime moved into neutron-lib
15:33:40 <korzen> so that any other networking projects can use it
15:33:59 <manjeets__> so would base object api also be moved ?
15:34:12 <korzen> yes,
15:34:44 <korzen> it wont happen like now, but in the long run it should land in neutron-lib
15:35:08 <manjeets__> ok
15:35:18 <korzen> ok, that is what I think is the most important update
15:35:27 <korzen> any questions?
15:35:43 <ankur-gupta-f> korzen: Question along similar lines of priority.  This comment from Carl Baldwin on Relocate Tag DB model: "Given that this bug is marked wishlist and is not targeted at Newton,  maybe it is best to hold off until Ocata is open for development. Could  we hold off on merging this unless the drivers team targets it to  Newton?"
15:35:59 <ankur-gupta-f> Should we put -1 workflows on all the Relocate DB model patches?
15:36:36 <korzen> ankur-gupta-f, it is not required for you to put -1 on workflow
15:37:01 <korzen> it is the neutron core reviewer responsibility to look at the conficting patches
15:37:17 <korzen> and merge only that pieces that are safe to Newton deliverables
15:37:46 <korzen> ankur-gupta-f, which patch has carl_baldwin comment?
15:37:49 <ankur-gupta-f> Carl's comment pertains to all the db models relocation. So how should we respond?
15:37:55 <ankur-gupta-f> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/355536/
15:38:04 <ankur-gupta-f> after ihar and Akihiro had already +2ed it
15:39:06 <korzen> I guess the right thing to do to is to wait till the drivers meeting and ask them ;)
15:39:35 <korzen> after the meeting, if the decision is to -1 all the relocate patches, then we should do it
15:39:55 <korzen> ankur-gupta-f, can you add this item on agenda?
15:40:01 <korzen> on drivers meeting
15:40:16 <korzen> I'm not sure when the nearest driver meeting is..
15:40:48 <johndperkins> thursday 4pm MST
15:40:58 <ankur-gupta-f> okay I will put it on the agenda
15:41:08 <korzen> ok, thanks ankur-gupta-f
15:41:32 <korzen> ok, any other questions?
15:42:10 <korzen> if not then: #topic Object implementation
15:42:12 <korzen> #topic Object implementation
15:42:58 <korzen> last week Ihar and I had run over the port and network patches
15:43:18 <korzen> so hope they will be merged in Newton
15:43:43 <korzen> I have prepared the multi foreign keys support in NeutronDbObject
15:43:54 <korzen> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/357207  objects: add support for per parent type foreign keys
15:44:31 <korzen> anyone has a patch that want to discuss?
15:45:08 <ankur-gupta-f> none from me
15:45:47 <johndperkins> I'm good
15:45:48 <asingh> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/356825
15:46:34 <ankur-gupta-f> korzen: I created a Gerrit Dash to keep track of all the OVO stuff if you want me to share the link
15:46:46 <manjeets__> asingh: what is the question on that patch ?
15:46:54 <korzen> ankur-gupta-f, yes please
15:47:20 <asingh> kozen: standard_attr_id is biginteger,  Couldn't find a filed in oslo.versionedobjects which is for BigInteger. Used IntegerField instead
15:47:28 <ankur-gupta-f> https://review.openstack.org/#/dashboard/?foreach=%28%28project%3Aopenstack%2Fneutron%29+branch%3Amaster+status%3Aopen+NOT+status%3Amerged&title=Neutron+OVO&All+My+Patche=%28owner%3Aself+status%3Aopen%29&My+Object+Patches=%28topic%3Abp%2Fadopt%2Doslo%2Dversioned%2Dobjects%2Dfor%2Ddb+owner%3Aself%29&My+DB+Patches=%28topic%3Abug%2F1597913+owner%3Aself%29&Objects+Need+Review=%28topic%3Abp%2Fadopt%2Doslo%2Dversioned%2Dobjects%2Dfor%2Ddb+status%
15:47:42 <johndperkins> nice
15:48:14 <korzen> asingh, the IntegerField is fine
15:48:16 <asingh> krozen: does it seems right?
15:48:23 <manjeets__> korzen: to answer that question oslo.versioned object is using python (int)
15:48:39 <manjeets__> and python's int of arbitary length
15:48:50 <manjeets__> so won't be issue according to me
15:49:07 <korzen> manjeets__, yes, so it is okay to use Integer
15:49:24 <johndperkins> ankur-gupta-f: url got clipped, can you use a shortener?
15:49:41 <korzen> ankur-gupta-f, yes, it is not working for me
15:49:42 <asingh> thanks korzen, manjeets_
15:50:06 <ankur-gupta-f> https://goo.gl/v8Q4RC
15:50:10 <johndperkins> thnx
15:50:41 <korzen> ankur-gupta-f, yes, now it is ok :)
15:51:06 <korzen> nice, thanks
15:51:58 <korzen> ok, anything else to discuss?
15:52:11 <korzen> #topic Open discussion
15:52:14 <manjeets__> korzen: so until n3 priority is to review port and network ?
15:52:53 <korzen> manjeets__, yes
15:53:05 <johndperkins> I'm going to push more field test patches for ovo like https://review.openstack.org/#/c/357186/ so that should help the later objects, keep an eye out for those
15:53:06 <manjeets__> If drivers meeting decides to hold on relocating models then I think we should not send any more patches until n3
15:53:11 <korzen> but we are free to continue to work on OVO adoption
15:53:57 <manjeets__> ok, for complete adoption those are mandatory
15:55:28 <korzen> ok, so the last thing is that I have limited time to do the review this week, and I will be on PTO till 12th September
15:55:41 <dasanind> manjeets_: korzen_: so the new OVO patches will not be merged then correct?
15:56:14 <manjeets__> new relocation of model patches not for sure if driver meetings decided to hold em
15:56:41 <manjeets__> I guess we can then send introduce OVO patches without integration
15:56:52 <korzen> dasanind, I think that OVO patch wont be priority right now
15:57:24 <korzen> but we should be prepared to fast merged them after Ocata is openede
15:57:29 <korzen> opened*
15:57:58 <dasanind> manjeets_: korzen: thank you
15:58:06 <korzen> ok, we are running out of time
15:58:21 <manjeets__> thanks bye
15:58:28 <korzen> thanks to all of you
15:58:30 <johndperkins> thanks
15:58:31 <korzen> #endmeeting