16:03:52 <sgordon_> #startmeeting nfv
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16:03:56 <sgordon_> #topic roll call
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16:04:06 * sgordon_ is here
16:04:33 <sgordon_> was hoping ijw might be around today
16:04:39 <sgordon_> anyone else here for the nfv meeting?
16:04:44 <gmatefi> o/
16:04:46 <russellb> o/
16:04:52 <r-mibu> Hi!
16:04:59 <beagles> o/
16:05:03 <smazziotta> O/
16:05:09 <mkashyap> Hello
16:05:15 <sgordon_> hey all
16:05:16 <yamahata> hi
16:05:22 <SridharRamaswamy> new here, super interested in nfv
16:05:26 <sgordon_> #topic paris bof scheduling
16:05:32 <sgordon_> so we discussed last week
16:05:45 <sgordon_> there was a proposal on user-committee list about forming a telco working group
16:06:02 <sgordon_> i highlighted the existing group to the organizers and attempted to clarify
16:06:16 <sgordon_> as it appears there was some confusion about our goals/scope etc
16:06:35 <sgordon_> my suggestion at the moment is that we meet at the ops summit session:
16:06:37 <sgordon_> #link http://kilodesignsummit.sched.org/event/b3ccf1464e335b703fc126f068142792
16:06:43 <sgordon_> #info ops summit session for telco
16:06:56 <sgordon_> there are also some pertinent design summit sessions to get to (of course)
16:07:06 <sgordon_> but this seems like the best venue to assemble all the relevant parties
16:07:22 <sgordon_> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kilo-summit-ops-telco
16:07:29 <sgordon_> #info etherpad to help frame the session
16:08:06 <sgordon_> #info Thursday 9am - 10:30 @ Hyatt - Batignolles (Hyatt Hotel)
16:08:12 <sgordon_> thoughts, comments?
16:08:22 <sgordon_> i suggested the above to the OPNFV community as well
16:10:19 <sgordon_> #info silence indicates an emphatic OK SEE YOU THERE ;)
16:10:45 <sgordon_> #topic vlan trunking
16:11:07 <sgordon_> bare with me while i dig up the meeting minutes
16:11:31 <russellb> fwiw, i think getting together at that session sounds like a great plan
16:11:55 <sgordon_> ok for some reason i cant find the correct link for this week's neutron minutes
16:12:03 <sgordon_> but we had a discussion about vlan trunking
16:12:19 <sgordon_> marun and some other cores expressed concern that there are still multiple competing use cases
16:12:27 <sgordon_> and that they are not documented in the specs themselves
16:12:57 <sgordon_> ian doesnt appear to be here today but we resolved to try and catch up around the neutron sessions to resolve this
16:13:05 <sgordon_> there has also been some good discussion on the mailing list
16:13:30 <sgordon_> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-October/047548.html
16:13:37 <sgordon_> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-October/048957.html
16:13:58 <bauzas> o/
16:14:01 <sgordon_> #info vlan trunking needs further discussion @ summit, expansion of use case information in specifications
16:14:21 <bauzas> (sorry had a IRC issue, probably netsplit)
16:14:22 <sgordon_> #topic NFVImpact
16:14:25 <sgordon_> semi-related
16:14:32 <sgordon_> some of the proposals still had this tag in them
16:14:35 <sgordon_> it needs to be removed
16:14:54 <bauzas> sgordon_: agreed
16:15:04 <sgordon_> #info Please do not use the NFVImpact tag, tracking of NFV related BPs is via the wiki page.
16:15:33 <sgordon_> #topic Other design summit sessions
16:15:54 <sgordon_> #info Design summit schedule is a little more free form to try and capture the spirit of the mid cycles
16:16:20 <sgordon_> there are a couple of design summit sessions that will be of interest, i already mentioned the ops summit session but also
16:16:29 <sgordon_> #info Nova NFV session on Wed. afternoon
16:16:41 <sgordon_> #info Neutron lightning talks will be used to frame discussion for Friday
16:17:05 <sgordon_> you will see in the schedule the neutron, and i think nova as well, friday is a free form contributors meetup
16:17:23 <sgordon_> so expect a lot of discussion to happen in those based on what comes up earlier in the week
16:17:41 <sgordon_> i am not going to dump all the links but i put some highlights in the minutes:
16:17:44 <sgordon_> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/nfv-meeting-agenda
16:17:54 <sgordon_> full schedule is of course here:
16:17:56 <sgordon_> #link http://kilodesignsummit.sched.org
16:18:26 <sgordon_> ok
16:18:28 <sgordon_> #topic Relationship to OPNFV
16:18:32 <sgordon_> i added this to the list
16:18:47 <sgordon_> i happened to step in as a proxy to an OPNFV technical meeting this week
16:19:05 <sgordon_> and the topic of how members of that community should work with those of us in the openstack community came up
16:19:32 <sgordon_> i dont really expect to resolve this today other than to suggest that the more the merrier
16:19:36 <sgordon_> but just wanted to highlight it
16:19:49 <sgordon_> anyone who found us via OPNFV here today?
16:20:34 <cgoncalves> I'm a member of the OPNFV project
16:20:34 <niclem> might be interesting to bridge OPNFV project?
16:20:49 <niclem> IPv6
16:20:54 <niclem> Resource MAnagement
16:21:00 <niclem> CI
16:21:09 <russellb> working with this group makes a lot of sense
16:21:15 <niclem> https://wiki.opnfv.org/ipv6-enabled_vanilla_opnfv
16:21:26 <russellb> those that show up here either know a lot about particular features, or can get people pointed in the right direction
16:21:41 <niclem> https://wiki.opnfv.org/requirements_projects/resource_management
16:21:48 <russellb> not sure if we need to identify a set of liasons or anything, but i'd be happy to be one
16:22:00 <niclem> https://wiki.opnfv.org/continuous_integration_ci
16:22:00 <russellb> IPv6 is well underway in openstack, so that's good
16:22:17 <sgordon_> what we had discussed/hoped for is direct engagement i think versus formal liasons
16:22:45 <sgordon_> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/ipv6-enabled_vanilla_opnfv
16:22:51 <sgordon_> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/requirements_projects/resource_management
16:22:56 <sgordon_> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/continuous_integration_ci
16:22:59 <russellb> sgordon_: sure, that makes sense / is ideal
16:23:20 <sgordon_> because per the links nick is pasting there is a lot of overlap with existing openstack efforts or goals
16:23:27 <russellb> yes
16:23:32 <russellb> very much so
16:23:32 <niclem> The challenge on OPNFV panel seems to be translation of requirements in OSS work items
16:23:36 <sgordon_> it's about bringing everyone together to drive those to completion
16:23:44 <cgoncalves> #info https://wiki.opnfv.org/requirements_projects/doctor_fault_mangement_and_maintenance
16:23:50 <russellb> niclem: that translation is basically the primary deliverable of this group / what we've been working through
16:23:58 <sgordon_> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/requirements_projects/doctor_fault_mangement_and_maintenance
16:24:02 <sgordon_> right
16:24:05 <russellb> so yeah, we should work together :)
16:24:10 <sgordon_> i see translation as actually what we aim to assist with
16:24:13 <russellb> yup
16:24:20 <sgordon_> what we need more help with is documenting the compelling use cases
16:24:27 <sgordon_> to then get acceptance of those proposals
16:24:28 <niclem> @russellb: yes
16:24:43 <niclem> but maybe people here should also get engaged in these meeting @ opnfv
16:25:27 <sgordon_> arguably that's why this discussion is happening
16:25:36 <sgordon_> but i think from an openstack perspective
16:25:44 <sgordon_> the way to drive things in openstack, is from within
16:26:22 <russellb> agree, sgordon_
16:26:23 <sgordon_> even this group is arguably one removed from ideal versus to discussing directly in project meetings
16:26:34 <russellb> here we work on the mappings
16:26:39 <sgordon_> but i think it is close enough to that while trying to provide a venue for non-developers to contribute
16:26:41 <russellb> once we have the mappings, needs to move to project specific discussions
16:27:04 <russellb> is how i look at it, i think
16:27:09 <sgordon_> +1
16:27:13 <russellb> mapping, and general tracking
16:27:18 <smazziotta> +1
16:27:24 <sgordon_> i think this will be something we revisit in that ops summit session
16:27:29 <sgordon_> to confirm everyone is on the same page
16:27:32 <russellb> good idea
16:27:43 <sgordon_> i have put it in the etherpad to try and help frame that session
16:27:51 <sgordon_> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kilo-summit-ops-telco
16:28:33 <sgordon_> #info Expect further discussion in Ops Summit session on engagement model, goals, mission
16:28:53 <sgordon_> #info Aim is currently to provide mappings of use cases to requirements to blueprint proposals
16:29:17 <sgordon_> #info Remain close as possible to development community to drive from within OpenStack community, not externally.
16:30:10 <sgordon_> #topic Open Discussion
16:30:22 <sgordon_> i didnt have anything further for today
16:30:28 <sgordon_> any volunteers?
16:30:43 <sgordon_> actually something i did want to raise
16:31:02 <sgordon_> IPV6 was mentioned, and great work has been done on neutron on this
16:31:14 <sgordon_> how do we raise/track requirements for the next step
16:31:29 <russellb> would be good to do an eval of current state, and what's missing
16:31:30 <sgordon_> e.g. confirming all services work with IPV6 endpoints for example
16:31:47 <russellb> i'm sure it's all perfect
16:31:54 <sgordon_> inorite
16:31:58 <niclem> there is this blog http://techs.enovance.com/7199/journey-of-ipv6-in-openstack
16:32:23 <russellb> niclem: nice!
16:32:31 <niclem> ;)
16:32:33 <sgordon_> the blog is still very neutron focused
16:32:38 <sgordon_> is what im trying to hit on here
16:32:58 <sgordon_> there is likely some cross project work to hit that im not sure is covered by existing efforts
16:33:05 <russellb> good point
16:33:13 <sgordon_> #link http://techs.enovance.com/7199/journey-of-ipv6-in-openstack
16:33:14 <russellb> not sure i've ever seen references to using ipv6 api endpoints
16:33:18 <sgordon_> my concern is cross-project work
16:33:31 <sgordon_> typically proves challenging
16:33:42 <sgordon_> yeah
16:33:48 <russellb> on a somewhat related note, for kilo we have a new specs repo for cross project specs
16:33:51 <russellb> that is owned by the TC
16:34:00 <russellb> we're hoping to improve review of cross project efforts
16:34:06 <russellb> to help with some of the problems we've seen
16:34:10 <russellb> where one side is waiting for the other
16:34:12 <russellb> and we deadlock
16:34:15 <sgordon_> #info cross project specs repo exists for kilo, owned by TC, for use for efforts that cross all projects
16:34:19 <sgordon_> right
16:34:44 <sgordon_> anyway i just thought i'd raise it
16:34:50 <russellb> raise away good sir!
16:34:54 <sgordon_> i am sure ipv6 will be discussed in some form on the neutron track
16:35:06 <sgordon_> im just wondering about how far it needs to spread beyond that to get end to end
16:35:26 <russellb> yes.
16:35:27 <russellb> :)
16:36:26 * sgordon_ hops off soap box
16:36:29 <sgordon_> anyone else?
16:36:36 <r-mibu> If we have time, I'd like to introduce OPNFV projects briefly in NFV Ops session
16:36:42 <r-mibu> who is organizing the session?
16:38:07 <sgordon_> i believe at the moment carol barrett from intel, andrew mitry from comcast, and myself
16:38:41 <sgordon_> typically these sessions are fairly free form rather than a presentation as such
16:38:56 <sgordon_> we have an item in the etherpad about relationship to other groups (incl. OPNFV)
16:39:08 <sgordon_> so typically when we reach it we would have an open discussion in the room
16:39:32 <sgordon_> you could consider adding some items under it on the etherpad to frame that discussion though
16:39:33 <r-mibu> ok, thanks
16:39:33 <sgordon_> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kilo-summit-ops-telco
16:39:38 <russellb> moderated discussion
16:39:45 <russellb> is a good description of what to expect
16:39:50 <sgordon_> effectively the organizers just moderate
16:39:52 <sgordon_> yeah that
16:40:00 <russellb> and everyone is welcome to speak up
16:40:10 <russellb> so if you want to speak, sit as close to the front as you can
16:40:14 <russellb> or you'll have a harder time
16:40:24 <sgordon_> but not so close that you dont get a power point
16:40:26 <sgordon_> ;p
16:41:37 <r-mibu> some folks will join the summit from OPNFV, so we should moderate topics in OPNFV team first
16:42:12 <smazziotta> when and where is the OPNFV summit ?
16:42:35 <russellb> not sure i understand that last comment, tbh..
16:42:55 <cgoncalves> smazziotta: OPNFV summit? I've no knowledge of such thing existing in a near future
16:42:55 <r-mibu> i mean OPNFV members
16:43:06 <niclem> maybe this https://wiki.opnfv.org/hackfests/openstackparis2014
16:43:21 <r-mibu> niclem yep
16:44:43 <smazziotta> ok. is that the meetup as discussed on the opnfv mailing list ?
16:47:25 <sgordon_> i guess my caution would be rather than trying to moderate topics internally first
16:47:41 <sgordon_> it's better to come to the community meeting and have an open discussion there
16:47:43 <sgordon_> just my 2c
16:48:46 <r-mibu> yes, will post to opnfv mailing list first
16:49:09 <r-mibu> thanks
16:49:24 <sgordon_> ok
16:49:29 <sgordon_> if that's all for today....
16:49:38 <russellb> thanks!
16:49:38 <sgordon_> #info no IRC meeting next week (Paris Summit!)
16:49:41 <russellb> see you all in paris.
16:49:42 <sgordon_> #endmeeting