19:02:16 <shamail> #startmeeting nonatc
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19:02:30 <shamail> Hi everyone.  Who’s here today?
19:02:53 <shamail> This might be a quick meeting.  :-)
19:03:08 <MeganR> o/ - but also on a Webex, so slower to respond
19:03:21 <shamail> ping dabukalam
19:03:23 <shamail> Hi Megan!
19:03:25 <shamail> np
19:03:37 <shamail> Let’s give this a few minutes… if it is just us then we can defer to next week.
19:03:46 <shamail> The agenda would still be relevant
19:03:48 <shamail> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/NonATCRecognition#Meeting_Information
19:03:49 <MeganR> sounds good
19:05:07 <shamail> Alright, I will go ahead and end the meeting for today.  I will make sure to send out a reminder for the meeting next week (I think that still helps).
19:05:13 <shamail> Thanks for joining MeganR
19:05:32 <MeganR> yw - thank you for the quick meting  :)
19:05:35 <shamail> #endmeeting