21:02:22 <russellb> #startmeeting nova
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21:02:31 <russellb> hello, everyone!
21:02:33 <mriedem1> hi
21:02:35 <hartsocks> hey
21:02:35 <mikal> Heya
21:02:37 <cyeoh> hi
21:02:37 <alaski> o/
21:02:41 <dripton> hi
21:02:46 <bpb> hi
21:02:59 <melwitt> hi
21:03:08 <russellb> #topic havana-rc1
21:03:11 <russellb> #link https://launchpad.net/nova/+milestone/havana-rc1
21:03:18 <russellb> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Havana_Release_Schedule
21:03:40 <russellb> so our current release goal is producing RC1
21:04:01 <russellb> RC1 can be released once the havana-rc1 milestone page on launchpad has everything marked as implemented
21:04:12 <russellb> let's look at blueprints first
21:04:20 <russellb> the blueprints are ones granted an exception
21:04:45 <russellb> ephemeral storage encryption may need to be deferred unless it can make it in by sometime tomorrow
21:04:53 <russellb> but it doesn't look like it's getting much review attention
21:05:27 <russellb> any strong objections to that getting deferred if necessary?
21:05:32 <bpb> Any review would be appreciated, and also on this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/46091/
21:06:09 <russellb> OK
21:06:09 <bpb> The ephereral link is here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/40467/
21:06:14 <russellb> thanks
21:06:33 <russellb> #help ephemeral storage encryption needs review and merging this week to make Havana
21:06:53 <russellb> the other blueprint is really for a bug
21:07:10 <russellb> it has been reviewed and right now it's on me to give feedback on the direction
21:07:20 <bpb> Russelb:  That's right, and it's the higher priority
21:07:33 <russellb> i intend to get feedback posted tomorrow
21:07:46 <bpb> RusselB: Thanks!
21:07:50 <russellb> sure np
21:08:06 <russellb> alright, on to the bug list ..
21:08:23 <russellb> lots on the bug list, but actually only 15 not already in progress, so it's not so bad
21:08:36 <russellb> we have more triage work to do though, 68 New bugs
21:08:43 <russellb> need to make sure there's nothing critical in there
21:09:02 <russellb> any comments or questions on bugs?  or the rc process in general?
21:09:09 <dripton> Are we having problems tagging bugs with keywords, or are there some keywords that need more bug triagers?
21:09:40 <russellb> dripton: less than 10 without tags right now i think
21:09:57 <russellb> 6
21:10:10 <mriedem1> russellb: i was kind of wondering why this was tagged rc1? https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1218593
21:10:12 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1218593 in nova "virt drivers should raise NotImplementedError instead of pass for plug_vifs" [Low,Triaged]
21:10:29 <mriedem1> i opened it, mainly for cleanup, wouldn't consider it needed for the release
21:10:38 <russellb> no idea
21:10:44 <russellb> let's untarget it then
21:10:47 <mriedem1> done
21:10:50 <russellb> cool
21:11:22 <russellb> for reference, you can find bug triage info starting with this page:
21:11:23 <russellb> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Nova/BugTriage
21:11:48 <russellb> so basically we need some more triage, need review all the bug fixes for targeted bugs, and fix up anything else we want to make sure gets in ...
21:11:53 <russellb> i think we're on track right now
21:12:04 <russellb> I don't have much else on havana status
21:12:22 <russellb> we can discuss more in open discussion if anyone thinks of anything
21:12:25 <russellb> #topic design summit
21:12:37 <russellb> just a reminder that the site for proposing sessions is open
21:12:43 <russellb> #link http://summit.openstack.org
21:12:45 <dansmith> I need to add at least a session to talk about upgrades and objects
21:12:49 <dansmith> I've been putting that off
21:13:02 <russellb> dansmith: i put a placeholder in for "the road to live upgrades"
21:13:07 <dansmith> oh, cool
21:13:09 <russellb> dansmith: would you want to do objects separately?
21:13:15 <dansmith> I was thinking maybe we should,
21:13:19 <russellb> fine with me
21:13:20 <dansmith> just to talk about oslo stuff and what not
21:13:22 <russellb> sure
21:13:33 <russellb> i wasn't expecting to lead the live upgrades one by myself or anything
21:13:36 <russellb> just getting it on the list
21:13:45 <dansmith> suuure
21:13:51 <russellb> was going to drag you and others into putting notes together for things to discuss :-)
21:14:13 <dansmith> cool
21:14:22 <johnthetubaguy> I added a XenAPI road map session, but still working out what other blueprints will need a look
21:14:30 <russellb> sounds good
21:14:56 <russellb> i'd also encourage everyone to comment on proposals if you have opinions, it lets you do that now
21:14:58 <johnthetubaguy> stuff like pcloud stuff, I guess Phil will put that up
21:15:27 <russellb> couple thoughts on sessions ... we had way more proposals than time slots last time and i expect that to be the case again
21:15:43 <russellb> we should look for cases where the topic is not controversial and could be easily covered on the mailing list
21:15:48 <russellb> those should probably be given a lower priority
21:16:15 * johnthetubaguy1 sorry, IRC keeps playing up for me
21:16:24 <russellb> and i think it would be good to come up with a good way to let lots of people vote on sessions so it's not largely left up to the PTL to come up with the final list
21:16:35 <russellb> not sure the best way to gather that feedback yet
21:16:58 <russellb> any other design summit comments / questions?
21:17:07 <johnthetubaguy1> I like the wider voting
21:17:14 <russellb> cool
21:17:58 <russellb> #topic open discussion
21:18:01 <russellb> anything else for today?
21:18:29 * dansmith makes the sound of crickets
21:18:38 <russellb> I'm OK with short meetings
21:19:12 <russellb> we'll probably start having much more to cover when we get back to reviewing blueprints for the next relelase roadmap
21:19:40 <mriedem1> i guess i have one thing to ask about
21:19:57 <mriedem1> there is some debate in the bug report on if this is a feature or not: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/45072/
21:20:06 <mriedem1> i think it smells like a feature though...
21:20:37 <russellb> yes
21:20:40 <hartsocks> Well… I see your first problem...
21:20:45 <hartsocks> "Provide"
21:20:47 <russellb> and i'm a little confused (but this is my first look at it)
21:21:01 <mriedem1> hartsocks: yeah, the language is all wrong
21:21:03 <mriedem1> "seems like"
21:21:10 <russellb> they're saying a standard URI is bad and it should be freeform?  do what?
21:21:54 <dripton> That's a feature.
21:22:03 <russellb> but yeah i think it's a feature
21:22:10 <russellb> and even if we weren't in a freeze, i'm not sure i agree
21:22:19 <russellb> i generally think we should just be using the keystone catalog for this stuff anyway
21:22:22 <dripton> It might not be a *good* feature, but it's certainly not a bug.
21:22:36 <mriedem1> yeah, i think it's a specific use case where they don't want to be tied to what nova is using to parse the URI
21:22:58 <mriedem1> dripton: right, even with a blueprint i don't see this moving...
21:23:19 <russellb> well, added a -2
21:23:45 <mriedem1> russellb: dripton: thanks for the input, basically just trying to bring attention b/c i'm kind of fighting a losing battle on it
21:24:31 <dripton> What's the preferred way to deal with non-bug non-FFE reviews during freeze?  -1 them or just ignore them?
21:25:18 <russellb> -1 is fine
21:25:28 <russellb> or get someone to -2 it so it sticks
21:25:30 <hartsocks> If I were the dev, I would prefer a −1 and a comment as to why.
21:25:58 <russellb> yeah, better than ignoring and having them just wonder :)
21:26:09 <dansmith> unless the author is mriedem1
21:26:09 <mriedem1> "why won't he call me back?!"
21:26:10 <dripton> I dropped a few -1s but it felt kind of mean since they were decent patches, just at the wrong time.  But I guess it should be on the dev to mark it WIP if it's during the freeze.
21:26:11 <mriedem1> right
21:26:37 <mriedem1> dansmith: remember, i didn't author the instance.fault monstrosity...
21:26:47 <hartsocks> I've said, "This is a good patch, but −1 because…"
21:27:06 <dansmith> mriedem1: whatever, you have aliases
21:27:35 <mriedem1> Donald_Fagen...
21:27:47 <russellb> any other topics?
21:28:03 <dansmith> mriedem1: good one
21:28:22 <russellb> k, thanks everyone!
21:28:24 <russellb> #endmeeting