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21:00:43 * Vek checks in anyway
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21:00:55 * mriedem calls everyone's mom to tell them to wake up
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21:01:07 <mriedem> #link agenda https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Nova
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21:01:10 <mikal> Hi
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21:01:26 <mriedem> #topic release-status
21:01:34 <mriedem> spec review day on 11/19 i guess?
21:02:02 <mriedem> mitaka-1 is 12/1; This is also non-priority spec and blueprints freeze
21:02:16 <mriedem> i'm assuming that's proposal freeze
21:02:32 <bauzas> mriedem: correct
21:02:33 <mriedem> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Nova/Mitaka_Release_Schedule
21:02:40 <bauzas> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-November/078558.html
21:02:43 <mriedem> so get your specs up before 11/19 to get them reviewed
21:02:50 <mriedem> and before 12/1 for sure
21:03:01 <mriedem> after that we only review specs that were proposed before 12/1
21:03:22 <mriedem> ML thread is what bauzas' linked
21:03:27 <mriedem> questions?
21:03:45 <mriedem> nova design summit etherpads are here https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Design_Summit/Mitaka/Etherpads#Nova
21:04:12 <mriedem> on to process changes
21:04:23 <mriedem> note the [release] tag - what's that mean?
21:04:38 <mriedem> anyone? beuler?
21:05:01 <bauzas> there are a few changes in the release process
21:05:03 <Vek> release-related emails sent to the list should be tagged with that.  Think that's largly to get PTL attention
21:05:09 <mriedem> ah ok
21:05:31 <mriedem> that's been around for awhile with the #openstack-release channel
21:05:40 <mriedem> that's where one goes to beg for releases of things, talk about schedules, etc etc
21:05:50 <bauzas> re: to that, I wrote something for reno
21:06:00 <mriedem> reno: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-November/078301.html
21:06:13 <mriedem> yeah, bauzas has a change up for in-tree release notes
21:06:16 <mriedem> link?
21:06:20 <bauzas> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+topic:add-reno,n,z
21:06:48 <mriedem> releasing from our own stable branches: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-November/078281.html
21:06:53 <bauzas> in the meantime I feel we should stick with the wikipage
21:06:54 * mriedem has not read most of these in detail
21:07:01 <mriedem> bauzas: for now yeah
21:07:13 <mriedem> i updated the liberty release notes yesterday for a thing we missed, a deprecated option
21:07:33 <mriedem> i guess i'll read up on the stable branch release process since that's my job
21:07:57 <mriedem> looser milestone synchronization? http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-November/078280.html
21:08:04 <mriedem> man the release ppl have been busy with process
21:08:22 <mriedem> i'm guessing that just means ttx won't herd cats across all projects for cutting m-1
21:08:23 <mriedem> but idk
21:08:37 <mriedem> release request process change: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-October/077034.html
21:08:49 <mriedem> the big thing there is you have to push 2 chagnes for a release on a thing, like novaclient
21:08:55 <mriedem> one to the releases repo for the version bump,
21:08:57 <Vek> s/ttx/Doug Hellmann/ I believe
21:09:01 <mriedem> and one to the requirements repo for the upper-constraints bump
21:09:07 <mriedem> they are the same person i think
21:09:18 <mriedem> never see them in the same room
21:09:34 <dhellmann> mriedem : you obviously didn't watch our conference talk ;-)
21:09:37 <mrda> lol
21:09:39 <mriedem> smoke and mirrors
21:09:47 <dhellmann> haha
21:09:47 <mriedem> finally, release liaisons http://docs.openstack.org/project-team-guide/release-management.html#release-liaisons
21:09:52 <mriedem> john is looking for one
21:10:17 <bauzas> that's doable
21:10:18 <mriedem> looks like that is mostly tracking status and doing admin paperwork in LP
21:10:34 <mriedem> any questions on any of this?
21:10:44 * dhellmann makes a note to update that section of the guide to remove the LP bits
21:11:08 <mriedem> ok
21:11:12 <mriedem> #topic blueprints and specs
21:11:15 <mriedem> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mitaka-nova-spec-review-tracking
21:11:27 <mriedem> that's the etherpad with the bp's and specs by category
21:11:37 <mikal> Oh, cool
21:11:41 <mriedem> i've noticed some specs and specless bp's not on there, which isn't the end of the world,
21:11:46 <mriedem> but it helps the core team
21:12:17 <mriedem> "time to revive the code that got blocked by feature freeze"
21:12:27 <mriedem> so, restore changes that you still want,
21:12:31 <mriedem> ping people about removing -2s
21:12:31 <mriedem> etc
21:12:39 <mriedem> re-propose specs before 12/1
21:12:39 <mriedem> etc
21:12:45 <mriedem> questions?
21:13:07 <mriedem> specless blueprints are in the etherpad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mitaka-nova-spec-review-tracking
21:13:13 <cburgess_> mriedem We should be putting approved specs on that etherpad then?
21:13:16 <mriedem> if you have one, post it in the section in there and we'll take a look
21:13:29 <mriedem> cburgess_: it's more been about unapproved
21:13:37 <mriedem> for teh review team, we just strike them out when done
21:14:00 <cburgess_> Ahh ok just checking to see if I needed to do paperwork for that RBD spec that just merged or not.
21:14:01 <mriedem> i think it's helpful to categorize the things
21:14:06 <mriedem> nope
21:14:32 <mriedem> questoins on specless blueprints?
21:14:43 <mriedem> moving on
21:14:46 <mriedem> #topic reminders
21:15:02 <mriedem> mitaka review priorities, quick hit bugs and sub-team reviews are in https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mitaka-nova-priorities-tracking
21:15:27 <mriedem> i haven't checked the trivial bug list in awhile, how is that going?
21:15:52 <mriedem> also, do we increment those merge counters? i do when i remove something from the list, but i don't know if everyone does
21:15:56 <bauzas> so far so good
21:16:04 <bauzas> +1
21:16:18 <mriedem> not sure what that +1 means :)
21:16:26 <mriedem> or you're wondering the same
21:16:28 <bauzas> like I do also the increment
21:16:28 <dansmith> to incrementing the counter
21:16:37 <mriedem> ok
21:16:53 <bauzas> but it has been a while that I haven't looked at the list
21:17:00 <mriedem> yeah, summit will do that for people
21:17:01 <bauzas> lxsli was having some patches
21:17:06 <mriedem> i'm reviewing more specs than code this week
21:17:23 <mriedem> moving on
21:17:24 <mriedem> #topic bugs
21:17:27 <mriedem> gate status: http://status.openstack.org/elastic-recheck/index.html
21:17:31 <mriedem> the only big nova gate issue is the cells job
21:17:34 <bauzas> right
21:17:38 <mriedem> http://status.openstack.org/elastic-recheck/index.html#1489581
21:17:47 <mriedem> which we have several changes up for, mostly debugging
21:18:11 <mriedem> we haven't hit a recreate on the unique constraint change after like 9 rechecks, nor on the change that updates the bdm object logic
21:18:11 <bauzas> I'm thinking of a possible change
21:18:25 <dansmith> mriedem: the UC is just to catch it,
21:18:28 <mriedem> bauzas: did you want to maybe push that so we could recheck it a few times?
21:18:31 <mriedem> dansmith: yeah
21:18:32 <dansmith> but the other one could be actually fixing it right?
21:18:40 <mriedem> could be
21:18:49 <bauzas> mriedem: I'll work on it tomorrow EU morning
21:18:51 <mriedem> i had a question on that one, but we cna do that in -nova
21:18:58 <dansmith> mriedem: and that patch isn't obviously wrong or worse,
21:19:05 <dansmith> so why not just clean it up and merge and get the real data on it?
21:19:11 <dansmith> we could always revert it if it doesn't fix it
21:19:15 <alaski> +1
21:19:18 <mriedem> well, does BDM(device_name='foo').save() work the same for changed fields?
21:19:21 <bauzas> fair point
21:19:24 <dansmith> you could squash mine into yours
21:19:42 <mriedem> that was the only question on i had on that one
21:19:45 <mriedem> but a unit test would tell me too
21:19:49 <dansmith> I don't know what you mean
21:19:50 <dansmith> okay
21:19:58 * bauzas finding changes to leave people understanding the convo
21:19:58 <mriedem> i can squash and start writing tests, cleaning it up
21:20:10 <dansmith> cool
21:20:10 <mriedem> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/241742/
21:20:14 <mriedem> ^ is what we're talking about
21:20:19 <dansmith> don't forget my CAB or I'll kill you in your sleep
21:20:24 <mriedem> CAB?
21:20:29 <dansmith> Co-Authored-By
21:20:34 <mriedem> oh on the squash
21:20:38 <cburgess_> lol
21:20:41 <dansmith> :P
21:20:45 <Vek> heh :)
21:20:47 <mriedem> Solely-Authored-By: Matt Riedemann <notinanywaydansmith>
21:20:51 <dansmith> hehe
21:21:03 <mriedem> moving on
21:21:05 <mriedem> 3rd party ci status
21:21:11 <mriedem> intel CI has seemed to be busted
21:21:15 <dansmith> intel pci is in the toilet
21:21:18 <mriedem> http://ci-watch.tintri.com/project?project=nova&time=7+days
21:21:23 <mriedem> i was going to say toilet but restrainted
21:21:25 <mriedem> *restrained
21:21:28 <dansmith> I pinged heyongli earlier, but no response
21:21:31 <mikal> Do we have someone chasing that?
21:21:35 <mriedem> probably not
21:21:35 <dansmith> restrainted is cool too
21:21:36 <n0ano> again?  sigh, I'll find out what happened
21:21:38 <mikal> I'd be willing to poke some people over that
21:21:50 <mriedem> i'm willing to poke people w/o a reasson
21:21:53 <mriedem> ML can do that too
21:21:54 <tonyb> mikal: at the summit a coup[le of people said they were "on it"
21:21:54 <dansmith> honestly, I think we need to have a bigger talk
21:22:06 <dansmith> it's broken so often that it's just noise at this point
21:22:14 <dansmith> I feel like we need to have some sort of change of management on it
21:22:15 <mikal> dansmith: yeah, I'm thinking its time for some sort of ops team on the hook for that thing
21:22:16 <mriedem> it's at least non-voting, but yeah
21:22:22 <dansmith> or get rid of it, but that leaves a lot of things uncovered
21:22:27 <dansmith> mikal: something
21:22:33 <mriedem> we'll need it for this sr-iov attach/detach spec
21:22:34 <mikal> Ok, let me take that to some intel contacts and see what happens
21:22:46 <mikal> I will report back in the next nova meeting in this timeslot
21:23:02 <mriedem> i usually just use 3rd party ci as a means to not approve things that are covered by those jobs
21:23:11 <mriedem> which is a form of motivation i guess
21:23:12 <bauzas> well, we need PCI CI for more than just a BP :p
21:23:19 <mriedem> yeah i know
21:23:39 <bauzas> freezing PCI changes ? heh
21:24:10 <mriedem> well, like i'm holding up some virtuozzo bp changes b/c of missing CI
21:24:27 <mriedem> anyway
21:24:39 <mriedem> there was one critical bug on the meeting agenda pointing to https://review.openstack.org/#/c/235303/ but that's merged as of 10/21
21:24:44 <mriedem> so i don't know what's up with that
21:24:47 <mikal> n0ano: I'll cc you on my email
21:25:00 <n0ano> mikal, tnx, I'll poke internally also
21:25:02 <mriedem> any other critical bugs anyone knows about?
21:25:23 <tonyb> mriedem: I think that needs/wants a liberty backport
21:25:32 <tonyb> mriedem: which is in gerrit
21:25:43 <mriedem> ah i see it
21:25:46 <mriedem> i can hit that one after the meeting
21:25:58 <mriedem> thanks tonyb
21:26:10 <mriedem> #topic bug reminders
21:26:12 <mriedem> Triaging: Top 3 subteams with most "New" bugs: volumes: 10, libvirt: 9, vmware: 5
21:26:26 <mriedem> those numbers might have changed by now
21:26:39 <mriedem> i was looking at volume related bugs a couple of weeks ago and we could really use some focus htere
21:26:58 <mriedem> hard part is many of them are elaborate vendor setups that we don't have CI testing for in nova
21:27:02 <mriedem> at least IMO
21:27:16 <tonyb> mriedem: the cinder/nova session the cinder guys said they'd help triage baugs tagged with volumes
21:27:20 <mriedem> anyway, i usually ping cinder people on some nova volume bugs
21:27:29 <mriedem> lots of multipath bugs
21:27:32 <mriedem> from what i remmeber
21:27:43 <mriedem> could be fixed with os-brick in liberty and the bugs were just pre-liberty
21:27:44 <dansmith> not new news
21:27:46 <mriedem> anyway, moving on
21:27:46 <mriedem> yeah
21:28:01 <mriedem> stable branches - juno eol is happening soonish
21:28:17 <mriedem> apevec was asking about that the other day, so we're going to be scrubbing stable/juno changes for the final cut
21:28:25 <mriedem> i think that anything tha'ts wedged by requirements hell is just going to miss out
21:28:31 <mriedem> which puts tonyb out of a job
21:28:38 <tonyb> mriedem: noooooo
21:28:47 * tonyb writes an email
21:29:00 <dansmith> yeeesssssss
21:29:04 <mriedem> #topic stuck reviews
21:29:07 * dansmith plans to delete a mail
21:29:08 <mriedem> there is nothing on the agenda
21:29:24 <dansmith> I was promised a 10 minute meeting
21:29:26 <dansmith> so let's move on
21:29:28 <mriedem> i guess one i was thinking of was markuz's config option centralization spec - i'd like to see people +1/+2 that
21:29:31 <Vek> haha :)
21:29:36 <mriedem> dude, 30 min standard
21:29:48 <mriedem> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/227948/
21:29:49 <dansmith> I'll try to hit that config one tomorrow
21:29:53 <mriedem> if people cared about that, please ack ^
21:30:20 <mriedem> anything else on stuck reviews?
21:30:22 <tonyb> Ahh it's been updated post summit ...
21:30:30 <mikal> Oh, I need to re-review then
21:30:34 <mriedem> tonyb: yeah, plus i feel like i just keep trolling it
21:30:59 <mriedem> i don't care too much either way, but it impacts all dev so i feel like many people should be acking it
21:31:11 <mriedem> moving on
21:31:15 <mriedem> #topic open discussion
21:31:18 <mriedem> mdorman: you're up https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/cells-v1-interface-events
21:31:26 <mriedem> how to move forward on cells v1 attach/detach vifs
21:31:51 <mriedem> there is code up for review to add that support for cells v1,
21:32:03 <mriedem> but as it's a neutron only API thing, and we don't have a cells v1 + neutron CI job, that's one issue
21:32:10 <mriedem> another is it's adding more stuff to cells v1
21:32:15 <mriedem> which distracts from cells v2
21:32:38 <dansmith> yeah, and I'm -1 on both fronts
21:32:39 * mriedem opens up the floor for debate
21:32:44 <alaski> testing is definitely a big concern
21:32:49 <dansmith> because I spent the last 24 hours trying to convince someone not to make me support cellsv1
21:32:52 <mriedem> i have a change up for testing cells v1 + neutron
21:33:02 <mdorman> hey sorry
21:33:02 <dansmith> mriedem: how close is it?
21:33:08 <mriedem> dansmith: i haven't looked inawhile
21:33:11 <mriedem> since before summit
21:33:19 <dansmith> if it's anything like nova-net was in terms of effort to get it passing, I'm not interested
21:33:19 <mdorman> internet connection issues
21:33:24 <dansmith> if it already works, then maybe
21:33:26 <mriedem> i think cells v1 + neutron ci is valuable regardless
21:33:33 <dansmith> but I'm also not sure I think it's useful to spend CI resources on it
21:33:35 <mriedem> i don't think it'll be the same effort
21:33:36 <dansmith> heh
21:33:43 <dansmith> see, here's the thing:
21:33:56 <dansmith> I think that people running cells today either have massively modified neutron (rax) or they're using nova-net (cern)
21:34:17 <mdorman> we fit in to that first category
21:34:19 <mriedem> well, at some point we want to test cells v2 + neutron right?
21:34:27 <mdorman> cv1 + neutron modified
21:34:32 <mgagne> we don't run a modified neutron nor nova-net.
21:34:33 <dansmith> mdorman: right
21:34:48 <mriedem> mgagne: are you nova-net or both?
21:34:59 <mgagne> mriedem: stock neutron only
21:35:02 <mriedem> ok
21:35:04 <dansmith> mgagne: which driver?
21:35:11 <mgagne> dansmith: ml2+linuxbridge
21:35:16 <dansmith> okay
21:35:30 <alaski> mriedem: we did say that nova-net should support cells v2
21:35:30 <mriedem> the job i had been testing was ovs since that's devstack default still (at least i think it is)
21:35:42 <alaski> but the norm definitely seems to be neutron now
21:35:47 <alaski> for current cells users
21:35:48 <mriedem> alaski: neutron is the way of the future
21:35:56 <mriedem> there is no fighting it
21:36:02 <mdorman> so are we saying g that attach/detch patch won’t be merged w/o a test, and there is not support for putting effort into adding the test?
21:36:20 <dansmith> I don't think we should merge it without test coverage
21:36:22 <mriedem> i'm in favor of getting cells + neutron ci going
21:36:37 <mriedem> yeah, i think cells attach/detach depends on ci testing
21:36:44 <alaski> mriedem: I am as well as that represents the biggest class of users we know about
21:37:04 <mriedem> keeping in mind that cells + neutron ci is not a priority
21:37:16 <mriedem> but if it only takes some work to get that going, it'd be worth it imo
21:37:19 <dansmith> alaski: and drop the n-net job or run both?
21:37:23 <mriedem> run both
21:37:26 <alaski> dansmith: preferably both
21:37:33 <mriedem> or cells + neutron on experimental queue to start
21:37:38 <mriedem> that's the usual progression
21:37:40 <dansmith> I just don't think it's worth that, given we're about to lose a bunch of CI capacity
21:37:44 <alaski> but if resources are constrained I would go with neutron
21:37:52 <mriedem> experimental is on demand
21:38:03 <dansmith> yeah, to start for sure
21:38:06 <mriedem> but prone to bit rot because it is
21:38:25 <dansmith> my other concern is our ability to debug cells issues on neutron once it's gating us
21:38:41 <mriedem> dude, i'm pretty sure that's easy peasy
21:38:49 <mriedem> what could go wrong
21:38:51 <bauzas> shhhhht
21:39:02 <mriedem> so to summarize,
21:39:16 <mriedem> i think we are -1 on mdorman's attach bp w/o cells + neutron CI
21:39:23 <cburgess_> Well we want to run cells V2 when its out and we will be using neutron
21:39:30 <mriedem> yeah
21:39:43 <mriedem> so we should put some effort into a ci job for cells + neutron
21:39:50 <mriedem> which i'm half assedly started
21:39:53 <mriedem> let's hire jogo back
21:39:58 <mdorman> so is there any realistic path to getting it +2’d?  is it worth putting more effort into it?
21:40:11 <dansmith> mdorman: get the job working
21:40:20 <mriedem> mdorman: yeah, we need to put effort into the ci job
21:40:29 <mriedem> i would probably not work on the code change until that point
21:40:31 <mdorman> that one you propose mriedem ?
21:40:34 <mdorman> *proposed
21:40:36 <mriedem> yeah
21:40:39 <mriedem> let me find it
21:40:46 <mgagne> does the job exist already? or would it need to be created?
21:40:47 <mriedem> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/235485/
21:40:50 <mriedem> no
21:40:54 <mriedem> it's just a localrc really
21:40:56 <mdorman> i think you linked it on that review
21:41:05 <dansmith> have we seen any runs of it yet?
21:41:06 <mgagne> ok, found it
21:41:09 <tonyb> that's a lot of red
21:41:20 <mriedem> http://logs.openstack.org/85/235485/4/check/gate-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full/9fec667/console.html.gz#_2015-10-27_22_22_00_087
21:41:22 <mriedem> 39 failures
21:41:28 <mriedem> however,
21:41:43 <mriedem> as i've seen with the lxc job testing, those are usually cumulative failures b/c you're hitting some test that isn't supported in that config
21:41:53 <mriedem> once you start pruning the list, things settle down
21:42:01 <dansmith> is the job you're adding even in there? I'm confused
21:42:05 <mriedem> no
21:42:15 <mriedem> it's a d-g change
21:42:19 <dansmith> oh, I see you're just hacking
21:42:22 <mriedem> to stub out the project config
21:42:23 <mriedem> yeah
21:42:41 <mriedem> i think ssh is causing issues
21:42:53 <dansmith> so what's the requirement? do we let them skip tests or make them all have to work?
21:43:01 <dansmith> ssh meaning "networking at all" right? :)
21:43:06 <mriedem> we start by skipping tests for things that we know don't work
21:43:19 <mriedem> which we do today in other ci jobs
21:43:31 <mriedem> we do a lot of that in the nova-net + cells job
21:43:34 <alaski> I will want to know the difference between the current skip list and a neutron skip list
21:43:35 <dansmith> oh, this is not already skipping the ones we skip for normal cells?
21:43:39 <mriedem> alaski: yeah
21:43:41 <mriedem> it is
21:43:49 <dansmith> okay
21:43:50 <mriedem> but since it's neutron, it flips a switch in tempest to do otther things
21:43:53 <mriedem> that i haven't sifted through yet
21:43:56 <dansmith> okay
21:44:06 <mriedem> so, it just takes some digging
21:44:17 <mriedem> i got the lxc job down to 3 failures
21:44:19 <tonyb> mriedem: do you have time for said digging?
21:44:21 <dansmith> so, really, if we're going to do this,
21:44:28 <mriedem> tonyb: maybe
21:44:30 <dansmith> why aren't we just letting people submit any features to cellsv1?
21:44:58 <mgagne> dansmith: feature? you mean "feature parity" ?
21:45:00 <mriedem> imo the attach/detach change is pretty small
21:45:13 <mdorman> tbh, that’s what we’d like to be doing.  many larger deployers are carrying a bunch of local patches for v1 stuff.  many of them are common among many of us, so we'd like to get them in upstream.
21:45:14 <dansmith> mgagne: yeah, we specifically said we weren't going to do this, even for parity
21:45:26 <dansmith> mdorman: we know
21:45:30 <alaski> dansmith: I think this is mostly about getting in changes that operators are sharing amongst themselves
21:45:36 <dansmith> alaski: I understand that
21:45:36 <mriedem> i'm of the opinion that if ops are running with these things already and we can get them in with little impact and tested, then i don't think there is a big problem with it
21:45:41 <mdorman> kk
21:46:01 <dansmith> so are we opening up to anything that is parity and bugs >1 operator?
21:46:16 <mriedem> and <huge PITA
21:46:19 <mriedem> + IC
21:46:20 <mriedem> *CI
21:46:32 <alaski> I think we evaluate based on code impact, similar to stable branches
21:46:37 <mriedem> right
21:46:48 <mdorman> that seems fair to me
21:46:51 <mriedem> i went through the ops cells v1 patches etherpad at one point, there are some things in there we just wouldn't do
21:46:52 <mriedem> for v1
21:47:20 <mgagne> so to take an actual example, we won't see aggregate/flavor update support in cells v1
21:47:24 <mriedem> anyway, let's see if we can get the neutron + cells thing to a sane level, and go from there
21:47:31 <dansmith> okay, well, I'm completely -1 on this plan, but I'm clearly in the minority
21:47:49 <mriedem> if we don't get the job going it's kind of a moot point
21:48:03 <alaski> yep
21:48:17 <mriedem> anything else on this?
21:48:33 <mriedem> any other open discussion?
21:48:41 <mdorman> i'm good.  thanks for the discussion and direction, this is helpful
21:49:04 <mriedem> cool - i'd like a lot more comms between ops and nova really
21:49:06 <mriedem> this is part of that
21:49:10 <mriedem> more so than nova + vendors
21:49:28 <mriedem> if nothing else, let's end early
21:49:39 <bauzas> \o/
21:49:40 <Vek> +1
21:49:44 <mriedem> #endmeeting