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14:00:55 <tssurya> Hi Everyone, I just want to quickly introduce myself here.  I am Surya, a newbie to the openstack developer community. I joined the cloud team at CERN recently with Belmiro as my supervisor, mainly for upstream contributions to nova cell_v2.
14:01:23 <edleafe> Welcome, tssurya!
14:01:30 <mriedem> welcome
14:01:39 <mriedem> #link agenda https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Nova#Agenda_for_next_meeting
14:01:43 <mriedem> let's get started
14:01:47 <mriedem> #topic release news
14:01:53 <mriedem> #link Queens release schedule: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Nova/Queens_Release_Schedule
14:02:01 <mriedem> #info Re-propose and review specs for Queens
14:02:11 <mriedem> #info queens-1 milestone is Oct 19
14:02:19 * bauzas waves
14:02:23 <mriedem> yikes, so about a month
14:02:27 <mriedem> to q-1
14:03:09 <mriedem> i think we should at least have dansmith's efficient multi-cell instance listing changes, alternative hosts, and efried's ksa adapter endpoint discovery stuff all merged by then
14:03:23 <dansmith> gotta have migration uuid by then too, IMHO
14:03:38 <mriedem> oh right yeah. really the instance listing thing should be done in the next week or two
14:03:49 <dansmith> or.. done this week :)
14:04:11 <mriedem> we told the neutron team we'd shoot for q-1 for nested resource providers, which was priority #3 for placement, so that's going to be tight
14:04:27 <bauzas> I'm on the review side
14:04:29 <dansmith> especially with jay shoveling out his yard
14:04:32 <bauzas> for nested RPS
14:05:11 <mriedem> #info Blueprints: 37 targeted, 10 approved, 1 complete
14:05:12 <edleafe> I'll be reviewing those, too
14:05:31 <mriedem> we can get into the nitty gritty in a bit
14:05:37 <mriedem> #topic bugs
14:05:50 <mriedem> nothing critical
14:06:01 <mriedem> #info 4 new untriaged bugs (no change from last week)
14:06:25 <bauzas> I was unable to triage 3 of those
14:06:33 <mriedem> i triaged one last night where the person was definitely confused about devstack default mode not doing reschedules or up-calls at all
14:06:37 <bauzas> so second eyes would be appreciated
14:06:54 <mriedem> so we probably have an opportunity to put something into devstack docs to talk about cells v2 and link to our cells v2 layout docs
14:06:56 <mriedem> if someone wants that
14:07:09 <dansmith> or hurry up and get it fixed
14:07:42 <mriedem> for reschedules sure,
14:07:46 <mriedem> the upcall thing not so much
14:07:55 <mriedem> tihs was the server group affinty check
14:07:58 <mriedem> but moving on
14:08:01 <dansmith> ah
14:08:10 <mriedem> gate status, besides the live migration qemu thing from the other day, is ok
14:08:27 <mriedem> 3rd party CI: a few were broken last night but a fix is going through now
14:08:40 <mriedem> #topic reminders
14:08:47 <mriedem> i don't have anything to remind anyone about
14:08:59 <mriedem> #topic stable branch status
14:09:06 <mriedem> #link stable/pike: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+branch:stable/pike,n,z
14:09:12 <mriedem> #link Pike 16.0.1 release request https://review.openstack.org/#/c/505796/
14:09:12 <patchbot> patch 505796 - releases - pike: release nova 16.0.1
14:09:27 <mriedem> thanks to tonyb and lyarwood for the stable pike review push last week at the ptg
14:09:54 <mriedem> #link stable/ocata: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+branch:stable/ocata,n,z
14:09:59 <mriedem> #link stable/newton: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+branch:stable/newton,n,z
14:10:05 <mriedem> those are doing ok for now
14:10:38 <mriedem> #topic subteam highlights
14:10:42 <mriedem> dansmith: cells v2
14:10:47 <dansmith> ohai
14:11:06 <dansmith> so, we ended up having a hangout meeting so we could go over some of the finer points of my efficient instance list series,
14:11:13 <dansmith> which I think was pretty successful
14:11:30 <dansmith> also got some good review from mr "i-will-find-any-holes" gibi last night
14:11:32 <mriedem> #link efficient multi-cell instance listing series starts here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/504983/
14:11:32 <patchbot> patch 504983 - nova - Add base implementation for efficient cross-cell i...
14:11:46 <gibi> :)
14:11:47 <dansmith> we also talked about progress on the console proxy patch series
14:12:06 <dansmith> that's about it.. just steaming ahead.
14:12:28 <mriedem> tssurya: since you're new, just fyi that there is a weekly cells v2 meeting
14:12:47 <mriedem> tssurya: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#Nova_Cellsv2_Meeting
14:13:13 <mriedem> tssurya: since cern is a big cells v1 shop, it would be great to get any feedback on what cern is doing to transition to cells v2
14:13:30 <mriedem> tssurya: because we plan on dropping support for cells v1 in the next release (rocky)
14:13:53 <mriedem> edleafe: scheduler highlights
14:14:00 <edleafe> Meeting was sparsely attended on Monday, so no new directions since PTG
14:14:03 <edleafe> Starting to work on priorities set at PTG
14:14:06 <edleafe> Return alternate host spec: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/504275/
14:14:06 <patchbot> patch 504275 - nova-specs - Return Alternate Hosts
14:14:08 <edleafe> Nested RP spec re-proposed: https://review.openstack.org/505209/
14:14:09 <patchbot> patch 505209 - nova-specs - Re-propose nested resource providers spec
14:14:11 <edleafe> Work not yet re-started on nested RP (thanks, Irma!)
14:14:13 <edleafe> Lots of placement objects successfully unregistered
14:14:16 <edleafe> That's it.
14:14:57 <mriedem> and the migration uuid stuff is taking a back seat until we land the efficient cross cell listing stuff
14:15:29 <mriedem> but yeah we should focus on alternative hosts
14:15:31 <mriedem> thanks ed
14:15:39 <mriedem> alex_xu: API meeting highlights?
14:16:07 <mriedem> anyone at the api meeting?
14:16:09 <mriedem> was there an api meeting?
14:16:21 <mriedem> ok moving on
14:16:27 <mriedem> gibi: was there a notification meeting?
14:16:31 <gibi> nope
14:16:44 <mriedem> ok priority is on the bdm series?
14:16:52 <gibi> yes, let's get close that
14:17:06 <gibi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bug/1718226+(status:open+OR+status:merged)
14:17:17 <gibi> and besides that we only have the transformation work
14:17:22 <mriedem> thanks, beat me to it
14:17:25 <gibi> sure
14:17:45 <mriedem> cinder
14:17:50 <mriedem> we have a meeting later today
14:18:08 <mriedem> they are working on the new microversion to add the shared connection flag to the attachments model i think
14:18:31 <tssurya> mriedem : yes thanks for the info, I was about to attend the cell_v2 meeting yesterday, but it did not happen.
14:18:55 <mriedem> tssurya: yeah, sorry, it is usually just me, dansmith and melwitt, so we got on a hangout to talk through some code changes
14:19:00 <dansmith> tssurya: sorry about that, we decided at the last minute to have it in hangouts
14:19:13 <dansmith> tssurya: definitely a good idea to just hang out in #openstack-nova to see those kinds of changes
14:19:24 <dansmith> tssurya: but I can try to remember to ping you next time if that happens
14:19:25 <mriedem> tssurya: btw, what timezone are you in?
14:19:50 <tssurya> mriedem : UTC +1
14:20:16 <tssurya> dansmith : a ping would be great!
14:20:27 <dansmith> tssurya: but please do hang out in the nova channel,
14:20:35 <dansmith> tssurya: most of the discussion will happen there and not in meetings :)
14:20:56 <dansmith> tssurya: anyway, let's let the meeting proceed and we can chat in -nova after if you like
14:20:57 <tssurya> dansmith : good to know, will start hanging out there
14:21:18 <mriedem> ok so back to the cinder stuff,
14:21:24 <mriedem> this is a new change since the ptg on the cinder side https://review.openstack.org/#/c/504467/
14:21:25 <patchbot> patch 504467 - cinder - Check for outstanding attachments during reserve
14:21:46 * jaypipes just ran nested patch set tests... need to fix a bunch of stuff
14:21:47 <mriedem> i think that's to address the window when we swap attachments and want to keep the volume reserved
14:21:53 <mriedem> johnthetubaguy: fyi ^
14:22:11 <mriedem> i don't see any changes or specs for a new microversion on the cinder side for shared storage connections modeling, so will bring that up in the meeting later today
14:22:18 <mriedem> #topic stuck reviews
14:22:29 <mriedem> there was nothing on the agenda. does anyone have something they need to bring up here?
14:22:46 <mriedem> ok moving on
14:22:49 <mriedem> #topic open discussion
14:22:58 <mriedem> there was nothing on the agenda, but i have one small thing
14:23:22 <mriedem> we didn't talk about spec freeze dates at the ptg, but i'm assuming people are ok with q-1 for spec freeze
14:23:27 <mriedem> that's what we've done the last 2 releases
14:23:58 <johnthetubaguy> seems reasonable, I was hoping to do some spec reviews soon, and get the ironic traits stuff up for review
14:24:24 <mriedem> ok that's that then
14:24:28 <mriedem> anything else today?
14:24:46 <bauzas> the thing is, something depending on some design that is not firm by before m-1 has litterally no chances to be merged for Queens
14:24:53 <bauzas> so yeah
14:25:08 <mriedem> yup,
14:25:13 <mriedem> ok let's call it a meeting then, thanks everyone
14:25:16 <mriedem> #endmeeting