16:00:11 <gibi> #startmeeting nova
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16:00:21 <gibi> o/
16:00:25 <dansmith> o/
16:01:05 <lyarwood> o/
16:01:25 <gmann> o/
16:02:05 <gibi> #topic Bugs (stuck/critical)
16:02:18 <gibi> no critical bugs
16:02:23 <gibi> #link 28 new untriaged bugs (-3 since the last meeting): https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bugs?search=Search&field.status=New
16:02:29 <stephenfin> o/ (late)
16:02:29 <gibi> I see negative delta again, thanks for the help!
16:02:47 <gibi> but still please look at the untriaged bug list and try to push some bugs forward
16:02:56 <gibi> any bugs we need to talk about here?
16:04:14 <gibi> #topic Runways
16:04:19 <gibi> etherpad #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/nova-runways-victoria
16:04:26 <gibi> bp/add-emulated-virtual-tpm the slot expires today. The bottom 7 patches are +2 from me. I can continue reviewing but we need somebody else from the core team to sign up before I feel confident to add some extra time to this item in the slot.
16:05:27 <gibi> anybody? :)
16:06:17 <gibi> OK, then I will double check the status of this tomorrow before I pull it from the slot
16:06:30 <gibi> the second part of bp/use-pcpu-and-vcpu-in-one-instance got feedback, but still has many patches waiting for review
16:06:53 <gibi> it has time until Monday in the slot
16:07:16 <gibi> the bp/max-concurrent-snapshots has been merged
16:07:35 <gibi> the bp/provider-config-file has been added to a slot. tony_su confirmed that will be available in the next two weeks to iterate on it.
16:07:53 <gibi> and as I looked at that series before I will look at it again
16:08:08 <gibi> but need a helping hand here as well
16:08:51 <stephenfin> I can help with that
16:08:56 <gibi> cool
16:09:49 <gibi> We also have two cyborg related items in the runway queue that will have a chance to enter a slot during next week I guess
16:10:03 <gibi> anything else about runways?
16:11:37 <gibi> #topic Release Planning
16:11:44 <gibi> 3 weeks until Victoria M2 which will be a spec freeze
16:12:27 <gibi> I'm fine with the current scope of the cycle but if there any spec that is close then let me know and I read
16:12:48 <gibi> anything else about the coming release?
16:14:10 <gibi> #topic Stable Branches
16:14:24 <gibi> lyarwood, elod: any news?
16:15:11 <lyarwood> gibi: queens and rocky should now be green again
16:15:17 <lyarwood> gibi: no releases planned until M2
16:15:22 <lyarwood> gibi: that's about it for this week
16:15:26 <gibi> thanks
16:15:39 <gibi> #topic Sub/related team Highlights
16:15:45 <gibi> API (gmann)
16:15:58 <gmann> nothing specific from my side on API this week
16:16:16 <gibi> Libvirt (bauzas)
16:16:21 <gibi> gmann: thanks
16:16:34 <gibi> we dont have bauzas today (I guess)
16:16:51 <gibi> so moving forward
16:16:52 <gibi> #topic Stuck Reviews
16:16:59 <gibi> nothing on the agenda
16:17:13 <gibi> is there any stuck review?
16:18:10 <gibi> #topic Open discussion
16:18:23 <gibi> (stephenfin) Using 'Backport-Candidate' Gerrit feature for nova reviews, as recently introduced in oslo, kolla, etc.
16:18:43 <gibi> we discussed a bit this in the EU morning
16:18:53 <stephenfin> yup
16:19:18 <gmann> that will be helpful like done in other projects too
16:20:03 <stephenfin> Basic idea is to make figuring out what should be backported easier to do, by moving it into the tooling
16:20:33 <stephenfin> *same tooling we use for reviews in general
16:21:14 <gmann> and 'Gate fix' label can be added too to avoid manual ping/ML notification.
16:21:19 <gibi> I'm supportive due to help recording the backport potential during the review. Still we need to use LP to target bugs to series to indicate how far we need to backport
16:21:47 <stephenfin> when useful, yes
16:21:56 <lyarwood> yup I'm happy with using the label and LP to target things if required
16:22:37 <dansmith> this is just a flag so we can query for things that need backporting?
16:22:47 <stephenfin> yarp
16:22:50 <gibi> bauzas was not fully supporting in the morning but did not rejected the idea either
16:23:05 <dansmith> cool
16:23:09 <gmann> also -1 on 'Backport-Candidate' will also be helpful to clearly notify that if not backporting was discussed for particular patch.
16:23:33 <stephenfin> dansmith: https://review.opendev.org/#/q/label:Backport-Candidate%253D%252B2
16:23:45 * dansmith nods
16:24:00 <dansmith> I saw it on an oslo patch earlier in the week
16:24:16 <gibi> I see that we are in agreement to at least try to use it
16:24:41 <gibi> stephenfin, gmann: is there any documentation about the usage of this label in other projects we can re-use in our documentation?
16:25:09 <stephenfin> I haven't seen any but it's almost certainly in the contributor guide or kolla docs
16:25:26 <gmann> gibi: we can add small document in label. -1 means this +2 means this like that
16:25:49 <gibi> gmann: so it can be self documenting?
16:25:53 <gibi> that is even better
16:25:54 <gmann> so that when you try to vote +2/-1 then  that statement of what it means shows.
16:26:25 <gibi> stephenfin: as you proposed to use this could you enable it for nova?
16:26:26 <gmann> test line is more appropriate work then small document
16:26:28 <gmann> word
16:26:45 <stephenfin> gibi: Sure. Won't be this week but I'll talk to infra about it
16:26:52 <gibi> stephenfin: thanks
16:27:03 <gmann> stephenfin: you can propose in project-config
16:27:12 <stephenfin> oh, nice
16:27:20 <stephenfin> config-driven-infra++
16:27:30 <gibi> :)
16:27:52 <gibi> there is nothing else on the agenda
16:27:54 <gmann> like i did for Review Priority label in qa #link https://review.opendev.org/#/c/739550/
16:29:11 <gibi> if nothing else for today then I will close this meeting
16:29:20 <stephenfin> thanks
16:30:03 <gibi> thanks for joining!
16:30:06 <gibi> #endmeeting