16:01:05 <lyarwood> #startmeeting nova
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16:01:23 <dansmith> o/
16:01:46 <lyarwood> \o
16:01:50 <lyarwood> anyone else?
16:02:23 <lyarwood> okay well this should be quick then
16:02:25 <lyarwood> #topic Last meeting
16:02:48 <lyarwood> I've not updated the wiki but I don't think there was anything from last week
16:03:24 <lyarwood> #topic Bugs (stuck/critical)
16:04:17 <lyarwood> I don't see anything stuck or critical
16:04:43 <lyarwood> #link 34 new untriaged bugs (-5 since the last meeting) https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bugs?search=Search&field.status=New
16:05:19 <lyarwood> #link 6 untagged untriaged bugs (-5 change since the last meeting): https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bugs?field.tag=-*&field.status%3Alist=NEW
16:05:41 <lyarwood> okay, can you tell I'm doing this on the fly \o/
16:05:44 <lyarwood> moving on
16:05:53 <lyarwood> #topic Runways
16:06:01 <lyarwood> etherpad #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/nova-runways-victoria
16:06:02 <dansmith> Not sure why you're putting on a show just for me, but.. go on :)
16:06:48 <lyarwood> 2 out of 3 slots full, still don't have anything for the third otherwise people would be here I guess :)
16:07:05 <lyarwood> dansmith: haha yeah I'll just copy paste the rest if you don't have anything
16:07:14 <artom> ~o~ if it helps you feel better
16:07:22 <artom> Not that I have anything to say
16:07:39 <dansmith> I don't
16:07:42 <lyarwood> okay assuming there's nothing else to say about the runway slots
16:07:46 <lyarwood> cool
16:07:54 <lyarwood> #topic Release Planning
16:08:32 <lyarwood> We have 4 weeks until Milestone 3 which is Feature Freeze
16:08:42 <lyarwood> #topic Stable Branches
16:08:58 <lyarwood> Nothing to say this week, lots ready for final +2's if stable cores have time iirc
16:09:07 <lyarwood> #topic Sub/related team Highlights
16:09:12 <lyarwood> API (gmann)
16:09:18 <lyarwood> ^ has an internal meeting and can't be here
16:09:26 <lyarwood> Libvirt (bauzas)
16:09:35 <lyarwood> ^ is on PTO for another 2(?) weeks
16:09:44 <lyarwood> #topic Stuck Reviews
16:10:04 <lyarwood> I don't think we have any this week
16:10:11 <lyarwood> #topic Open discussion
16:10:22 <lyarwood> aaaaaaaaaand I don't think there's any need for it this week
16:10:22 <dansmith> no
16:10:30 <dansmith> :)
16:10:35 <lyarwood> #endmeeting