00:00:07 <oomichi> #startmeeting nova-api
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00:00:22 <oomichi> Hi - so who's here today?
00:00:39 <masayukig> o/
00:00:43 <GMann> Hi
00:01:19 <tinoue> o/
00:01:48 <oomichi> ok, thanks for joining.
00:02:03 <oomichi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/NovaAPI#Agenda
00:02:14 <oomichi> is today agenda
00:02:30 <oomichi> #topic v2 on v3 API POC
00:02:58 <oomichi> After the last meeting, I tried v2.1 PoC again
00:03:17 <oomichi> and we have gotten a good result on the PoC
00:03:44 <oomichi> I think we can explain the merit of v2.1 API.
00:04:14 <oomichi> so the key is how many APIs are different between v2 and v3 for the development.
00:04:30 <oomichi> GMann, can you show it?
00:05:30 <GMann> oomichi: Total 200 APIs are different in term of API response body/ success code/ request url or body
00:05:33 <GMann> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvimqlvxcSGGdEluMUFaVUJpVWxBc3pfb3V2V2dDVVE#gid=3
00:05:50 <oomichi> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvimqlvxcSGGdEluMUFaVUJpVWxBc3pfb3V2V2dDVVE#gid=3
00:06:09 <oomichi> GMann: thanks
00:06:13 <GMann> it is 79% APIs differ and 21% are same.
00:06:36 <oomichi> The number is bigger than I expected..
00:07:16 <oomichi> We need many patches for v2.1 API, but I guess each patch would  be easy.
00:07:56 <oomichi> Each patch adds a gap between v2 and v3 only, and we have already written it on some wiki.
00:08:16 <oomichi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/NovaAPIv2tov3
00:08:43 <oomichi> GMann: so have you written the differences on the wiki?
00:08:49 <GMann> oomichi: Yes, even many will be very easy where just name is changed for example confirmResize -> confirm_resize
00:09:11 <GMann> Oomichi: Yes, i have updated the wiki accordingly
00:09:24 <oomichi> GMann: yes, right. it would be easy patch:-)
00:09:48 <oomichi> GMann: thanks! that would be nice to review patches also:)
00:10:40 <oomichi> I'd like to explain current status of the development on the next meeting of Nova.
00:10:47 <oomichi> thanks a lot
00:11:12 <oomichi> #topic API Response validation in tempest
00:11:49 <oomichi> now we are working for tempest also.
00:12:15 <oomichi> the work can block nova API backward incompatible changes
00:12:42 <oomichi> on the above PoC also, tempest have detect the changes.
00:13:00 <oomichi> the work is nice, I feel now.
00:13:29 <oomichi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/tempest+branch:master+topic:bp/nova-api-attribute-test,n,z
00:13:56 <oomichi> the development progress seems nice
00:14:25 <oomichi> Many patches have been already merged, and some patches remain in review.
00:14:44 <oomichi> but I feel we can merge all of them before the summit.
00:14:59 <oomichi> are there any concerns about this work?
00:15:12 <oomichi> GMann?
00:15:28 <GMann> oomichi:No, i think its going good.
00:15:47 <oomichi> ok, I am glad to hear that.
00:16:04 <oomichi> #topic SDK port for v3 API
00:16:50 <oomichi> oh, mrda is away now.
00:17:01 <oomichi> will skip here.
00:17:18 <oomichi> #topic v2.1/v3 API sessions for the summit
00:17:53 <oomichi> alex_xu and I are preparing some docs for the summit.
00:18:05 <oomichi> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/novav3junosummit
00:18:25 <oomichi> is the etherpad for the summit.
00:18:32 <tian> oomichi, it seems good
00:18:43 <tian> and i have a question
00:18:46 <oomichi> tian: thanks:)
00:18:55 <oomichi> tian: go ahead
00:19:21 <tian> the pci api was in v3 , need to put it to V2 now ?
00:19:41 <oomichi> tian: that is a good question.
00:20:19 <oomichi> If we will get a consensus for v3 API, I feel we don't need to port it to v2.
00:20:45 <oomichi> because current v2(v2.0) will be deprecated after juno.
00:21:08 <oomichi> but it is the subject of the summit, I am not sure now.
00:21:15 <tian> that's say, the new API will be  merged into V3 only in the future ?
00:21:32 <tian> got it, thanks
00:21:33 <oomichi> I guess so.
00:21:50 <oomichi> and we can use it as v2.1 API also.
00:22:15 <tian> when we will deprecate the v2.1?
00:22:28 <oomichi> tian: I feel https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/NovaApiValidationFramework#Combination_of_v2.1_and_v3_APIs is nice for you
00:22:59 <tian> oomichi ,thanks
00:23:07 <oomichi> tian: just IMO, v2.1 is not deprecated during v3 is current.
00:24:02 <oomichi> tian: we don't need to deprecate v2.1 when v3 is current because the maintenance cost of v2.1 is very low.
00:24:46 <oomichi> as the above pictore shows, v2.1 is implemented with just the converting layer.
00:25:31 <oomichi> tian: that would be a main topic in the summit, thanks for pointing it out.
00:25:53 <tian> it is a long time v3 with v2.1 ,thanks. after a long holiday, a lot of changes happen :)
00:26:24 <oomichi> tian: yes right:)
00:26:55 <tian> ooichi ,i will see the details today, you can go ahead
00:27:05 <oomichi> #topic V3 tightens and makes input validation for names consistent across the API
00:27:28 <oomichi> sorry, I'm not sure that someone added it to agenda.
00:28:01 <oomichi> who has added it?
00:28:36 <masayukig> maybe, chris?
00:28:43 <masayukig> https://wiki.openstack.org/w/index.php?title=Meetings/NovaAPI&action=history
00:29:17 <oomichi> masayukig: thanks
00:29:53 <oomichi> he can not make it today.
00:30:05 <oomichi> and I will access to him later.
00:30:20 <oomichi> #topic Open Discussion
00:30:47 <oomichi> anything else people wanted to talk about?
00:31:39 <tian> oomichi ,i need you to review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/76829/
00:32:11 <tian> oomichi: thanks
00:32:12 <oomichi> tian: OK, I will see it later:)
00:32:39 <oomichi> anything else?
00:32:51 <tian> after this merged, the policy works can countine
00:33:07 <tian> no
00:34:15 <oomichi> tian: I will review it deeply, can I ping you later?
00:34:41 <tian> oomichi: fine , thanks
00:34:53 <oomichi> tian: OK, thanks
00:35:16 <oomichi> so thanks for joining today.
00:35:23 <oomichi> bye
00:35:26 <tian> bye
00:35:27 <GMann> Thanks
00:35:31 <GMann> bye
00:35:36 <masayukig> thanks
00:35:38 <oomichi> #endmeeting