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00:01:12 <oomichi> Hi - so who's here today?
00:01:18 <alex_xu> hi
00:01:23 <GMann> Hi
00:02:22 <oomichi> ok, let's get started
00:02:31 <oomichi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/NovaAPI#Agenda
00:02:43 <oomichi> ^^^ is today agenda
00:03:03 <oomichi> #topic v2.1 on v3 API
00:03:20 <oomichi> #link https://review.openstack.org/84695
00:03:47 <oomichi> now the nova-spec of v2.1 is reviewed, and it got one +2 and need more.
00:04:14 <oomichi> I guess we will be able to get another +2 soon, and we can start it
00:04:51 <oomichi> alex_xu, could you also develop it together?
00:04:59 <oomichi> for  v2.1 api
00:05:00 <alex_xu> yea, I asked more review on nova meeting. hope somebody notice it.
00:05:21 <oomichi> thanks, nice pushing:)
00:05:34 <oomichi> I also wil try it later.
00:06:02 <oomichi> I think current spec is enough for v2.1 already, and just waiting for review.
00:06:25 <alex_xu> there is nova specs review day in next week
00:06:35 <alex_xu> that is chance for us
00:06:58 <oomichi> yes, right. 6/25 since http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/nova/2014/nova.2014-06-19-21.00.log.html
00:07:26 <oomichi> but I hope the spec will be approved before it;-)
00:07:38 <alex_xu> me too :)
00:07:50 <oomichi> anyway, just need to waiting now.
00:08:10 <oomichi> so are there anything else about v2.1?
00:08:45 <GMann> 1 question-
00:08:59 <oomichi> please go ahead
00:09:25 <GMann> as spec got 1 +2, can we restore the existing  patches for basic framework
00:10:10 <oomichi> GMann: yes, right. and now these patches are just WIP. not abandoned
00:10:43 <oomichi> GMann: so it is not necessary to restore, just removing WIP.
00:10:57 <GMann> ohk.
00:11:05 <GMann> Thats good. Thanks
00:11:18 <oomichi> OK, go the next topic
00:11:34 <oomichi> #topic v2.1+microversion
00:11:51 <oomichi> #link https://review.openstack.org/96139
00:12:02 <oomichi> ^^^ is spec for microversion.
00:12:30 <oomichi> and there are many idea for microversion, that is great thing.
00:13:14 <oomichi> I think it is good to review it before specs review day.
00:14:06 <oomichi> to merge many proposals to a few.
00:15:10 <oomichi> one interesting idea is microvesion-up happens when backward incompatible change happens.
00:15:21 <oomichi> from alaski
00:15:39 <oomichi> that seems nice idea for me.
00:16:05 <oomichi> the above microversion means global single microversion, not extension microversion.
00:16:40 <oomichi> when backward compatible changes, not increase the single microversion.
00:16:56 <oomichi> just increase extension microversion.
00:17:40 <oomichi> that seems the best in current proposals.
00:17:47 <GMann> ya, thats seems good. as it reduce the maintainance cose of lot of microversions
00:18:12 <oomichi> GMann: yes, right. that is a point:)
00:18:14 <GMann> and basically the overhead of lot of microversions from user points of view
00:18:44 <oomichi> agree, users will confuse due to a lot of microversions.
00:19:23 <oomichi> and it is difficult to specify the microversion in request header if there is a lot of microversions.
00:19:44 <GMann> right.
00:20:05 <GMann> I will have a look into the spec today. Thanks for information.
00:20:13 <oomichi> so I hope many developers will review it.
00:20:22 <oomichi> GMann: thanks in advance:)
00:20:49 <oomichi> ok, move on the next topic.
00:21:05 <oomichi> #topic input validation
00:21:28 <oomichi> this is my main working area ;-)
00:21:45 <oomichi> the nova-spec of api validation has been approved.
00:21:58 <oomichi> and we can restart it now.
00:22:13 <alex_xu> good news :)
00:22:22 <oomichi> the patches are in https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+branch:master+topic:bp/v3-api-schema,n,z
00:22:28 <GMann> Yes, thats really good.
00:22:28 <oomichi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+branch:master+topic:bp/v3-api-schema,n,z
00:22:41 <oomichi> thanks:)
00:23:31 <oomichi> all of the link are for current APIs.
00:24:01 <oomichi> but I guess we need more api validation patches if porting more APIs to v2.1 API.
00:24:23 <oomichi> such as nova-network, image/volume-proxy apis.
00:25:04 <oomichi> are there the other apis to need to implement api validation?
00:25:45 <oomichi> I guess the above apis are all, but I have a concern I miss something.
00:27:05 <oomichi> anyway, please let me know anything else:)
00:27:37 <oomichi> #topic tasks api
00:27:54 <oomichi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/92005/
00:28:10 <oomichi> ^^^ is spec of tasks api.
00:28:30 <oomichi> and we are already reviewing it.
00:29:18 <oomichi> I feel the spec also is enough already.
00:30:22 <melwitt> oomichi: that link is v3 api policy spec
00:30:34 <oomichi> oh, sorry.
00:30:47 <oomichi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/86938/
00:30:50 <alex_xu> heh :), thanks for pushing it
00:31:06 <oomichi> alex_xu: yea;-)
00:31:13 <GMann> :)
00:31:31 <oomichi> so, I guess all of the above links are our targets of nova-specs.
00:31:45 <oomichi> including "v3 api policy spec"
00:32:14 <oomichi> I hope we will review all of them before spec review day.
00:32:58 <alex_xu> yea, there is too much controversy for api policy, so hope it can be reviewed also.
00:33:04 <alex_xu> s/is/isn't/
00:33:27 <oomichi> alex_xu: i got it. will review it soon:-)
00:33:35 <alex_xu> oomichi, thanks
00:34:02 <oomichi> alex_xu: one question about policy
00:34:14 <alex_xu> oomichi, sure, please go ahead
00:34:54 <oomichi> alex_xu: current v3 policy represents v3 as is. but when v2.1, we use it as for v2.1 api.
00:35:35 <oomichi> will you rename it when v2.1?
00:35:55 <oomichi> eg: compute_extension:v3:os-pci:show": "rule:admin_api",
00:36:06 <oomichi> -> compute_extension:v2:os-pci:show": "rule:admin_api" or something.
00:36:25 <alex_xu> oomichi, good question, I'm not sure we can rename to v2.1, after we got microversion, the version will also change
00:37:03 <oomichi> alex_xu: ah, I see.
00:37:05 <yjiang5> oomichi: I plan to asking question on pci API. We don't have v2 pci API, right?
00:37:14 <alex_xu> oomichi,  I guess we may remove the version from the policy
00:37:25 <oomichi> that is one topic of microversion.
00:38:26 <oomichi> yjiang5: do you have spec for v2 pci api now?
00:38:51 <oomichi> alex_xu: ah, that seems nice idea.
00:39:03 <yjiang5> oomichi: I plan to submit one, but not sure if we should do that still. We can talk in the open discussion.
00:39:27 <oomichi> yjiang5: thanks:-)
00:39:45 <oomichi> yjiang5: I guess we can have enough time for open discussion.
00:40:02 <oomichi> #topic Tempest API response validation work
00:40:13 <oomichi> GMann: could you lead it?
00:40:19 <GMann> Sure
00:40:30 <GMann> Progress on this is good - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmYuZ6T4IJETdEVNTWlYVUVOWURmOERSZ0VGc1BBQWc#gid=3
00:41:00 <GMann> and review progress also good. some more pending review can be found - https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/tempest+branch:master+topic:bp/nova-api-attribute-test,n,z
00:41:33 <oomichi> GMann: thanks a lot, nice work:)
00:42:05 <oomichi> GMann: is all of them on the link? or will you create more patches?
00:42:21 <oomichi> GMann: for this work?
00:42:27 <GMann> For current tempest API test, it all about
00:42:54 <oomichi> GMann: great, ok this list also my todo.
00:42:55 <GMann> but if we have ~36 % API which are not covered in tempest so those needs to be implement
00:43:35 <oomichi> GMann: that means Tempest does not test 36% nova apis?
00:44:23 <GMann> I think yes for V2 API. from https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmYuZ6T4IJETdEVNTWlYVUVOWURmOERSZ0VGc1BBQWc#gid=3
00:45:15 <oomichi> GMann: thanks for your effort, I got it. I guess some non-tested api needs infra changes if testing on gate.
00:45:53 <oomichi> GMann: so 100% seems difficult to be covered.
00:45:55 <GMann> yes, most of them are like that and looks like unnecessary for tempest
00:46:48 <oomichi> GMann: I see, I will review current queue on gerrit.
00:46:54 <GMann> So about API validation for those API needs to be implemented at Nova side? as in tempest it will be non run code.
00:47:37 <GMann> as shchema validation is required for 100% API
00:47:52 <oomichi> GMann: that is good point, I hope do it but I feel it is difficult to do it now.
00:48:24 <oomichi> GMann: so I think it is enough to test them with unittests of nova as the first step.
00:48:55 <oomichi> are there anything else about this topic?
00:49:05 <GMann> Nothing else.
00:49:08 <GMann> Thanks
00:49:14 <oomichi> GMann: thanks
00:49:21 <oomichi> #topic open discussion
00:49:47 <oomichi> yjiang5, could you talk about pci api?
00:49:51 <yjiang5> oomichi: yes.
00:50:07 <oomichi> yjiang5: is there any spec in gerrit already?
00:50:21 <yjiang5> oomichi: currently we have v3 PCI api, but no V2, because we were told V2 will be legacy. So my question is, should we still have V2 API for PCI?
00:50:52 <oomichi> for current v2 api?
00:51:02 <oomichi> not v2.1 api?
00:51:25 <yjiang5> oomichi: Wil v2.1 based on V3 API?
00:51:41 <oomichi> yjiang: yes, right.
00:51:57 <yjiang5> oomichi: so I assume we don't need any work, right?
00:52:09 <oomichi> yjiang: when we move to v2.1 api, we can use v3 api also.
00:52:27 <oomichi> yjiang: right ;-)
00:52:51 <yjiang5> oomichi: Possibly I should do more homework before I raise to this meeting. I will do more invesgitation, and possibly ping you in IRC, would it be ok? I think I need get the idea of micro version better.
00:53:02 <oomichi> yjiang: we can use v3 pci api without any works when moving v2.1 api.
00:53:11 <yjiang5> oomichi: cool.
00:53:51 <oomichi> yjiang: Ok, I'm glad to work it together.
00:54:03 <yjiang5> oomichi: thanks.
00:54:12 <oomichi> yjiang: np:)
00:55:12 <oomichi> yjiang5: if you have any idea for microversion, it is very nice to share it on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/96139/
00:55:31 <oomichi> yjiang5: anyway let talk it later:)
00:55:33 <yjiang5> oomichi: sure.
00:55:52 <oomichi> are there any topics here?
00:56:55 <oomichi> ok, thank you very much for joining!
00:57:11 <GMann> Thanks all. Have a nice day.
00:57:14 <oomichi> #endmeeting