17:00:15 <alaski> #startmeeting nova_cells
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17:00:35 <alaski> anyone around for the meeting today?
17:00:39 <dheeraj-gupta-4> o/
17:00:46 <dansmith> o/
17:00:59 <melwitt> o/
17:01:10 <alaski> #topic Tempest testing
17:01:17 <alaski> melwitt: anything to report here?
17:01:34 <lalitd> hello
17:01:47 <alaski> btw, I updated the goo.gl link in the wiki because the job name changed
17:02:18 <melwitt> alaski: oh cool. I don't have anything to report
17:02:28 <alaski> melwitt: great, thanks
17:02:37 <alaski> #topic open reviews
17:02:58 <alaski> new flavor tables in the api db at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/201606/
17:03:16 <alaski> and request spec persistence at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/211753, though I need to fix up tests and split that somehow
17:03:40 <alaski> anything else to call out?
17:03:50 <alaski> mlavalle: around?
17:03:58 <mlavalle> yeah
17:04:19 <alaski> #topic gather ideas for Neutron and cells v2
17:04:32 <alaski> mlavalle: want to speak to this?
17:04:35 <mlavalle> I just wanted to mention that I added a etherpad to the agenda, to gather inpout on neutron suppor for cells 2
17:05:40 <alaski> are you looking for general ideas, or are there specific things you'd like input on?
17:06:05 <alaski> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/neutron-nova-v2-cells
17:06:07 <mlavalle> any ideas you think are relevant for the topic
17:06:25 <mlavalle> and i'll populate it over the next few weeks
17:07:06 <alaski> cool
17:07:37 <mlavalle> that's all i have
17:07:46 <alaski> everyone please take a look and add anything that's important to your interactions between nova and networking
17:08:10 <alaski> #topic Open Discussion
17:08:34 <alaski> anyone have a topic for today?
17:08:40 <dheeraj-gupta-4> alaski : We are working on flavor objects
17:08:55 <dheeraj-gupta-4> maybe we will have some sort of code before end of this week
17:09:21 <alaski> dheeraj-gupta-4: great.  you're adding support for flavor objects to work with multiple dbs, or adding a new object?
17:09:22 <dheeraj-gupta-4> Maybe I'll ping you when it is up, because there a re afew sticking points
17:09:37 <alaski> dheeraj-gupta-4: that would be good
17:09:40 <dheeraj-gupta-4> support for flavor object to work with 2 dbs
17:09:44 <alaski> great
17:09:57 <melwitt> I started working on the db connection switching at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/161906/ yesterday. it's -W for now while I fix a circular import and do more testing
17:10:45 <alaski> melwitt: awesome.  would you like some reviews in the meantime?
17:11:59 <alaski> anything else for today?
17:12:02 <melwitt> alaski: yes, that would be good because I feel like it might be off from what you had in mind. I was trying to materialize an initial attempt
17:12:23 <alaski> melwitt: gotcha.  I'll take a look, and encourage others to as well
17:12:31 <melwitt> alaski: cool, thanks
17:13:19 <alaski> I think that's it for today
17:13:26 <alaski> thanks everyone
17:13:35 <alaski> #endmeeting