21:01:30 <alaski> #startmeeting nova_cells
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21:01:42 <bauzas> #endmeeting ?
21:01:47 * bauzas tries to help dansmith
21:01:52 <dansmith> hah\
21:01:52 <alaski> hah
21:02:01 <alaski> we'll keep this short
21:02:07 <alaski> but not that short
21:02:14 <melwitt> o/ hi
21:02:17 <mriedem> o/
21:02:23 <doffm> o\
21:02:27 <alaski> #topic testing
21:02:40 <alaski> nothing seems to have broken recently
21:03:01 <alaski> but ccarmack has changed some of the v1 regexes to ids, which should help prevent breaks
21:03:21 <ccarmack> yes, thats been merged
21:03:36 <melwitt> cool
21:03:47 <alaski> on the v2 side the consensus has been that we need a simple command for devstack to use to setup cells. once that's in place we should look at getting grenade going
21:03:55 <bauzas> ++
21:04:23 <alaski> I'm working on fixing up my PoC around that
21:04:29 <melwitt> is this separate from "the one command to rule them all?"
21:04:31 <bauzas> I wrote https://review.openstack.org/#/c/267153/ until that
21:04:38 <alaski> melwitt: nope, that's the one
21:04:42 <bauzas> (well, I actually updated it, rather)
21:05:10 <alaski> bauzas: cool. are you going to update with the new command?
21:05:26 <bauzas> alaski: remind me the change ?
21:05:32 <bauzas> alaski: but I already CC'd
21:05:35 <alaski> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/301273/
21:05:36 <bauzas> for sure, anyways
21:05:48 <alaski> okay
21:06:05 <alaski> #topic Open Reviews
21:06:12 <alaski> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-nova-priorities-tracking
21:06:18 <alaski> that is all
21:06:19 <dansmith> I have a bunch of reviews
21:06:24 <dansmith> oh wait, no I don't! :D
21:06:27 <alaski> #topic Open Discussion
21:06:32 <alaski> dansmith: hah, nice
21:06:55 <doffm> Cell0 patches are waiting for agreement on the upgrade commands. But once that is sorted should be ready for review.
21:07:02 <alaski> I put a bunch in the etherpad, so there's plenty to go around
21:07:39 <alaski> doffm: awesome. so far people seem good with the wrapper command, which means your stuff wouldn't need to change
21:08:03 <doffm> Ok, once commited to the wrapper command i'll ask dansmith to remove his -1. :)
21:08:37 <dansmith> doffm: I'll find something else, fear not :)
21:08:42 <alaski> so for summit, the schedule isn't final but it looks like we'll have two slots
21:09:30 <melwitt> so it'll be one wrapper command call per cell?
21:09:46 <alaski> I think a quick progress report would be good. but if there are open questions you'd like to discuss start thinking about that
21:09:51 <doffm> melwitt: No, the wrapper is for the simple non-cells upgrade case. (I think)
21:09:59 <alaski> melwitt: what doffm said
21:10:03 <melwitt> ah, okay. thanks
21:10:04 <dansmith> well,
21:10:06 <dansmith> for the single cell case
21:10:19 <dansmith> we're rapidly getting to the point where we can't say "non-cells case"
21:10:57 <doffm> Well, 'rapidly' might be pushing it. But getting there.
21:11:05 <alaski> I think this command is just about the tipping point
21:11:36 <alaski> but it is a bit fuzzy because not everything is in place yet
21:12:12 <alaski> anything else to discuss today?
21:13:19 <alaski> cool. thanks all!
21:13:24 <alaski> #endmeeting