17:01:20 <alaski> #startmeeting nova_cells
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17:01:31 <dansmith> ohai
17:01:37 <melwitt> o/
17:01:39 <mriedem> o/
17:01:40 <alaski> hey hey
17:01:51 <alaski> #topic testing
17:01:59 <mriedem> doffm: are you around?
17:02:06 <alaski> bauzas: ping
17:02:23 <alaski> I haven't heard about things breaking in cells which is always good
17:02:47 <alaski> I think ccarmacks patch merged to remove some of the regex in favor of test ids
17:02:55 <alaski> which should help
17:03:08 <melwitt> nice
17:03:46 <alaski> and I haven't seen anything yet around testing v2 in grenade, nor have I done anything there yet
17:03:50 <alaski> so I think we can move on
17:03:59 <alaski> #topic Open Reviews
17:04:03 <alaski> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-nova-priorities-tracking
17:04:11 <alaski> plenty to see there
17:04:28 <mriedem> oh i see i need to +W now https://review.openstack.org/#/c/300580/
17:04:32 <mriedem> didn't know that changed
17:05:01 <alaski> yeah, I'm working on splitting the next patch which got all messed up, so I'm detangling now
17:05:39 <alaski> but let's all keep an eye on that list
17:05:47 <alaski> #topic Open Discussion
17:05:53 <mriedem> did the serialized instance version thing get sorted out?
17:06:19 <dansmith> mriedem: we talked about it and it's probably not a problem, we just need to be careful about it I thin
17:06:20 <alaski> I'm on the same page as dansmith now
17:06:30 <dansmith> and one of the two cases is cake to resolve
17:06:44 <alaski> mainly we need to ensure that a failure there doesn't bubble up improperly to the API
17:07:11 <mriedem> failure in deserializing a version that we don't understand?
17:07:19 <alaski> yeah
17:07:25 <mriedem> do we just log that and ignore?
17:07:38 <dansmith> mriedem: in reality it's probably a case where the operator did something out of order,
17:07:52 <dansmith> but it would be good to handle it, log what happened, instead of just exploding in some not obvious way
17:08:24 <mriedem> ok
17:08:51 <mriedem> do we have a way to test that?
17:08:55 <dansmith> sure
17:09:04 <dansmith> we can do it in functional easily enough
17:09:18 <mriedem> ok
17:09:22 <mriedem> fin
17:09:22 <dansmith> write instance version 99.99 into the database, poke the bear, make sure the clown pops out
17:09:45 <mriedem> wow, ok
17:09:55 <alaski> that's a new one to me
17:10:06 <dansmith> it'll be exactly like that
17:10:08 <dansmith> trust me.
17:10:12 * mriedem left the room ("pants off dance off")
17:10:49 <alaski> mriedem: I need to show you my "rock out with my caulk out" work hat
17:10:58 <mriedem> haha
17:10:58 * dansmith has seen it
17:11:21 <alaski> dansmith got a private viewing
17:11:24 <alaski> moving on
17:11:25 <dansmith> dude
17:11:27 <dansmith> don't call it that
17:11:31 <melwitt> whoa
17:11:36 <mriedem> i have a t-shirt with saddam hussein's head on it from the gulf war in the early 90s
17:11:55 <mriedem> but we digress
17:12:00 <melwitt> sounds like we have austin summit attire ready to go
17:12:07 <alaski> so... specs
17:12:08 <mriedem> it's also sleeveless
17:12:15 <alaski> nice
17:12:17 <dansmith> alaski would be violating about six code of conduct rules with that hat
17:13:11 <mriedem> specs you say?
17:13:15 <alaski> yes
17:13:30 <alaski> is there anything outstanding that someone would like to see?
17:13:33 <alaski> or propose?
17:14:27 <alaski> I'll take that as a no
17:14:59 <alaski> we have a decent amount of work in progress and I don't think we'll run out so that's good
17:15:19 <alaski> final agenda topic
17:15:25 <alaski> cellsv2 summit sessions
17:15:36 <alaski> I've fleshed out https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-nova-summit-ideas a bit with things to discuss
17:15:55 <alaski> but double check that and make sure everything is going to be covered
17:16:33 <alaski> that's all I've got
17:16:39 <alaski> anyone have a topic to bring up?
17:17:32 <alaski> cool
17:17:44 <alaski> that leaves 43 extra minutes for reviews
17:17:48 <alaski> thanks all!
17:17:54 <dansmith> woot
17:17:57 <alaski> #endmeeting