17:00:19 <alaski> #startmeeting nova_cells
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17:00:36 <alaski> anyone awake?
17:00:39 <doffm_> o\
17:00:47 <mriedem> o/
17:01:03 <alaski> should be a quick meeting today
17:01:03 <melwitt> o/
17:01:09 <alaski> #topic Testing
17:01:23 <alaski> auggy doesn't appear to be here, but she updated me last week
17:01:27 <woodster_> o/
17:01:44 <alaski> she was inches away from having a working testing job with a multi-node setup, but not cells specific yet
17:01:57 <mriedem> huh?
17:02:00 <alaski> her next step was to incorporate the simple cells setup command and see what happens
17:02:02 <mriedem> we already have a non-cells multinode job
17:02:22 <alaski> she was mostly copying that as I understand it
17:02:53 <dansmith> o/
17:03:18 <alaski> I don't know what issues she was hitting, but she said -infra was being helpful in getting it working
17:03:30 <mriedem> seem like you could just run the script from devstack
17:03:34 <mriedem> in a test patch
17:03:50 <mriedem> anywho
17:03:53 <alaski> right, I have a patch up for that
17:03:57 <alaski> but we want on ongoing job
17:04:25 <mriedem> so she's doing the project-config stuff
17:04:29 <alaski> yeah
17:05:13 <mriedem> ok
17:05:15 <alaski> hopefully she can fill us in next week, or at the midcycle
17:05:20 <mriedem> i usually find it easier to get it working in devstack-gate as a POC
17:05:24 <mriedem> then create the job in project-config
17:05:46 <mriedem> since devstack-gate has a multinode flag i think
17:06:00 <mriedem> so if multinode, tell devstack to do cells setup
17:06:09 <mriedem> although won't we do the cells setup by default for a cell of one?
17:06:17 <alaski> yes
17:06:22 <mriedem> i guess we have to pick the api and cells 0 cells
17:06:24 <mriedem> but yeah
17:06:46 <alaski> I'll point her at these logs, and try to find her patch at some point
17:07:10 <alaski> #topic Reviews
17:07:20 <alaski> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-nova-priorities-tracking
17:07:35 <alaski> with FF over there will hopefully be more eyeballs for this stuff
17:07:48 <doffm> I guess https://review.openstack.org/#/c/274885/ is stuckish.
17:07:59 <doffm> I modified a while ago to fanout over all cells for the sync.
17:08:05 <doffm> But that seems to be unpopular.
17:08:40 <dansmith> I need to circle back on that, I just wasn't getting it
17:08:57 <doffm> Ok, will put the options in a comment on the review.
17:09:02 <alaski> I
17:09:04 <dansmith> I should probably remove my -1
17:09:15 <alaski> I'm not reading the comments as against fanout
17:09:28 <doffm> Just a change in the option name?
17:09:30 <dansmith> no, I'm just trying to figure it out
17:09:35 <alaski> mostly seemed to be about which behavior is the default, and name changing
17:09:40 <dansmith> but I don't remember what all I wasconfused about
17:09:50 <doffm> Ok.
17:10:08 <alaski> dansmith: the basic idea is just fanout. it just happens that all we can fan out to right now is cell0
17:10:41 <dansmith> let me just revisit and then ping you all to unconfuse me once I become reconfused
17:10:56 <alaski> sounds good
17:10:57 <dansmith> also, what's the status on getting that 25th hour added to the day?
17:11:01 <doffm> I'll try and make the 'fanout' implications more clear in the code.
17:11:16 <alaski> I think mriedem has figured it out and is keeping the secret to himself
17:11:23 <dansmith> heh
17:11:24 <doffm> I hope the 25th hour task is progressing.
17:11:40 <dansmith> I expect mriedem's secret is "be divorced soon"
17:11:50 <doffm> LOL. Blunt.
17:11:53 <alaski> heh, that would be one way to do it
17:11:58 <dansmith> or "regret missing my child's childhood ... later"
17:12:35 <alaski> so mostly I just wanted to remind everyon that reviews on cells stuff should pick up with FF over
17:12:41 <mriedem> laura works nights
17:12:42 <mriedem> remember
17:12:46 <mriedem> marry a nurse
17:12:48 <mriedem> is the secret
17:13:10 <dansmith> ah
17:13:18 * dansmith is much less impressed now
17:13:20 <alaski> well there you go
17:13:30 <alaski> write a book on that and become rich
17:13:47 <alaski> #topic Open discussion
17:14:20 <alaski> I will be in Cali next week so I don't know if I can run the meeting
17:14:36 <alaski> we can decide to skip now, or make a last minute call
17:14:48 <mriedem> going going back back to cali?
17:14:53 <alaski> or someone else can chair
17:14:58 <dansmith> alaski: not sure you can pull off calling it "Cali"
17:15:11 <alaski> dansmith: yep, had to give it a shot though
17:15:15 <mriedem> alaski is the most thuggish guy i know
17:15:18 <dansmith> heh
17:15:20 <mriedem> broken arm from arm wrestling
17:15:24 <dansmith> lol
17:15:28 <dansmith> true I guess
17:15:30 <alaski> hah
17:15:34 <dansmith> what a badass
17:15:40 <dansmith> he also has that hat
17:15:54 <dansmith> which if worn tilted to the side could be pretty thug-like
17:15:58 <mriedem> i expect most of my review time through the next week to be on FFE stuff
17:16:18 <mriedem> we should probably checkpoint before the midcycle though
17:16:22 <alaski> dansmith: doing that just exposes how not thuggish I am
17:16:29 <dansmith> heh
17:16:59 <alaski> I don't know what's planned for next week, but I'll do my best to be around for the meeting
17:17:34 <mriedem> ok we can cancel if there isn't anything going on
17:17:35 <alaski> that's all I have for today
17:17:39 <alaski> anyone else?
17:17:50 <dansmith> not me
17:18:05 <alaski> mriedem: I'll do a check on Tuesday and make a decision
17:18:23 <mriedem> sounds good
17:18:44 <alaski> thanks all!
17:18:51 <alaski> #endmeeting