21:00:15 <dansmith> #startmeeting nova_cells
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21:00:24 <dansmith> wudup.
21:00:40 <melwitt> o/
21:01:20 <dansmith> nobody else?
21:01:39 <med_> here
21:01:51 <melwitt> mriedem must be in the middle of something
21:01:52 <dansmith> good, it was going to be awkward
21:02:06 * med_ was drug into the meeting
21:02:14 <dansmith> #topic testing and stuff
21:02:20 <dansmith> anything here?
21:02:42 <melwitt> I have noticed more than usual failures in the cells v1 job
21:02:50 <melwitt> but I don't know what they were
21:03:02 <dansmith> really? a bunch of stuff has been failing more than normal, so maybe it's unrelated to the actual cellsness?
21:03:29 <melwitt> yeah, I was about to say that too. there have been lots of random failures lately in other jobs as well
21:03:35 <dansmith> aye
21:04:00 <dansmith> on the general topic of testing I can say that I'm struggling with the v2 patch series right now, all in the name of testing
21:04:15 <dansmith> and will probably end up with a slightly less realistic test scenario to begin with,
21:04:24 <dansmith> and lean on tempest jobs to keep us honest
21:04:26 <melwitt> I wasn't sure if we'd talk about that under this  topic but that makes sense. I too have been experimenting still
21:04:33 <dansmith> I talked to alaski this morning and he said he was planning to do the same
21:05:52 <dansmith> melwitt: anything to report or just that it be tough?
21:06:53 <melwitt> dansmith: I seem to be making progress on a new fixture I'm trying that switches between in-memory sqlite DBs. but that could all come crashing down in the end. I'm still in the middle of running it with the servers tests
21:07:15 <dansmith> orly
21:07:33 <dansmith> let me go ahead and:
21:07:37 <dansmith> #topic reviews
21:07:39 <melwitt> basically because of some laziness on my part in the DB API, things aren't so patchable for testing. so I'm going through and adding 'pick_context_manager' on things that don't have it so that my patching/switching works in my fixture
21:08:00 <dansmith> So I've been avoiding the test thing for a bit and have been trying to get the refactor parts of that series landed first,
21:08:12 <dansmith> which will give us more time to explore some of these other solutions
21:08:24 <dansmith> the gate has been kindof the suck, so haven't gotten much done, but a couple things have landed
21:08:38 <dansmith> melwitt: cool
21:09:54 <melwitt> yeah, think we got 3 or 4 things at least approved
21:09:59 <dansmith> yeah
21:10:12 <dansmith> well, counting the bits mriedem did for sure
21:10:14 <dansmith> anyway, that one is coming along but it's slow
21:10:26 <dansmith> any other series that need discussing?
21:10:28 <melwitt> yeah I was thinking of the total
21:10:49 <melwitt> I need to but haven't yet updated the cells quota stuff spec
21:11:00 <dansmith> okay
21:11:22 <melwitt> to change it to the counting approach and put the details from the etherpad in it
21:11:28 <dansmith> cool
21:12:13 <dansmith> #topic open discussion
21:12:17 * melwitt sees a lascii
21:12:23 <dansmith> I'm assuming no meting next week
21:12:54 <melwitt> oh, right. turkey week
21:13:28 <dansmith> okay well, I don't really have anything else
21:13:56 <melwitt> I can't think of anything else either right now
21:14:11 <dansmith> alaski: med_: anything?
21:14:14 <melwitt> I still haven't gotten around to getting that info on consoleauth and what the upcall is
21:14:26 <med_> nada.
21:14:33 <melwitt> it's basically compute needs to call up to the consoleauth service to validate tokens
21:14:43 <dansmith> oh right
21:14:44 <alaski> nothing from me atm
21:14:47 <melwitt> and that's not been accounted for at all in our stuff yet
21:15:12 <alaski> I thought consoleauth was moving into the cells?
21:15:13 <melwitt> just something I don't want to forget about
21:15:36 <dansmith> ack
21:15:40 <melwitt> PaulMurray wasn't at the summit as far as I'm aware and I was super sick that week, so we didn't get to talk about it
21:15:44 <dansmith> yeah
21:15:46 <alaski> gotcha
21:16:29 <dansmith> alaski: we had a more productive meeting last week, this week there just isn't much else to talk about.. just in case you're disappointed :)
21:16:33 <dansmith> anyway, move to adjourn?
21:16:42 <med_> 2dd
21:16:47 <alaski> heh, not disappointed
21:17:10 <dansmith> woot
21:17:25 <dansmith> #info No meeting next week because: turkey
21:17:28 <dansmith> #endmeeting