17:00:01 <dansmith> #startmeeting nova_cells
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17:00:11 <dansmith> lettuce do this, and do it quick
17:00:20 <melwitt> o/
17:00:23 <dtp> o/
17:00:55 <dansmith> #topic reviewage
17:01:08 <dansmith> my set is starting to come together and a few things have landed
17:01:15 <dansmith> so that's good for me
17:01:27 <dansmith> melwitt: are there any quota patches up that people need to look at?
17:01:44 <melwitt> not yet, no
17:02:12 <dansmith> okay
17:02:19 <dansmith> any other review things we should be looking at?
17:02:43 <melwitt> not that I know of
17:02:48 <dansmith> me either
17:02:55 <dansmith> I guess I skipped over:
17:03:00 <dansmith> #topic testing/bugs
17:03:07 <dansmith> nothing here that I know of either
17:03:13 <melwitt> me neither
17:03:37 <dansmith> #topic open discusheyohn
17:03:48 <dansmith> melwitt: you had a todo for the console stuff
17:03:49 <melwitt> nice spelling
17:04:03 <melwitt> that's right, I did my consoleauth homework
17:04:16 <melwitt> I put the notes here https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/nova-multiple-cells
17:04:54 <melwitt> basically I think we will have to just change the deploy assumption to run consoleauth per cell instead of at the top
17:05:11 <melwitt> and then add message queue switching calls to the consoleauth rpcapi, which I can do
17:05:33 <dansmith> okay that sounds ideal and very cells-ish
17:05:39 <dansmith> cellsv2-ish I mean
17:05:47 <dansmith> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/nova-multiple-cells
17:05:54 <melwitt> this is what we need to do until the tokens in db thing, so when we have that later on we revisit
17:06:02 <dansmith> #info consoleauth will be per-cell and require just a little wiring to make sure api calls the right one
17:06:12 <dansmith> yeah, cool
17:06:19 <melwitt> that is, some day we won't need the consoleauth service at all, IIUC
17:06:50 <dansmith> yeah
17:06:53 <dansmith> okay sweet
17:07:03 <dansmith> anything else for open discussion?
17:07:19 <dtp> hi, im' dan
17:07:28 <dtp> if there's something small i can help with, i'd like to
17:08:01 <dansmith> dtp: I thought you were an op type person, but you mean help with code yes?
17:08:03 <dtp> i have basically no experience, except i did write an internal patch in cells v1 to allow a sync of a single instance from compute to api cell
17:08:10 <dtp> yes
17:08:11 <dtp> code
17:08:14 <dansmith> cool
17:08:34 <dansmith> maybe the consoleauth wiring through rpcapi? melwitt that should be pretty simple and following the pattern for compute right?
17:09:06 <melwitt> yeah, that should be a small change
17:09:10 <dansmith> dtp: do you have access to test hardware? because RSN the bigger deal is going to be trying things with two cells and seeing what breaks
17:09:43 <dtp> i will have to ask about that
17:10:24 <dansmith> dtp: okay -- are you interested in doing that consoleauth change? I mean, if melwitt is willing to let it go..
17:10:53 <melwitt> yes, if you'd like to do that one, feel free
17:11:23 <dtp> sure
17:11:36 <dansmith> dtp: this: https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/consoleauth/rpcapi.py#L74
17:11:47 <dansmith> dtp: needs to do cell switching like you see in compute/rpcapi.py
17:12:06 <dtp> cool, thanks
17:12:32 <melwitt> yeah, the ClientRouter and by_instance
17:12:56 <dansmith> dtp: the future of nova now depends on you. don't let us down.
17:13:02 <dtp> oh lordy
17:13:04 <dtp> :D
17:13:05 <dansmith> heh
17:13:07 <dansmith> okay anything else?
17:13:11 <melwitt> haha
17:14:27 <dansmith> okay then
17:14:31 <dansmith> thanks
17:14:33 <dansmith> #endmeeting