21:00:05 <dansmith> #startmeeting nova_cells
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21:00:39 <dansmith> anyone around?
21:01:04 <mriedem> o/////
21:01:16 <dtp_> o/
21:01:17 <dansmith> coffee + sudafed = energy
21:01:23 <mriedem> i am...becoming
21:01:30 <dansmith> hehe
21:01:57 <dansmith> #topic cells testing/bugs
21:02:07 <dansmith> so, this has been unfun for me for a couple weeks,
21:02:19 <dansmith> getting the cellsv1 job to be happy with having cellsv2 mappings in place
21:02:47 <dansmith> I've come to realize that we're just short-circuiting too much cellsv1 replication by allowing the api to go direct to the cells and have the replication going on,
21:03:03 <dansmith> so I've got a patch up that disables those shortcuts for cellsv1 deploys
21:03:14 <dansmith> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/418141/
21:03:19 <dansmith> it's about to go green I think
21:03:41 <dansmith> and I will start getting the patches above it back into happy state so we can hopefully get on with things
21:04:05 <dansmith> at some point cellsv1 people will do a cutover, which will likely just be larger than I was hoping, but still pretty easy I think
21:04:19 <dansmith> and at least it will be reversible if they cut, find issues, they can cut back without much fuss
21:04:31 <dansmith> anything else on cells testing/bugs?
21:05:09 <dansmith> #topic open reviews
21:05:24 <dansmith> so I've got open reviews, linked from the above one that has to go first
21:05:24 <bauzas> \o (late)
21:05:41 <dansmith> dtp: you've still got yours open I presume, which I haven't gotten back to yet
21:05:42 <dansmith> dtp: is it ready to go?
21:05:51 <dtp> ready for round two, yep
21:05:56 <dansmith> cool
21:06:23 <dansmith> anything else on open reviews?
21:06:41 <dansmith> I think melwitt is looking for review on her quota patches, but I haven't been over those yet
21:07:00 <dansmith> anyone looking to help could definitely review those to help keep that moving
21:07:10 <melwitt> oops, yes. I got the first two out of WIP by adding all the tests
21:08:00 <dansmith> cool
21:08:04 <dtp> is there any value in me reviewing things?  i'd be lying if i said i had a total grasp of the system at this point
21:08:05 <melwitt> still working on tests on the third. but it can still be reviewed for the approach, if anyone has issues let me know asap
21:08:12 <dansmith> dtp: of course
21:09:00 <mriedem> melwitt: the patches to move quotas to the api db right?
21:09:14 <mriedem> or counting
21:09:14 <mriedem> ?
21:09:18 <dansmith> both?
21:09:26 <mriedem> i haven't looked at either yet
21:09:47 <melwitt> mriedem: the first two move quotas, the third does the counting resources thing. all three are needed together, that is, if we can't get the counting in, we shouldn't move things to the api db yet since we are omitting reservations and usages tables
21:10:31 <mriedem> ok
21:10:38 <mriedem> hmm, wonder if we should -2 the bottom change then
21:10:58 <melwitt> that might be safest, as long as people know to still review it
21:11:22 <mriedem> yeah...even w/o i don't know who is going to review it right now
21:11:34 <mriedem> i mean the people in this meeting yeah
21:11:46 <mriedem> dan is out next week though, and i'm out the week after next, which is also the week of FF
21:11:59 <mriedem> so i'll probably need to start kicking some people
21:12:02 <dansmith> maybe we could get sdague to look
21:12:08 <mriedem> yeah maybe
21:12:20 <melwitt> yeah. it's gotten no action so far and they've been there for awhile, at least as WIP for lacking tests
21:12:24 <mriedem> or i can just be super passive aggressive midwesterner in the ML and channel
21:12:35 <dansmith> heh
21:12:42 <mriedem> melwitt: maybe it's trying too hard?
21:12:51 <melwitt> yeah, probably
21:13:09 * mriedem is making a joke about getting action
21:13:15 <dansmith> hah
21:13:19 <melwitt> haha, I know
21:13:21 <mriedem> oh ok
21:13:40 <bauzas> mriedem: which change are we discussing to review ?
21:13:41 <dansmith> anyway, anything else about open reviews?
21:13:52 <bauzas> the quota ones ?
21:13:53 <mriedem> god if godaddy were newer than liberty dtp could test this all out in preprod
21:13:55 <dansmith> bauzas: see the priorities etherpad
21:13:56 <mriedem> bauzas: yes
21:14:05 <bauzas> okay
21:14:05 <melwitt> I think you're right, quotas patches are trying too hard
21:14:12 <dtp> speaking of that
21:14:24 <dtp> what would we need to have something useful re testbed?
21:14:42 <dansmith> let's move on to...
21:14:48 <dansmith> #topic open discussion
21:14:53 <mriedem> dtp: i suspect you guys will be the canaries for the cells v1 upgrade
21:15:23 <dtp> i hope so
21:15:30 <dansmith> you might regret tat,
21:15:41 <dansmith> but super glad to hear you say it :)
21:15:45 <melwitt> I can't remember what version CERN and Nectar are on
21:15:49 <mriedem> klindgren and mdorman said it was totally cool...
21:15:56 <dtp> :) we have cells v1 problems...helping cells v2 will make us feel good
21:16:35 <dansmith> dtp: and you're a cellsv2 developer now, so if it doesn't do what you want, you have only yourself to blame :)
21:16:49 <dtp> so true!
21:17:00 * dansmith takes a screenshot ... for later
21:17:07 <dansmith> okay, so I have one thing for open discussion
21:17:16 <dansmith> I'm going to be in the wilderness this time next week,
21:17:22 <dansmith> so someone needs to run this meeting or we need to cancel it
21:18:20 <dansmith> if nobody volunteers, then we cancel
21:18:27 <dansmith> sounds like cancel
21:18:49 <dansmith> let it be known henceforth
21:18:57 <dansmith> anything else for open discussion?
21:19:25 <dansmith> anyone?
21:19:27 <dansmith> bueller?
21:19:42 <dansmith> someone say "nothing from me"
21:19:54 <dtp> i'm good
21:20:01 <dansmith> okay then
21:20:03 <dansmith> #endmeeting