21:00:00 <dansmith> #startmeeting nova_cells
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21:00:23 <dansmith> hoodat
21:00:25 <melwitt> ahoy
21:00:30 <dtp> hoo dee hoo
21:00:43 <mriedem> o/
21:01:03 <dansmith> #topic testing and boogs
21:01:06 <dansmith> mriedem: I'm sure you want to say something here
21:01:20 <mriedem> nope
21:01:21 <mriedem> well,
21:01:22 <mriedem> bugs?
21:01:25 <dansmith> bugs yeah
21:01:25 <mriedem> yeah, we've got'em!
21:01:39 <dansmith> um
21:01:39 <melwitt> we have a treasure trove of bugs
21:01:57 <mriedem> i'm back
21:02:00 <dansmith> heh
21:02:01 <mriedem> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/453859/ and down
21:02:14 <mriedem> fixes the quota double decrement and shelved offloaded local delete thing
21:02:20 <mriedem> once those are in i'll backport to ocata
21:02:26 <dansmith> woot, thanks for your work on those
21:02:33 <mriedem> and then i'm going to start poking on cleaning up that turd
21:02:36 <dansmith> once those are merged, I'll make some more bugs
21:02:43 <mriedem> peeling back the 'temporary' transitional stuff
21:03:03 <melwitt> me too, I'll make more bugs
21:03:14 <mriedem> you bastards
21:03:18 <dansmith> heh
21:03:25 <melwitt> ;D
21:03:37 <dansmith> so, I'll put this in testing since it kinda is:
21:03:43 <dansmith> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/436094
21:03:53 <dansmith> that's a successful run with multiple cells in devstack
21:04:17 <dansmith> I asked sdague this morning to start reviewing the carnage in there so I can get the devstack part closer to acceptable
21:04:33 <dtp> nice
21:04:39 <dansmith> and I haven't done the actual fleet part of moving the conductors to the second node
21:05:03 <dansmith> not sure that would pass nova's full complement of tests, but it's something
21:05:25 <mriedem> well,
21:05:32 <mriedem> didn't we talk about some specific test scenarios there?
21:05:41 <mriedem> we have some notes from the ptg, i just don't have it in my head right now
21:05:51 <mriedem> like,
21:05:55 <mriedem> live migration with multiple cells
21:06:00 <mriedem> the scheduler restricts that now though
21:06:03 <dansmith> mriedem: well, we're going to need to make the live migration job run the cold migration tests
21:06:11 <dansmith> to make sure we keep our coverage
21:06:26 <dansmith> I guess I should dig into that this week
21:06:29 <mriedem> the normal dsvm multinode job runs cold migration
21:06:34 <mriedem> via resize i think
21:06:45 <dansmith> right but once it is multicell it won't test actual moves
21:07:11 <mriedem> hmm,
21:07:11 <dansmith> the thinking i had at ptg was to make the live migration job just one cell, and have it run the cold migration jobs too,
21:07:17 <dansmith> which will be our coverage of actually moving things
21:07:27 <mriedem> so we always just have 2 computes right?
21:07:37 <dansmith> and then once we are multicell on the main job, things won't actually move because the two computes will be in separate cells
21:07:40 <mriedem> maybe i was thinking with the fleet we grew a 3rd compute
21:07:45 <mriedem> but that's a 3-node job
21:07:48 <mriedem> which we're not doing
21:07:52 <mriedem> b/c $$$
21:07:56 <dansmith> right
21:08:03 <mriedem> ok i'm following now
21:08:26 <mriedem> so,
21:08:32 <mriedem> multicell on the main job == single-node dsvm?
21:08:39 <mriedem> or dsvm multinode?
21:08:45 <mriedem> b/c it has to be the latter right?
21:08:51 <dansmith> just the latter yeah
21:08:52 <mriedem> single-node dsvm is just single cell
21:09:03 <dansmith> we'll never create another cell on the single job obviously
21:09:07 <mriedem> yeah
21:09:10 <dansmith> then on the live migration job we'll force it to be single-cell even though it's two computes
21:09:15 <dansmith> and then we'll keep our coverage
21:09:20 <mriedem> this just gets weird, because the multinode dsvm job you'd think you could run migrations between hosts
21:09:21 <mriedem> but nope
21:09:37 <mriedem> we'll probably need a treasure map at some point
21:09:39 <mriedem> for QA and infra
21:09:40 <dansmith> yeah, well,
21:09:50 <dansmith> we could grow another multinode job just for this, but...$$$
21:09:55 <mriedem> maybe a devref doc on cells v2 testing permutations
21:10:00 <dansmith> yeah
21:10:02 <mriedem> i'm fine with the plan,
21:10:09 <mriedem> we just need to write it down publicly
21:10:14 <dansmith> well, once we have things up to make those changes and people are happy, writing it down would be fine
21:10:15 <dansmith> yeah
21:10:27 <dansmith> we just need to make sure our devref doesn't get out of sync with infra
21:10:30 <dansmith> which could easily happy
21:10:32 <dansmith> happen
21:10:42 <dansmith> and older releases will codify incorrect details about infra
21:10:45 <dansmith> anyway
21:11:02 <dansmith> anything else for testing/bugs?
21:11:07 <mriedem> yeah branches..
21:11:11 <mriedem> that's going to get extra nasty
21:11:24 <mriedem> but we'll see
21:11:48 <dansmith> #topic open reviews
21:11:52 <dansmith> got plenty of these too
21:12:02 <dansmith> progress on my set has kinda stalled out,
21:12:11 <dansmith> melwitt has a thousand quotas ones open (thanks to me)
21:12:24 <dansmith> mriedem has can't-stop-writing-specs-itus
21:12:24 <mriedem> the quota ones need work don't they?
21:12:30 <dansmith> they do
21:12:32 <mriedem> i'm burned out on the specs bullshit
21:12:38 <dansmith> oh good
21:12:40 <melwitt> I'm close to the end, I'm going through each seam and making sure unit tests pass, that sort of thing
21:12:49 <mriedem> dtp has started https://review.openstack.org/#/c/453025/
21:12:49 <dansmith> melwitt: excellent
21:12:58 <mriedem> i -1ed immediately
21:13:05 <mriedem> just to be friendly
21:13:05 <dtp> heh
21:13:10 <dansmith> good, keep that self esteem from getting out of control
21:13:32 <mriedem> dtp and i will have to pow-wow on splitting up the api changes probably
21:13:40 <mriedem> b/c it's 2 apis, a bunch of changes each, but a single microversion
21:13:50 <dansmith> ack
21:13:51 <melwitt> what could go wrong
21:13:58 <mriedem> i'm thinking we'll work them as separate changes stacked, then collapse once they are ready
21:14:02 <dansmith> yeah
21:14:31 <dansmith> could do the divorced parents thing and only have the kids every other day
21:14:42 <dansmith> and fight over the holidays
21:14:51 <mriedem> maybe
21:15:12 <mriedem> you also have to cleanup your faster host mapping discovery series
21:15:19 <dansmith> oh
21:15:21 <dansmith> yeah I bet I do
21:15:29 <dansmith> that thing gets lost behind the cells one
21:15:31 <mriedem> and the nova-status check for min compute
21:15:51 <dansmith> I think I'm annoyed with (you on) that one and have been ignoring it
21:15:54 <mriedem> i know
21:15:58 <dansmith> hah
21:15:59 <mriedem> i could feel it
21:16:02 <dansmith> that obvious?
21:16:06 <mriedem> yes
21:16:07 <dansmith> lol
21:16:08 <dansmith> damn
21:16:13 <dansmith> thought I was sneaky-er than that
21:16:21 <melwitt> hah
21:16:50 <dansmith> okay anything else here?
21:16:54 <mriedem> nope
21:17:03 <dansmith> I have to go get my mid-nova-gathering haircut when we're done here
21:17:17 <mriedem> it's a bit early...
21:17:19 <mriedem> you're a month away
21:17:21 <dansmith> #topic open discussion
21:17:25 <dansmith> yeah, but I'm hairy
21:17:37 <dansmith> I mean I have to get the mid one so I can get another right before boston
21:17:38 <mriedem> i think poofy is the word
21:17:58 <dtp> dansmith thanks for writing this > http://superuser.openstack.org/articles/upgrades-in-nova-database-migrations/
21:17:59 <dtp> it helped
21:18:10 <dansmith> dtp: heh cool
21:18:38 <dansmith> okay anything else?
21:18:39 <mriedem> i'll poke on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/439891/ before the kid gets home
21:19:03 <dansmith> thanks
21:19:15 <dansmith> going twice...
21:19:36 <dansmith> #endmeeting