21:00:09 <dansmith> #startmeeting nova_cells
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21:00:19 <dtp> hi
21:00:21 <melwitt> o/
21:00:47 <dansmith> alrighty
21:00:54 <dansmith> #topic testing/bugs
21:01:26 <dansmith> my one thing here is just that I'm getting closer on the devstack patch.. took the WIP off of it and got an almost clean run on top of the nova stack
21:01:33 <dansmith> and addressed the devstack core feedback I think
21:01:53 <dansmith> I still need to put up a canary patch against nova to pull it in so I can see if there are other weirder tests we fail for some reason
21:02:22 <dansmith> anything else here?
21:02:55 <dansmith> alright then
21:02:58 <dansmith> #topic open reviews
21:03:13 <dansmith> still have a few in my set waiting for reviews,
21:03:25 <dansmith> including one re-do I had to handle after we reverted one of the earlier ones from that set
21:03:29 <dansmith> 'cause it was broken
21:03:40 <dansmith> melwitt has a thousand patches up for review
21:03:59 <melwitt> yup, sorry folks
21:04:22 <dansmith> well, better than the monolithic one, at least.. easier to review the small chunks I think
21:04:22 <melwitt> zuul had a time crunching on those yesterday night when I uploaded them
21:04:31 <dansmith> I noticed you still have the -2 on the bottom one
21:04:59 <dansmith> we were going to hold that until we were sure so we don't do unnecessary stuff, but I think in the interest of trimming the set we could probably go ahead with that right?
21:05:06 <melwitt> AFAICT, the only test failures you'll see on those are the ironic unit test intermittent failure we know about
21:05:33 <melwitt> and there's one func test fail that is also non deterministic on the last patch
21:05:55 <melwitt> yeah, I wasn't sure what everyone else thought on what to do about the -2
21:06:15 <dansmith> I think we'll never make progress if we don't start to whittle it down
21:06:32 <dansmith> so unless you want to move that elsewhere in the set,
21:06:37 <dansmith> I'd say we go for it
21:07:09 <melwitt> yeah
21:07:31 <melwitt> okay, I'll remove that then. each piece stands on its own so it should be fine
21:07:40 <dansmith> cool
21:08:09 <dansmith> dtp: any status on the service stuff you and mriedem are working on?
21:08:35 <dtp> the first patch merged, with the database column add...haven't started on the services endpoint yet
21:08:42 <dansmith> okay
21:08:44 <dtp> think i'll start next week
21:09:47 <dansmith> okay anything else in open reviews?
21:10:55 <dansmith> #topic open discussion
21:11:03 <dansmith> anything here?
21:12:09 <dansmith> melwitt: I thought that bottom patch was already 2x+2 but I guess not
21:12:32 <melwitt> it was but I updated some code comments for jaypipes, or something like that
21:12:37 <dansmith> looks like john had a few comments  on the last rev.. soft questions maybe?
21:12:50 <dansmith> maybe address those and we'll try to get him to look at it again?
21:12:57 <melwitt> looking
21:13:11 <dansmith> address meaning "answer"
21:13:50 <melwitt> yeah, gah, I didn't reply on the review, I had talked to him in IRC about it
21:13:57 <dansmith> okay cool
21:14:09 <dansmith> maybe throw something on there to summarize to close that loop then?
21:14:14 <dansmith> and I'll go look at it when we're done here
21:14:35 <melwitt> yeah, I'll ping him on IRC tomorrow and refresh whatever that was, then I'll write something on the review like I should have done last time when I talked to him
21:14:43 <dansmith> okay
21:14:50 <melwitt> basically I asked him what he meant and he said he didn't know either
21:14:59 <dansmith> heh okay
21:15:13 <dansmith> okay, anything else from anyone?
21:15:45 <dansmith> going once
21:16:09 <dansmith> #endmeeting