21:00:15 <dansmith> #startmeeting nova_cells
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21:00:17 <dansmith> um
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21:00:25 <mriedem> HI!
21:00:26 <dansmith> heh
21:00:39 <alaski> o/
21:00:47 <dansmith> it's the first amazing-weather day outside so I want to make this quick
21:00:50 <dansmith> alaski: ohai :)
21:01:19 <alaski> thought I would drop in today
21:01:29 <mriedem> no dtp
21:01:31 <mriedem> melwitt: ?
21:01:40 <melwitt> oops
21:01:43 <dansmith> FYI, when I quit openstack, don't expect me to come back around.. ever :)
21:01:44 <mriedem> she's still unicoding like crazy
21:02:08 <melwitt> omg alaski is here, sweet
21:02:14 <alaski> dansmith: :) it's like a bad habit, hard to drop completely
21:02:15 <dansmith> #topic testing/bugs
21:02:22 <dansmith> openstack: you're slow today
21:02:35 <mriedem> so this is a bug fix https://review.openstack.org/#/c/460616/
21:02:36 <dansmith> so we had a cellsv1 thing, that's the unicode thing for some reason?
21:02:47 <dansmith> yep, that too
21:03:10 <mriedem> sean was thinking the use_journal=True stuff was causing the unicode problem somehow maybe
21:03:29 <dansmith> okay, he had a change to revert that.. is it queued or landed?
21:03:36 <melwitt> dansmith: yeah, I think it's not directly related. that the deadlock issue was making an already existing problem cause job failures by chance
21:03:39 <mriedem> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/462163/ isn't merged yet
21:03:43 <dansmith> use_journal seemed to be having interesting affects on my stuff too
21:03:54 <mriedem> so we won't know until that merges
21:03:59 <dansmith> okay
21:04:03 <mriedem> until then we're at 50% fail rate on the cells v1 job
21:04:13 <mriedem> which is fing awesome
21:04:22 <dansmith> yeah that sucks
21:04:32 <melwitt> we're always had the unicode problem when logging whole Instance objects, it just never caused job failures before I guess
21:04:38 <mriedem> right
21:04:41 <mriedem> we still need to fix that bug
21:04:46 <mriedem> and by we i mean mel
21:04:48 <dansmith> seems odd that that never popped up before
21:04:54 <mriedem> dansmith: it's been around for awhile
21:04:59 <mriedem> just hasn't caused failures for whatever reason
21:05:01 <melwitt> it's been tracing this whole time but not causing fails in jobs
21:05:08 <dansmith> ah, okay
21:05:13 <dansmith> what I meant was,
21:05:26 <dansmith> if it was fatal, not sure how it wasn't a red hot issue for anyone in, say, china
21:05:30 <melwitt> I have a patch up that fixes it. sdague wanted me to explore the possibility of a bug in ovo, but at least to me it doesn't seem like a bug in ovo
21:05:53 <melwitt> I put up a unit test that shows what ovo __repr__ does at: https://review.openstack.org/462288
21:06:01 <dansmith> we have to make sure we only change repr code in ovo if we do, because otherwise we'll affect on-the-wire formats
21:06:51 <melwitt> dansmith: yeah. what I did has nothing to do with changing any repr code. I just converted the instance object string repr to unicode before calling the logging function
21:07:12 <dansmith> melwitt: yeah I meant _if_ we make a change in ovo
21:07:16 <dansmith> that unit test seems fine to me
21:07:26 <dansmith> like, slight change between py2 and py3 for logging is meh
21:07:40 <melwitt> same thing we've been doing in these cases, just that for the Instance object I found I had to specify the encoding 'utf-8' explicitly to six.text_type() otherwise it wouldn't work (it blew up otherwise)
21:07:42 <dansmith> er, slight difference I mean
21:07:58 <melwitt> dansmith: oh, okay
21:08:24 <dansmith> so sounds like we should merge the nova fix?
21:09:06 <mriedem> it's a wip still
21:09:06 <mriedem> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/461912/
21:09:16 <melwitt> seems like it. I'm not crazy about the change since it's like whack-a-mole trying to catch things that could be unicode, and writing unit tests is similarly meh
21:09:49 <mriedem> the whack a mole nature does suck, but meh
21:09:49 <melwitt> as in, if someone adds a logging of Instance object somewhere later nothing is going to catch that if I write unit tests for only the specific places that log it that way
21:09:52 <mriedem> i don't hate it
21:10:08 <mriedem> we whack a mole leaking bdm.connection_info too
21:10:08 <melwitt> but I don't see a better way around it
21:10:10 <mriedem> which has credentials
21:10:28 <mriedem> that's why i thought we could do something in the stringify method for the String field type in ovo
21:10:32 <mriedem> but i guess not?
21:10:37 <dansmith> well, merging it for now seems prudent to stop the current bleeding regardless
21:10:41 <melwitt> so, the todo on that change is: rewrite the commit message again bc it's wrong bc I got confused, and add unit tests for those Instance object logging areas
21:11:59 <melwitt> mriedem: the ovo unit test I wrote might make it clear, but the ovo repr is intentionally returning ascii encoding. so that things like str() will not blow up in a python2 env. otherwise people would have to have foresight that something could be unicode
21:12:53 <mriedem> oh
21:13:01 <dansmith> okay, well, let's not bog down the cells meeting with ovo details
21:13:26 <dansmith> merging the change in the cells code to stop the bleeding seems not terrible
21:13:40 <dansmith> and if we pursue something generalized then that's cool, but...
21:14:00 <mriedem> we could also make a simple utility method in nova for the workaround,
21:14:04 <mriedem> i just commented on that in the change
21:14:08 <mriedem> that's less bad then at least
21:14:41 <dansmith> okay, any other bugs or test-related things to cover besides these two?
21:14:46 <melwitt> thanks. that's a good idea. I'll do that and add unit tests and then it should be good to go
21:15:29 <dansmith> #topic open reviews
21:15:46 <dansmith> So probably the biggest thing is melwitt's quotas set
21:15:56 <dansmith> I've seen some reviews on that so far, but it needs more
21:16:15 <mriedem> is it awaiting any changes for latest reviews, or fresh round is ready?
21:16:15 <dansmith> I'll likely try to spend some time on that on the plane if I'm able
21:16:17 <melwitt> it is a beast. johnthetubaguy and jaypipes added some comments today, which is good. I have replied to them already
21:16:22 <mriedem> ok
21:16:27 <dansmith> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+branch:master+topic:bp/cells-count-resources-to-check-quota-in-api
21:16:36 <mriedem> i've gotten a decent start on the service/compute node uuid stuff in api here https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+branch:master+topic:bp/service-hyper-uuid-in-api
21:16:47 <mriedem> ^ are very small and easy
21:16:48 * dansmith #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+branch:master+topic:bp/service-hyper-uuid-in-api
21:16:50 <dansmith> cool
21:16:51 <mriedem> building up to the REST API changes
21:16:54 <dansmith> I like small and easy
21:16:56 <mriedem> which are going to be suck
21:17:29 <mriedem> wouldn't be so bad if i didn't have to rewriting both apis basically completely, but that's what the specs people wanted...
21:17:47 <dansmith> effing specs people
21:18:03 <mriedem> friday might be quotas review day for me
21:18:08 <mriedem> b/c i'm stressed about summit prep
21:18:32 <mriedem> where are we on the cells-aware-api changes?
21:18:40 <mriedem> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+branch:master+topic:bp/cells-aware-api
21:18:42 <mriedem> oh just that
21:18:46 <mriedem> and the devstack patch
21:18:47 <melwitt> if you want to jump on a hangout to ask questions or have me explain things about the quotas changes, I'm more than happy to do that
21:18:53 <mriedem> o
21:18:54 <mriedem> ok
21:19:22 <melwitt> like, whenever. that will make things a lot easier I think, because going back and forth on the review is pretty slow. I tried to comment the hell out of it but I think it's still hard to understand
21:19:30 <dansmith> yeah, the cells aware api patches are pretty good.. the ones I've got pending are cleanups and some fixes, but I kinda want to get the devstack stuff working so I can poke at some of them
21:19:57 <mriedem> ok so maybe a hangout on friday morning ish
21:20:15 <dansmith> so for melwitt that's like noon your time
21:20:18 <mriedem> which mel's morning is..
21:20:18 <mriedem> yeah
21:20:19 <mriedem> ha
21:20:22 <dansmith> :D
21:20:28 <dansmith> friday she has to be up early for a team thing
21:20:31 <dansmith> so you might get her earlier
21:20:37 <dansmith> I think she does that call from bed though
21:20:45 <melwitt> yeah, just saying if you want clarification on anything just ask and I'm happy to get on hangouts whenever you have a question
21:21:04 <melwitt> lol, verrry funny
21:21:14 <dansmith> <ahem>
21:21:21 <dansmith> anything else on open reviews?
21:21:25 <mriedem> that's it from me
21:21:25 <dansmith> we're really sucking at making this quick
21:21:39 <dansmith> #topic open discussion
21:22:00 <dansmith> I was just going to ask for volunteers to look at my slides, but everyone here has already done that
21:22:15 <dansmith> well, aside from laski, but I shan't ask him :)
21:22:15 * alaski has not
21:22:25 <alaski> I'm not sure I can be useful though :)
21:23:16 <dansmith> I'll be glad to float you a url if you care, but I'd not expect you to really look
21:23:22 <dansmith> I've had several people comment already
21:23:25 <dansmith> so I think I'm pretty good
21:23:54 <alaski> I'd take a look, but may not be able to make useful comments
21:23:59 <dansmith> anything else for open discussion?
21:24:40 <melwitt> alaski: I think you could, fwiw. it goes over how it works, how cells v1 works, why cells v2, etc
21:24:57 <alaski> ahh, cool. I'll check it out
21:25:29 <dansmith> last call...
21:25:33 <mriedem> end it
21:25:35 <dansmith> (...for alcohol)
21:25:43 <alaski> it's a nice day, go outside
21:25:48 <dansmith> already am :)
21:25:53 <alaski> nice
21:25:53 <dansmith> #endmeeting