17:00:01 <dansmith> #startmeeting nova_cells
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17:00:08 <dansmith> who dat
17:00:24 <dtp> hallo
17:00:29 <melwitt> o/
17:01:05 <dansmith> heh, mriedem said he was coming
17:01:26 <melwitt> maybe he's going to be fashionably late
17:01:29 <mriedem> i'm here
17:01:31 <dansmith> #topic boogs
17:01:49 <dansmith> mriedem: I dunno where your updates fall, but.. any new bugs to report?
17:01:52 <mriedem> we have a shitload of bugs in general,
17:02:00 <mriedem> so i don't know if we have new cells related bugs
17:02:06 <dansmith> I'll take it
17:02:06 <mriedem> so nothing to mention
17:02:25 <dansmith> anyone else?
17:02:47 <dansmith> okay then
17:02:51 <dansmith> #topic open reviews
17:03:01 <dansmith> melwitt's series is getting whittled down
17:03:06 <dansmith> the bottom one is the instance counting one which is big
17:03:12 <dansmith> I just took a quick run through that myself
17:03:28 <dansmith> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/416521
17:04:00 <melwitt> kewl
17:04:10 <dansmith> aide from that, I have this up that needs review: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/445142/
17:04:25 <dansmith> hopefully not too bad
17:04:38 <dansmith> just a reminder that the devstack and gate cellsv2 change hinges on getting melwitt's series in
17:04:56 <dansmith> and it would be good to have soak time on that for pike, so not waiting until the last minute would be good
17:05:14 <dtp> anything i can do to help there?
17:05:27 <dansmith> dtp: reviews are always helpful
17:05:43 <dtp> k
17:05:56 <dansmith> melwitt: anything else you want to highlight? like the console stuff or something?
17:06:42 <melwitt> dansmith: yeah, so I went through the console stuff and I *think* things would Just Work if I take out the instance uuid from the access url parts of the series, if we said we have to run one console proxy per cell
17:07:16 <dansmith> melwitt: okay are you going to have time to push that along?
17:08:04 <melwitt> yeah, I think it's a small change. the bigger thing will be making sure it works that way and how it would work during a transition from the old way to the new way
17:08:30 <melwitt> like, I don't know if we'll be able to set that up in our multi cell devstack thing
17:08:34 <dansmith> well, at least getting the small change in means we could potentially get operator feedback on the latter
17:08:45 <melwitt> that's true
17:08:58 <dansmith> unfortunately, none of the operators that said they were going to help test this stuff during pike seem to have shown up to actually do it :/
17:09:16 <mriedem> i think
17:09:18 <mriedem> ,
17:09:22 <dansmith> perhaps I should email some people
17:09:25 <mriedem> if we want operators to test something or help,
17:09:34 <mriedem> yeah, we are going to have to push and provide specific stuff we need help with
17:09:48 <dansmith> mriedem: belmiro said in ATL he'd be coming to this meeting
17:09:59 <mriedem> tz might not work, idk
17:10:07 <dansmith> this slot does
17:10:11 <dansmith> anyway
17:10:18 <mriedem> but we can also blast the mailing list if we have specifics
17:10:52 <dansmith> well, setting up two cells and poking at things is the only specific at the moment I think
17:10:54 <dansmith> but anyway
17:11:38 <dansmith> okay so.. any other open reviews to point to?
17:11:45 <mriedem> yeah,
17:11:57 <mriedem> so my thing was the services/hypervisors uuid in api series is ready for review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/471899/
17:12:06 <mriedem> the bottom change is -2 since they need to go together for the same microversion,
17:12:10 <dansmith> okay
17:12:14 <mriedem> so the top change change needs to be ready to go as well
17:12:32 <mriedem> and then i guess we either squash them (yuck), or -2 all other microversion changes and push these through
17:12:35 <dansmith> looks like dtp has reviewed that?
17:12:36 <mriedem> like we did in newton with 2.36
17:12:41 <mriedem> yes
17:12:46 <dansmith> cool
17:12:51 <mriedem> and alex reviewed a good chunk of the bottom change
17:12:53 <dansmith> okay I'll go look after the meeting
17:12:55 <dansmith> ah sweet
17:12:59 <mriedem> the majority of it is tests and api samples
17:13:05 <dansmith> aye
17:13:14 <mriedem> ,
17:13:23 <mriedem> they get bloated because during the spec review,
17:13:36 <mriedem> people wanted to take the opportunity to clean these apis up in other ways
17:13:39 <mriedem> so that's also mixed in here
17:13:57 <dansmith> alright
17:14:07 <mriedem> but the net should be less suck overall
17:14:25 <mriedem> that's it
17:14:25 <dansmith> anything else?
17:14:35 <dansmith> from anyone?
17:14:41 <dansmith> (on reviews)
17:15:00 <dansmith> #topic open discussion
17:15:05 <dansmith> anything else here?
17:15:06 <dansmith> rants?
17:15:14 <melwitt> heh
17:15:29 <dtp> not from me
17:15:47 <dansmith> okay then
17:15:52 <dansmith> #endmeeting