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21:00:09 <melwitt> o/
21:00:13 <mriedem> o.
21:00:14 <dansmith> begin meetito checkin
21:00:23 <dansmith> #topic boogs
21:00:33 <melwitt> D9: what happened to mriedem's arm
21:00:42 <mriedem> combine
21:00:57 <melwitt> ow
21:00:58 <mriedem> do people know what a combine is outside the mid states?
21:01:00 <dansmith> he's from ND so I'm guessing: wood chipper
21:01:04 <dansmith> mriedem: yes
21:01:09 <mriedem> SD dick
21:01:10 <dtp> at first i thought you were giving a transformers order
21:01:15 <melwitt> it took me a few seconds but I knew what it is!
21:01:16 <dtp> but then i remembered my midwest roots
21:01:35 <dansmith> melwitt: one of the dakotas is all that matters
21:01:42 * melwitt nods
21:01:43 <dansmith> so I'm guessing no pressing bugs then?
21:01:57 <mriedem> the only bug that came up last week,
21:01:58 <melwitt> we're just that good
21:02:04 <mriedem> was the external events thing that is fixed by mdbooth's change
21:02:15 <dansmith> mriedem: yeah I wanted to bring that up
21:02:19 <dansmith> hoping for reviews
21:02:39 <dansmith> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/445142/
21:03:21 <mriedem> yeah it's in the pile of 400
21:03:24 <mriedem> somewhere
21:03:30 <dansmith> okay, so no other bugs?
21:03:58 <mriedem> not that i know of
21:03:58 <dansmith> #topic open reviews
21:04:08 <dansmith> other than the above one about external events,
21:04:15 <dansmith> obviously melwitt's quotas stuff is important
21:04:34 <dansmith> mriedem had review diarrhea on it yesterday so I assume we'll see an update to that before too long and we can go forward
21:04:44 <mriedem> i wanted to ask about that too,
21:04:56 <mriedem> since i didn't even get through the compute api - still had the resize stuff to review yet, plus everythign else after that
21:05:11 <melwitt> thanks for the reviews so far. I was thinking I shan't update it until you both look at the resize part so as not to confuse things
21:05:11 <mriedem> melwitt: were you addressing comments so i should hold off for round 2, or just go back into it now?
21:05:16 <mriedem> ok
21:05:30 <dansmith> oh okay I was waiting for the update before going at it
21:05:47 <mriedem> i can get the rest done today/tonight
21:05:53 <melwitt> oh, it's up to what you think. I didn't want to make it more confusing. if it would help if I update it right away, I shall
21:06:31 <melwitt> I wasn't sure if updating it out from under you was going to be a possibility
21:06:31 <mriedem> i'd prefer to complete my review on it before it's updated, because then i have to review the old stuff i didn't get to and the changes
21:06:35 <dansmith> it would help me, but if mriedem wants to finish then that's fine
21:06:45 <dansmith> ack, that's cool
21:06:48 <melwitt> k
21:06:59 <dansmith> well, none of this is cool, but..
21:07:07 <melwitt> true.
21:07:13 <dansmith> okay, and the other one is the uuids set,
21:07:22 <mriedem> it's totally rad \.../
21:07:22 <dansmith> which is waiting for an update and a few comments to be addressed I think
21:07:36 <mriedem> yeah the uuids set is going to set for a bit
21:07:39 <melwitt> I also have console patches up, finally got them passing tempest. what I want to do next is depends-on'ing it on top of the fleetify patch and see if I can run websocketproxy on the subnode and see if that works
21:07:45 <mriedem> because i have to rebase and then i'll just have to rebase again,
21:07:50 <mriedem> so i'm waiting for microversions to settle a bit
21:08:11 <dansmith> melwitt: okay if they're ready to review I'll try to also hit those
21:08:36 <dansmith> I've not had the appetite or attention for long reviews lately, but those are a bit more bite-sized
21:08:49 <melwitt> bottom patch is here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/334614/
21:08:57 * melwitt nods
21:09:30 <mriedem> heh
21:09:36 <mriedem> my uuids ones are pretty small...
21:09:45 <dansmith> mriedem: yeah, and sitting there with my +2 on them, so..
21:09:51 <mriedem> blame aelx
21:09:52 <mriedem> *alex
21:09:57 <dansmith> my +2s have poo all over them, but.. they're there
21:10:07 <melwitt> lol
21:10:08 <mriedem> i know, next week
21:10:15 <dansmith> okay anything else here?
21:10:41 <mriedem> nope
21:10:47 <melwitt> nay
21:10:58 <dansmith> #topic open discussion
21:11:24 <mriedem> i wanted to discuss the fact i wake up from 2-4am every night thinking about openstack and how much shit there is to do
21:11:25 <mriedem> and it sucks
21:11:31 <dansmith> the ironic people say things are good now with ironic and the fleetify patch,
21:11:37 <dansmith> so once we get quotas in I think we're good for round 2
21:11:39 <dansmith> mriedem: heh
21:11:55 <dtp> i'm probably ready for a new task
21:12:01 <melwitt> mriedem: :(
21:12:23 <mriedem> dtp: i know we need to get our story straight about some docs updates for pike,
21:12:31 <mriedem> but i don't have a list right now
21:12:43 <dansmith> mriedem: you could offload that nova-status thing on him maybe?
21:12:53 <mriedem> which thing was that/
21:12:54 <mriedem> ?
21:12:55 <dansmith> docs made me think of that
21:13:06 <mriedem> min compute?
21:13:13 <dansmith> this? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/442787/
21:13:14 <dansmith> yeah
21:13:24 <mriedem> sure
21:13:57 <mriedem> might be kind of hard sorting out the comments
21:13:58 <dansmith> dtp: mom and dad don't agree on how to do this, so dad told mom to do it herself
21:14:41 <dtp> ok, i'll give it a read
21:15:01 <mriedem> at some point,
21:15:26 <mriedem> i think i/we/someone just needs to start going through release notes and finding things that are going to need more thorough explanation in the actual devref
21:15:37 <mriedem> than a 1-2 sentence blurb in the releasenotes
21:15:41 <dansmith> yeah, that would be useful too, although not very glamorous of course
21:15:46 <mriedem> like,
21:15:56 <mriedem> the topology that the fleetify patch creates,
21:16:04 <mriedem> and the configs for like api using cell0,
21:16:12 <mriedem> and the services in the controller node goign into cell0,
21:16:15 <mriedem> that kind of stuff should be doc'ed
21:16:45 <dansmith> yeah, well, if we don't get the instance listing sorted for this cycle, you won't want to be doing much of that outside of test environments I think
21:17:13 <mriedem> much of what? multi cell?
21:17:14 <dansmith> but doc'ing what a full cells deploy will eventually look like would be good I guess
21:17:22 <melwitt> gonna need to doc the need to run websocketproxy per cell somewhere too. I'm wondering if we can make or use a diagram from dansmith's talk to put up in the docs to show what the deployment is supposed to look like, where each service goes and whatnot
21:17:31 <dansmith> the instance list stuff mdbooth was going to do
21:17:34 <mriedem> melwitt: tha'ts what i'm asking for
21:17:38 <dansmith> melwitt: yeah something like that
21:17:50 <melwitt> ++
21:18:10 <mriedem> i think,
21:18:20 <mriedem> remember i was trying to remember something we said to doc at some point but i couldn't remmeber it?
21:18:21 <mriedem> remember?!
21:18:29 <mriedem> i think it was the neutron metadata api proxy being global
21:18:31 <melwitt> o.O
21:18:52 <mriedem> there were some assumptions that was per cell
21:19:10 <mriedem> b/c we had some bugs that metadata api couldn't get the instance since it didn't have the cell context for the db lookup
21:19:44 <dansmith> yeah
21:20:04 <dansmith> mriedem: maybe just start throwing things into a list so we can circle back and do them
21:20:16 <mriedem> yeah
21:20:19 <dansmith> this meetito is getting a little fat in the middle
21:20:20 <mriedem> i'll start an etherpad
21:20:26 <mriedem> hey
21:20:26 <dansmith> anything else?
21:20:58 <mriedem> no kill me
21:21:00 <mriedem> i mean it
21:21:22 <dansmith> eh?
21:21:44 <mriedem> the meeting
21:21:50 <dansmith> oh heh
21:21:52 <dansmith> #endmeeting