21:01:10 <dansmith> #startmeeting nova_cells
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21:01:19 <mriedem> o////////////////////////ooooooooooooooo
21:01:23 <tssurya_> o/
21:01:23 <e0ne> see you next week
21:01:34 <melwitt> o/ I can't beat that
21:01:37 <e0ne> oops. it's already other meeting
21:01:54 <dansmith> #topic bugs
21:02:05 <dansmith> any bugs to discuss?
21:02:17 <mriedem> there was the one from takashi
21:02:21 <mriedem> but i don't see a patch yet
21:02:29 <dansmith> oh right, that nova-manage usage bug
21:03:06 <dansmith> what else, anything?
21:03:19 <mriedem> on
21:03:21 <mriedem> *no
21:03:30 <dansmith> yako
21:03:36 <dansmith> #topic open reviews
21:03:50 <dansmith> much the same as last week as we only recently started merging stuff again
21:04:07 <dansmith> we're listing instances with the new module, which I'm happy about at least
21:04:23 <dansmith> I need to fix up some comments from mriedem at least on one patch still pending,
21:04:32 <dansmith> but I've been messing with the migration set all week
21:04:56 <dansmith> anything else to mention? melwitt your console patch which is now -1 free?
21:05:31 <melwitt> yeah, consoles series is at https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/nova+branch:master+topic:bp/convert-consoles-to-objects but it's in merge conflict at the moment
21:05:42 <dansmith> ah
21:06:32 <melwitt> I think it's reviewable being that it was passing everything last cycle and this cycle until recently. but it's not pretty looking at the red merge conflict message
21:06:48 <dansmith> okay any reason not to just rebase it?
21:07:02 <melwitt> I'm gonna update it when I get a chance, been chasing other things lately
21:07:08 <dansmith> okay
21:07:31 <dansmith> anything else of note, open review wise?
21:07:43 <melwitt> oh, I guess how did you want me to go about excluding the instance_list func test from my CellDatabases patch?
21:08:11 <melwitt> the one we talked about a few days ago that has the lazy-load of instance.fault
21:08:31 <dansmith> you can just remove it if you want
21:08:53 <dansmith> I thought I said that, sorry
21:09:14 <melwitt> you did, I guess I wasn't sure how, like a separate patch that removes it and then just stack on top of that?
21:09:39 <melwitt> or would removing it in the same review be okay
21:09:50 <dansmith> sure? or in your patch with a commit message comment that the test isn't testing a valid thing and there's a bug in the context handling
21:09:56 <dansmith> or you could @skip it I guess
21:10:03 <dansmith> reeealy doesn't matter to me :)
21:10:26 <melwitt> okay, thanks
21:10:27 <dansmith> I could put something at the end of my series to do it, but I figure you want it gone sooner than that, since mine is pretty deep still
21:11:15 <melwitt> yeah makes sense. I think I was just stuck on being not sure on specifics. it's clear now, thanks
21:11:23 <dansmith> okie
21:11:25 <dansmith> moving on I guess
21:11:29 <dansmith> #topic open discussion
21:11:52 <dansmith> I don't have anything here really
21:11:56 <mriedem> me neither
21:12:00 <mriedem> doing other stuff this week
21:12:11 <dansmith> ack
21:12:23 <dansmith> speak now or for a week hold your peace
21:12:49 <dansmith> okay then
21:12:52 <dansmith> #endmeeting